Samuel L. Jackson proves my point, with pocket God’s..

Date line monday 8/27/2012:

Samuel L. Jackson tweeted ” UNFAIR ” along with lots of profanity’s in expressing his liberal dissatisfaction of God over all plan for the GOP. convention in Tampa FL.

Jackson apparently up set with God because, he tweeted. ” Not understanding God’s plan. Spared GOP in Tampa.” he then also tweeted. ” Appeared heading to New Orléans.”

For Jackson to get so upset with God and apparently not listening to the liberal Democratic over all plans, for God to work on their be-half in disrupting the GOP’s convention. Or who knows what else they would be hopping for behind closed doors. Shows a narrow mind-set, fully drowning in an atmosphere of bureaucratic bullying.

It will continue to surprise me at the willingness of these people who share the mind-set within the Democratic party. Who only believe in God when they first reduce his powers to only exacting vengeance on their political rivals. A belief in a subservient God, is far better of those of the GOP types, who believe in an all-powerful God. Rather than a self-made pocket God.

The wild-eyed extremist bathing himself, or herself with the mythological worlds they create within their own minds. Must certainly feel now that the tropical storm Isaac moving against New Orléans is proof positive that God doesn’t really exist. After all If he did! He would have then dealt a blow against their political rivals. Or so goes the unrealistic thoughts of the Democratic cult movement that builds God’s of political straws that favor bureaucratic bullying.

Like a video game. These small-minded people with even smaller political sense, break out in hysterics with the over use of profanity’s expressing dissatisfaction to the lack of God’s corporation to their master plan of making everything subservient to the democratic party’s rule. In other words… They would like to build a better pocket God who listens better, and acts according to Democratic plans.

Samuel L Jackson! Rather then applying a hope and change like attitudes towards God. Hoping that he will listen to your liberal profane out cry’s to only doing your bidding. You must certainly remember one thing about God… ” You didn’t build that!

Pocket God’s. Hurricanes directed by the finger of God, or Democrats commands?

At first there was this picture of tropical storm / hurricane Isaac, and what it was most likely to do. Or at the least a projected pathway of the storm. It looked like the tropical storm / hurricane was going to upset the National republican convention ( RNC ) plans. But then storms like hurricanes move at their own speed or pace, and direction. There are even those people who belive by the direction of Gods finger, these storms move across the globe.

Because of news lately with ( R- MO ) Todd Akin comments about rape, and abortion on 8/20/12. A blizzard of his words, as the defining comments of compleat stupidity by a politician! Democrats have called for his removal from the ticket, and his quest for election to office. Because of his comments on rape and abortion . The political correctness but somewhat questionable ( women’s health issues) that democrats present to the public, are just some of their presentations of late, of politically moral superior positions. The party’s presentations of these views are desperately only trying to present a false presentation of democrats being morality right, versus the republican ideology of being morality wrong.

David Letterman poked fun at the RNC convention during his monologue of a recent show, he said. ” This is proof that God is a woman.” A poke at the GOP and the issues with what Akin said and the tropical storm / hurricane. Implying that God was going to punish the GOP for their supposed moral inferiority.

Representative Congressman Danny Davis also got into it, as a democrats back-handed slap of the Republicans, by playing the puppeteer and pulling the strings attached to God’s hand delivering the strike on the GOP, by saying. ” It means that the God’s are in favoring Democrats.

I think Representative Danny Davis forgot some recent history. Even the Nazi’s prayed to God. For the power to vanquish their enemy’s. But that didn’t mean that they had the favor of God to their political views. For the Nazi’s, at the times they were winning the war they must have thought: ” God is great! ” But later when the war turned against them: ” My God, My God, why have you forsaken us? ” How easily minds change, when God is nothing other than a puppet too your ideas.

I guess no one saw that one coming? Nor did they count on the outlook changing. One mans ” Hope and change.” Is just the other mans ” Disastrous curse. “

As the news broke about a possible hurricane barring down on the RNC. Democrats got morally religious in record speed. Invoking the idea of God’s relation in directing Tropical storm / hurricane towards their intended political enemy.

Jennifer Granholm the former Michigan Governor tweeted: ” R convention delay to Isaac: I guess God has way’s to shut that whole thing down.”

What seem to be missing about this is. These people who dare invoke the power of God’s direction of storms / natural disasters. As being their belief and punishment of their political enemy’s who are just plan wrong about everything in their views. Who then also clam to be in compleat control of directing the planet direction in curbing global warming without the help of God. By controlling carbon out puts by all humans, in the attempt to slow or even reverse the farce of global warming. Why not just ask their new buddy, in helping all of us out of this human political invention. You know? Ask God by praying to him. Asking him to intervene!

But then to the democrats God is to be only used for political gain. Like having a pocket God tucked away in your pocket. Only to be pulled out when your feeling weak, prehaps because you haven’t had lunch yet. Using God to put the republicans in their place. By punishment of their values that they seem to have apart from your own. Calling the GOP the religious right, bible thump’ers, or theists, isn’t enough. Having a hurricane barring down is better. Name calling takes a lot of energy out of the politically misguided. So why not pull out your handy-dandy pocket God. The one who will do your bidding according to your accusation and or commands towards your political enemy’s.

Why not? The republican’s and the ” religious right ” who have their pocket bibles… the equivalents of your pocket God’s? Right?

With in 7 hours Jennifer Granholm tweeted: ” Just kidding! ” As if to say; you caught me.. I don’t really believe in God so how can he push storms towards the RNC.

Isaac has the true potential of turning into a full-blown hurricane, and how it is tracking now after all of the political posturing. ( Look at the next picture of the track of the tropical storm Isaac.)

The political democrat narrative should be changing some what now with this up date. In quantifying detached irony, Democrats now have to deal with the political accusations of God directing the storm towards the evil RNC, to the storm having the possibility’s of hitting New Orléans again, some 7 years to the date of hurricane ” Katrina  in 8/26/2005 “. I hope now Democrats, you can see the folly of using God as some clique that requires conformity to your values in order to have a belief in God by your design. Rather then believing in an all-powerful God who controls that what is uncontrollable by humans.

So, are Hurricanes directed by the finger of God? Or just a pocket God’s message of folly, like the one’s of ” Hope and change. / Global warming ” ?

I suppose we must be careful of what we hope for and the changes brought about by unintended consequences of misguided words or actions, of what is only believed to be political correctness.

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