Irony of Liberal pipe dreams

Irony of Liberal pipe dreams

Washington State jumps in the lead of the rest of the country except Colorado. On election night stoner’s nervous with anticipation, hoping that Washington voters were going to legalize marijuana. A liberal dream of sorts now for years in the making was about to become reality. Electricity was in the air. Pot smokers were waiting for the all clear signal, before lighting up the stash of pot they were hording for a celebration of legal recreational use of pot in the state.

They never seem too concerned with the fact that state law could never supersede the federal government national controlled substances laws. In affect if any state legalizes a substance that is controlled by the federal government, they are then over stepping their power, undermining the federal governments authority’s. The state of Arizona tried to enforce federal immigration laws that the government wasn’t enforcing at the time. Passing a law to empower themselves, with the support of the population ability to vote on it. It passed and the state of Arizona was sued by the government.

Just what is wrong with the recreational use of pot? People smoke, and drink alcohol, both of which are legal drugs, the state also collects tax revenues from them. So why not pot? We are willing to pay our share of tax to be able to use pot, if we decide. They exclaimed excitedly.

Opponents would argue that pot is just a gate way drug. That it would lower inhabitation to a point of users being willing to use other stronger drugs. Besides, pot is readily available to pre-teens and quite popular in high-school, despite of the fact that it is illegal. Expanding the popularity of it by legalizing it, would certainly expand problems in our school systems? This drug is a problem with the development of our youth today, who would be tomorrow’s adult leaders, parents, and the expected productive members of society. Supporters of legalization of pot say. “We could limit its use and availability similarly to the limits of the purchases of alcohol.” Completely overlooking the facts, that school age kids are getting it now, despite of the facts that it is limited completely for everyone under the law of today.

Washington’s pot smoker supporters were all too willing to explain their positive position for a favorable vote. It would reduce law enforcement. Saving money, or at the very least redirect resources towards other more serious infractions of the law. This would reduce prison populations for a pot conviction. It would increase revenues to the state, while at the same time reduce revenue flows to drug cartels. All of which was presented as if it were some enlightenment within some societal change, presented as a great win, win for everyone.

What these supporters never mention is the possibilities of declining health for pot abusers, or the increasing costs of their healthcare as a direct result of the abuse of pot. When asked, they explained this away with a smile and the words “Obama-care”. I guess they figure it is free, so who cares if they ruin their health? The negative effect on society is never even mentioned or considered, just swept under the rug so to speak. More often they excuse themselves with attitudes …. “Alcohol is legal, so why not pot?”

The liberal law makers who also support the legalization, seemed to have indulged to a point of being comfortable numb. Hypocrisy overlooked completely! Liberals often refer to conservatives / republicans as the party of “NO!”  Creating the mindset within their supporters, that republicans like parents are trying to take the fun away from life or the very least adolescence.

They never seem to examine themselves and their policies of intolerance for people in general making choices for themselves and accepting the consequences of those choices. Never mind if they are good, or bad.  It is by design that the liberal utopia presented as a lifestyle choice, is all-controlling and more likely to say “NO”, then conservatives. The belief in consequences, allowing people to weigh out the potential of them within any choices that they would make. As being the guiding forces in life are for the most part conservative’s policies. Liberals assume that people would not choose their ideals. So they support their ideals with regulations, laws, entitlements, or the use of manipulations to farther them into the mainstream of society.

Example: Controlling calories for school kids. Controlling sugar consumption (Like soft drinks), gun control, regulations of businesses, the very subject matters taught in school or not taught in school, controlling Religious expressions, or practices of religious policies. Finally demanding who shall buying a product in the open market place, or suffer the consequences of penalty’s, fines, or worse.

Making these choices on your own isn’t acceptable. Liberals just say “NO!”

Liberals are more open to saying “Yes” through, by their support of releasing themself’s of consequences as a result of someone choosing for themselves poorly. This standard is presented as being charitable, or their contribution to the adolescent public, as kind support of the down trodden, and the minority’s. Overlooking the realities of their brand of caring, as the contributing factor to things that are at the least damaging to individual people, or even excepting these policies are also damaging to society as well, both present and in the future, all at the same time.

Example: Adolescent pregnancy, or abortions, on demand abortion without parental approval or knowledge, legalization of pot, frees birth control, restraint in feeding the poor or limiting charity’s from doing it, the ability to abuse drugs and alcohol while getting the full support of welfare, food stamps, free healthcare in treating the ailments of these kinds of abuses without the proper help of trying to curing the problems of abuse. Just to name a few. Checkout the link if you’re questioning it?

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America via @Revelation1217

For the most part liberals say with regards to those issues, “We cannot tell people how to live their lives.” Yet the Irony is they have little problems in telling society to except a reduction of expectation for people to live life to some religious moral standard, or responsibility’s supported in religious practices as they are taught. For the most part Liberals are always pushing against these values, forcing everyone to except their belief system as that of freedom. While enslaving people eternally in a life of youthful bliss, entrusted only with making childlike choices without responsibilities. The government promotes the acceptance that government is becoming their new parent in life. For the most part people are forgetting their own adolescent youth. That youth that we all had where we couldn’t wait to become old enough to take care of ourselves, in order to escape our own parents and their parental controls over us. So a new liberal born into accepting the new normal, unable to discover the misguided irony’s on their own. Viewing any opposition as an effort in controlling freedoms won, personal choice, and responsibility avoided.

The pipe dream, the one where it is easier to trick people to believe in the fantasies of,” you can have it all without effort.” The protection method to these ironies brought to life, are the use of trickery, smoke and mirrors, presenting complete safety from life’s storms, while set-up the house of cards with pleasurable luxuries. All the while placing the cost of those luxuries on someone else’s credit card. Allowing mind altering drugs, alcohol, or irresponsible actions to deceive, as well rules the day. Allowing the comfortably numb to build a future on the foundations of self-abuse, as a practice of good building methods, as they build their own house of cards in the middle of a puddle of gasoline while holding a burning roman candle. Liberals and the people under their spells of forever young, never even seeing the dangers of their own choices, or the irony’s in them. They work hard to stay in front of the avalanche of explosions within the life of irresponsible living. They find themselves looking over the fence at those people who haven’t made those kinds of choices for themselves. Filled with envy, contempt, and anger at life, for being unfair, they look to escape the realities of their own choosing. This is the liberal’s pipe dream of ironies, built on the foundations of poor choice, blinded by the never-ending search of instant success within the state of mind of forever young. Life as they see it will never be better than the next time they are conformably numb.

The death of “Reason” in supporting economical terrorists, or liberalism ?

Supporting Economical terrorists or liberalism should never be the policy’s or the supporting ideas of government. Our politicians in government are sworn to protect the constitution of the United States, from all enemy’s both foreign and domestic! So a speech that includes economical terror, is that an attack on the country? Making threats on the economy isn’t that a threat of every man, women, and child who participate in the economy? So then, defacto an attack on the country, right?

Why do you suppose the liberal left is so hell-bent on,” Their way or the high-way”? They always insist on some bipartisan solutions to any problems. When faced with philosophical differences, the left insist on some compromise in the middle. They never give in to, or give up any ground. Never claim a loss of political ground do to a compromises made. How can they? Meeting in the middle is giving up some of your position. If the Republicans keep compromising the left will keep gaining ground politically, one piece at a time. A death by a thousand cuts, or water torturer and so on. Right?

What political profit, or positive effect can a speech have on the economy that also says. ” We have a willing attitude to drive the economy over a financial cliff in order to get what… ? ”

This Senator from Washington state shows just how politically bankrupt she and the liberal left democrat party really is. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA): Dems Will Go Over “Fiscal Cliff” Unless GOP Relents On Bush Tax Cuts – Greg Hengler via @townhallcom

This is the only way out of the impending economic doom…. More tax and spend ways of spending your way to prosperity? If that was possible Greece should be the richest nation on earth today. Yet the news out of Greece says other wise Sen. Patty Murray.

” If we the people of this nation will not become educated with the political policy’s and ideas of the opposing political party’s, and keep them in line with the constitution of our founding. Then….

 The death of reason is the birth of resentment! “