Debt limits slavery. A Hope for a change.

Friends, politically independent, or Republican’s a like, we are faced with even bigger problems politically speaking then arguing with our political opposition, over policies, and the preserved impact on society.

How can we wake-up our fellow country-men from the very things that threaten our country independence? Like uncontrolled spending, unlimited debt, unwilling attitudes to overhauling the tax code, overlooking the need to remodel our social net, and no new bold policies that will promote growth without also adding to the cost of overhead within the economy. Just to name a few. All of which threaten future job creation and economical growth.

Sadly. We can shout from our soap-boxes on every street corner, on a daily basis, and will we ever get through to people? Until the average American receives pain personally within their lives, they will continue to close their eyes and just vote, hopefully continuing to receiving some crumbs from the political table. Our government-run by the opposition party (the Democrats) will abuse this mind-set to its full extent, to satisfy their lust for total power, while also destroying the GOP at the same time.

As long as our neighbors continue to see the sun rise, and their groceries stores…. with full shelves of every kind of products, gas-stations… with gas at some reasonable price on every corner, and the common belief that government will save them if they lose their jobs or choose not to work at all. They will never entertain the need to change for what they have come to see and believe as nothing but working for them?

Unfortunately America has become fat, dumb, and spoiled, as well undisciplined crybabies!

America does have addictions, and those who are mostly addicted to an extravagant life style of debt will continue to believe that they are writing the script of how life will be for them in the future. Refusing to see the need to save, and control what they have saved, all to be able to retire comfortably or to buy materialistic things at some point free from the fear of the repo-man. They just continue putting it all on credit. Their foolish foolishness has sown the seeds of false impressions, believing that they are wealthy. But they are NOT!

Democrats often refer to America as the wealthiest nation on earth, promoting the policies that only will continue to barrow money without end. Giving the impression that we can barrow endlessly. But this is nothing short of being unrealistic, using words as an addict would as they play mental gymnastics on themselves justifying irresponsible actions, having yet accepted that there are any problems.

So when will this country have to withstand the perils of insolvency, riddled with debt, paralyzed with political stupidity, and everyday life becoming an unrecognizable pain to endure? If not in our lifetimes, in our children’s then? When will we see a need to change present course of actions?

Perhaps when insolvency creates the first bit of unrecognizable pain in our lives, there will be a ground swell of public outcry, telling our politicians….. “STOP SELLING OUR SOVEREIGNTY TOO FOREIGN BANKS, ON OUR WAY DOWN THAT SLIPPERY SLOPE TOWARDS LIBERTY’S PERIL?”

When will we all be united with crystal clear knowledge, lessons learned from our own stupidly mistakes or the graduates course  from the college of hard knocks; “That the borrower is SLAVE to the lender?”