The tactic of placing blame.

Liberals are trapped having to live a life within their own flawed narrative. In the article “Let’s hope that the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American” David Sirota expresses his liberal wishful thinking, because he knows there would be a loss of support in pushing the liberal agenda with immigration, and gun control. He makes a point that there is a difference to how America deals with would be bombers / terrorists / conservatives.

There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves, Islamists are existential threats. In a piece by David Sirota in

There is a problem with this kind of mind-set. It looks at the world by separating it into groups of color vs. white, the very same limited viewpoints that all racists possess. It is a piece that also attempts to shove conservative into the group of people that are unstable enough to cause terror through mass shootings or bombings like The Boston Marathon bombing, or the mass shooting in New Town.

He makes the assumption that white men are a bigger problem than people of a radical religious belief systems. Because he assumes that white men act out of hate of others, but never applies these same assumptions to radical religious groups, who have often openly stated their hatred of whatever, as their reasons for plotting or carrying out various terror attacks.

What is really the problem here is an attempt to change gradually the public’s mindset into one, that would be open to hate, hate of whites / or European decent people. David Sirota isn’t open to the ideas of judging people on content of their characters, but implies color is the only factors in making judgments. Another flawed ideal of anyone that leans towards racism.

Finley his piece applies that conservative people are more likely to act out in violence whether in mass shootings, or bombing. Sighting a picture of Timothy McVeigh as the one that had caused the Oklahoma City bombing, using the liberal misapplied definition of his belief system as being a conservative. When in fact he wasn’t really.

The liberal left never look at facts as plain facts, but look at them as tools to be manipulated, massaged, and distorted to fit into a narrative that pushes their liberal agenda along. The tactic of placing blame of such events on conservatives, being right or wrongfully so has its history with the progressive liberal left. They tend to jump to conclusions, planting the seed in the public mind that also tend to listen to any news in sound bits and bytes.

For instance on the mass shooting of the opening day of the movie of “Dark Night”, at the theaters in Colorado. The left leaning media accused the man of being part of the “Tea Party” movement. Yet they only had at that time, the name of the suspect, and an overzealous internet search of that same name as their proof that tied him to a conservative movement. As it would turn out another person had the same name. The same thing with the shooting of Travon Martin. It had to be a White on black violent attack in order to fit the narrative. In both cases they were wrong!

If liberals would only be open to use of hindsight glasses, over the willful self blinding sight of their self-proclaimed foresight glasses. They may then see realities that those glasses are broken, incapable of seeing truth. With out patience and applying impartial attitudes, like being unwilling to wait for facts of an investigation to take place, liberals will be stuck living a life in their fantasies that their narrative have already built.

The left leaning media and the liberal politicians seem to use whatever tragedy to push their agenda, an agenda that never stands alone on the principles of facts and truths. But tends to create distortion of facts, an evolved truth, a hidden lie, a massaged and manipulation of the public, as a cheap attempt in getting them to freely giving away their true power of the vote. In other words, the liberals are playing dirty for the purposes of gaining / seizing power. If this means reversed racism, or embracing the tenants of racism to push along an agenda, they will do it!

When it comes to senseless violence, terror attacks, or mass shootings, we must except that there is evil in the world or at the very least in the heart and minds of people. There is no regulation, or any power within those same regulations or laws presented by any politicians that will totally prevent another attack. Outlawing the tools of violence such as GUNS, will never end the senseless ambitions of evil. Pointing arbitrarily towards groups, or smaller portions within those same groups, overlooks the facts that there are radical elements in all groups of people. Not just in the conservative elements of such groups. To apply any other standards is in itself a type of evil, a self-deception.

When will we become an educated society, willing to view people not based on the color of one’s own skin, but having the unwavering principles of truthfully place judgments on the content of ones character?

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American via @Salon

Wheels on the bus keep going…. over political freinds!

The wheels on the bus keep going….. over political friends. But then Obama implied that new democrats have now taken over the bus and are going to save the country? But what is going to save us from the words and actions of a presidential ” BUFFOON “?

President Obama says the U.S. would not consider Egypt an ally, “but we don’t
consider them an enemy.”

Mr. Obama said in an interview with the
Spanish-language network Telemundo that Egypt is a “new government that is
trying to find its way.” He warns that if the Egyptian government takes actions
showing “they’re not taking responsibility,” then it would “be a real big

So Egypt isn’t an ally any longer? Even though it has been sence 1989 when it was presented as an arab ally in the Middle East.

Poland has been reduced to feel like their not really an ally any longer with recent comments and actions by the president.

Israel treatment has been a treatment much like a once good friend that has been wearing its friendship thin. But never really has been told just why it has deserved such treatment of a reduced ally status.

consider it a political late-term abortion by way of throwing an already fragile relationships under the bus, then run over it, and if it still seems like its moving. Run over it again in reverse!

RICHARD ENGEL: Yeah, I almost had to sit down when I heard
that. For the last forty years, the United States has had two main allies in the
Middle East — Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the other ally in the Middle East being
Israel. For the President to come out and say, well, he’s not exactly sure if
Egypt is an ally any more but it’s not an enemy, that is a significant change in
the perspective of Washington toward this country, the biggest country in the
Arab world. It makes one wonder, well, was it worth it? Was it worth supporting
the Arab Spring, supporting the demonstrations here in Tahrir Square, when now
in Tahrir Square there are clashes going on behind me right in front of the US

Quote has been taken a story from ” Freedom Eden ” ( Egypt not an ally: Richard Engel video.) To see video click the highlighted link.

The president accused that Romney isn’t experienced with foreign policy’s. But where is the great wisdom of the one? It seem like that the one with a big stick needs some foreign policy Viagra. Good grief, Elmer fud could as good, and he carried a gun. I’m sure that he also had the motto of the American military; ” This is my weapon.. ( Holding out their M-16’s ) and this is my gun ( pointing to their crotches ). One is for our enemy’s and one is for fun!

The friendships of the terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t any good foreign policy in the best interests of the USA. It promotes a weak, debt ridden, incapable of managing one self out of a paper sack to release the paper tiger. Is this the kind of power  that your fundamentally changing socialists, wish to reduced this country into having, going out of your apologizing way to promote? No amount Joe Biden beating his chest saying that you have a big stick is going to prove other wise.

It isn’t good enough to say the wheels of the bus are going round and round in a forward direction. It takes a visionary leader to apply the brakes in knowing there is a washed out road and bridge that government didn’t repair that will crash the economical bus. Therefore running over your friends with that bus isn’t going to help when you will need help from them someday.

It is impossible to collect tax revenues from an economy, that you have gone out of your way to run over with that bus you drive Mr. President. It is equally just as impossible to declare victory in the war on terror someday, when you are giving them 1.5 billion dollars. Certainly just like the failed policy of fast and furious. This new waste of taxpayers money may kill more Americans overseas or …….  maybe worse? You can decide just how to fill in the blank.

Sarah Palin was accused of making a joke out all of this. But the true joke is the president in action.