Calling for a “debate” when what you really want is surrender.

John Huntsman’s daughter is following in her father’s footsteps appearing on MSNBC to rip on Republicans as the “party of no government.”

“No government!” No Republican I’ve spoken to has ever called for this point of view, but some people, or anarchists groups and individual alike, who are also associated with the LEFT have. Are they confused by the concept and the meaning of the words, “Limited government?”

Apparently John Huntsman’s daughter and others alike have no real concept of reality of politics, or differences in policies of the two parties’ either. Because it has been the Democratic Party leadership and political office holders of that same party that constantly say “NO” to what you can have, or not have.

Take for instance; who limited people from buying 64 oz. soft-drinks, sugar, salt, and whether parents should pack their kid’s school lunch for them? How about the gun issue…Who’s in favor of saying “NO”? On ammo and magazine size? On condoms and other birth control… No one should be able to say, “No I’m not going to provide or be buying yours.” so being able to say “NO” to that, is more of the Democrats saying, “You can’t say “No”, but more of saying, “NO” to choosing for yourself! Confusing I know but please follow the questions and which party is saying “No”. Who says “NO” to personal responsibilities of free choice, and rewards irresponsibility? On Obamacare… Democrats said, “No!” to the freedom of you choosing for yourself. On free markets deciding winners and losers, yes democrats said, “No, then go ahead and barrow money from the bank of china to bail out companies that should have gone bankrupt. The list goes on and on, so just scratching the surface on the socialist party of “No” is also magnifying the party that is in favor of bigger government. Now was that the Democrats, or the republicans?

On Illegal immigration the GOP is saying, “NO”! But that means that the Democrats are saying “No” twice as much in related subject matter. “No” to securing the borders—thus national security, and “No” to voter ID’s, to securing our election out comes. Both are related to the immigration issue.

John Huntsman’s daughter goes on to say, Lincoln would be “calling for a debate” on immigration and gay marriage–as though no debate is happening right now. I guess she is adopting the language of the left, which is to call for a “debate” when what you really want is surrender.

Ps. Just a side note; Lincoln was a Republican, who was saying “YES” to ending slavery. The Democratic leadership were not only supporting, but profiting off of slavery, and they said “NO!!!” to ending it. Does it take a war for the Democrats to finally realize that it isn’t good to force people against their will in making a choices, forcing them into something morally wrong? Isn’t it funny that Democrats are now trying to compare themselves to a Republican, as a political party whose policies for the most part is at odds with the Republicans.

Choices of man-made Gods.

Choices of man-made Gods.

We are in control now. Do not make an attempt to control your own lives, the horizontal, the vertical, or even what has become the average. We, those who know just what is best for you, will decide for you. No need to tax your own brain cells to make an effort. For we who are the Government who knows best. We will decide on your behalf in all things.

“The latest move from the city that’s set trends by banned smoking in bars and trans fats in foods involves sugary drinks sold at restaurants, fast-food chains, theaters, delis, office cafeterias and other places that fall under the New York City Board of Health’s regulation by March 2013. Exempt will be drinks sold in convenience and grocery stores, as well as dairy and alcohol-based beverages. Restaurants with self-serve soda fountains will be prohibited from giving out cups larger than 16 ounces, even for diet drinks, but consumers will be allowed refills. “From a recent publications announcement.

No other U.S. city has tried to tackle obesity by restricting portion sizes at restaurants, but city officials wanted to take action as a way of getting a skeptical public to embrace the idea that empty-calorie foods are a menace. The use of the health board has become nothing short of a new form of herding the general public into a smaller world where making their own choices for themselves is pointless.

It isn’t whether or not the public can make such choices. But more the public has put government into a position of controlling needless costs, and expensed through socialized healthcare. Public health experts around the nation are sure to sit up and take notice of this ruling on health. More importantly the Obama administration / the regime are probably rubbing their hands together with anticipation. These federal puppeteer’s of the public’s mindset have been involved in the greatest social engineering in America’s 237 year history.

Mayor Michael Doomberg likens himself as a reinventor of normal, through the use of the power of the government. He likened his restrictions on sugar, and soft-drinks, to the banning of lead paint. Therefore saving humanity from the horrors of it. His war on childhood diabetes, the same kind found to be most prevalent in overweight adults as the true enemy to any improvements government can provide to public health. But secretly he knows that saving people from themselves will save future dollars as the number one resource on the government’s endangered list of resources. It has very little to do with looking out for his fellow-man.

Michael Doomberg concedes the ban will not solve the obesity epidemic alone. Yet has trouble to mention publicly  that it is more of an effort to prolong the impending doom of socialism from running out of other people’s money, while providing a social healthcare of sorts.

One of the calling cards of socialism is that they will control every aspect of life for everyone under their control; under the guided mindset, they know what is best. They point to the policies of the conservative movements as some kind of moralists. “You can’t do this, or that — it isn’t right.” they say as they push against the religious moral rules and boundaries. In other words, the liberals are warring against Religious moral codes / GOD, while pushing a code of their own based on a moral less value system, free from all accountability’s.

Any governmental from of rule, that says that we must control the sugar, salt, trans-fat, smoke from smoking indoors, the kinds of foods our kids eat in school or food supplied to the homeless from religious charity’s, and so on, blah,blah,blah! Isn’t looking out for the good health of the population as a whole. In fact this liberal mindset which takes the ability of choice in the names of the for mentioned activities away from people. Only wishes to extend the ability to make choice in areas in individual life styles that brings society down slowly to its same end as suicide! They say nothing or pass no restrictions on or about adolescent parenting, children making the choice without parent involvement in choosing abortions, legalization of marijuana, the distribution of free birth control (despite that this promotes an irresponsible life style.), the promotion of slothful activity’s and lifestyles (By providing an overabundance of social services without any regard to the damage it brings to the individual themselves.

Social governments always support the control of the portion of society that stands for an uplifting of individuals and values. While showing a total lack of concern in controlling individual choices of those kinds that destroy individuals from within.  People naturally already have those tendencies towards self-destruction within themselves. No real need to promote them by governmental regulations.

There is nothing as destructive as a misguided government policy that goes out of its way to destroy “ Equal opportunity “ and replaces it with “equal out comes”, at the expense of killing for all individual personally, their GOD given potential. It is through the expansion of individual talents, that individuals have opportunity’s to improve themselves by marketing those talents into the free market system. Offering goods and services to other people that they can freely choose for themselves. Based on goods and services that they seek and desire to have. In short this was the pursuit of happiness that Jefferson was talking about.

The legalization of being able to smoke pot like what happened in the state of Washington, or the ban of sugar, salt, trans fat, or extra-large soda drinks, or being able to feed the poor, like what New York is pushing. These kinds of regulations that will certainly be national presentations within Obamacare regulations. Seem to be stupid regulations presented from the merchants of smart. This has had nothing to do with smart, or for the common good of people in society down to the individual level. It has however everything to do with pleasing the useful idiots in society to gained power, while repurchasing that power in future elections as cheaply as they can, with the new drug of freebie give-a-ways.

The Democratic Party is the party of “NO”! Saying no to any moral codes, while promoting irresponsible living without morals. The Democratic Party who for the most part stands for anything against moral values, along with Republicans who support, a relaxing of standards, in compromising principles. These are the social engineers of the day, the leaders standing at the helm. Who only are managing the decay, as if it is the new social order? The new presentation of a man-made heaven utopia, void of GOD.

Quote “Is the new boss the same as the old boss?” the rock band the WHO.