Debt limits slavery. A Hope for a change.

Friends, politically independent, or Republican’s a like, we are faced with even bigger problems politically speaking then arguing with our political opposition, over policies, and the preserved impact on society.

How can we wake-up our fellow country-men from the very things that threaten our country independence? Like uncontrolled spending, unlimited debt, unwilling attitudes to overhauling the tax code, overlooking the need to remodel our social net, and no new bold policies that will promote growth without also adding to the cost of overhead within the economy. Just to name a few. All of which threaten future job creation and economical growth.

Sadly. We can shout from our soap-boxes on every street corner, on a daily basis, and will we ever get through to people? Until the average American receives pain personally within their lives, they will continue to close their eyes and just vote, hopefully continuing to receiving some crumbs from the political table. Our government-run by the opposition party (the Democrats) will abuse this mind-set to its full extent, to satisfy their lust for total power, while also destroying the GOP at the same time.

As long as our neighbors continue to see the sun rise, and their groceries stores…. with full shelves of every kind of products, gas-stations… with gas at some reasonable price on every corner, and the common belief that government will save them if they lose their jobs or choose not to work at all. They will never entertain the need to change for what they have come to see and believe as nothing but working for them?

Unfortunately America has become fat, dumb, and spoiled, as well undisciplined crybabies!

America does have addictions, and those who are mostly addicted to an extravagant life style of debt will continue to believe that they are writing the script of how life will be for them in the future. Refusing to see the need to save, and control what they have saved, all to be able to retire comfortably or to buy materialistic things at some point free from the fear of the repo-man. They just continue putting it all on credit. Their foolish foolishness has sown the seeds of false impressions, believing that they are wealthy. But they are NOT!

Democrats often refer to America as the wealthiest nation on earth, promoting the policies that only will continue to barrow money without end. Giving the impression that we can barrow endlessly. But this is nothing short of being unrealistic, using words as an addict would as they play mental gymnastics on themselves justifying irresponsible actions, having yet accepted that there are any problems.

So when will this country have to withstand the perils of insolvency, riddled with debt, paralyzed with political stupidity, and everyday life becoming an unrecognizable pain to endure? If not in our lifetimes, in our children’s then? When will we see a need to change present course of actions?

Perhaps when insolvency creates the first bit of unrecognizable pain in our lives, there will be a ground swell of public outcry, telling our politicians….. “STOP SELLING OUR SOVEREIGNTY TOO FOREIGN BANKS, ON OUR WAY DOWN THAT SLIPPERY SLOPE TOWARDS LIBERTY’S PERIL?”

When will we all be united with crystal clear knowledge, lessons learned from our own stupidly mistakes or the graduates course  from the college of hard knocks; “That the borrower is SLAVE to the lender?”

Resident evil! The Newtown massacre, tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds.

The massacre in Newtown has been tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds memories to a point that we cannot escape the horror of it, are we just trying to exorcise it from our minds by affirming our mutual sorrow and rage over what evil has been done, by now misplacing our emotions with collective rage?

Too many of us waste our time standing in the darkness of a cold world. Forgetting our childhood upbringing, the ones our parents made their best attempts at teaching us through some religious values, while introducing us to the concept of taking personal responsibility’s. Afraid of the darkness society has become paralyzed with fear from entering the light of enlightenment while accepting the personal responsibility for one’s self in choosing between good over that of evil. As mortals, coming to realize that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but rather we battle within ourselves a great battle of “Good vs EVIL”. That hidden little secret, that dirty something, within our own thoughts that has lasted throughout all time—- over every generations past to present, at times is harder than we think to fashionably except. Evil resides in us all.

It is easier to blame something, or someone, in making excuses or in giving an impression of being out of control. Maybe if we believe in an out of control world there is less of a case we have to make in taking some control of our lives, or even with our own actions, decisions, or choices…ECT.

Recently Joe Scarborough passionately stated that his views have changed on both the 2nd and the 1st Amendments (he appears to want action against violent video games and movies). I am sure that some games, movies and TV, is harmful (especially for the already disturbed mind), I am not so convinced there is a government solution to any problems of society that involves people having to make a choice of what will influence them to action between good vs evil.

People who embrace the ideas of doing evil will always pick the easiest victim, giving them the best chance to survive to do it again. So banning the  gun or even all guns of any kind does nothing to change the thoughts within the minds of any prudential killers. Of course, there is no necessary cause-effect relationship of gun bans and a reduction in gun related deaths ( Chicago is just one such example ). Nor is there any examples of government being able to regulate effectively thoughts out of the minds of its citizenry. In affect banning evil thoughts in anyones mind vs. popular mind control of the weak-minded. Convincing people of the “evil” of an inanimate object.

If placing a well-meaning ban, or governmental regulation is the answer, then why not ban Drugs, and alcohol which has damaged more people’s health through disease or early death by car accident, and acts of violence (no matter what weapon was used) while under the influence. But then you say we tried that once and look what happened. Besides that, it was a long time ago; back when we all had a greater tendency towards traditional or religious beliefs. Why did it not work then, and why should it work now? The problem with legislating evil out of existence when it has never ever not at any time in history ever worked. Is asking evil to consume itself.

Might there be some restrictions or ways in which we could improve safety and stop killers? I would listen to any well thought out plan that could actually keep kids safer and stop evil monsters of this kind.  But I will not aid in turning law-abiding people into criminals simply for appearances sake in the name of “doing something” if it doesn’t actually stop killers and criminals. So I’ll keep on supporting the 2nd Amendment.

The best way in protecting our kids in school is to have armed police officers there, doing the jobs of protecting those kids. The police can’t be everywhere all at once, but by placing them at a point of what evil minds have already determined as being the easiest of targets is a deterrent to evil actions. At least it would remove from evil the ability to easily find unarmed victims to exploit.

Anyone who would then make this kind of statement “We need to work on, so this kind of tragedy will never happen again!”, a statement that the NRA president said the other day is just foolish! The gun isn’t the evil we battle against, it is the evil that starts out as a small thought, nurtured into action by someone who has given into the evil within themselves. In other words people with some evil intent within their minds are everywhere; they just don’t give into those impulses without making a choice. We can never outlaw evil, or limit it and the thought there of, by regulations and laws. It is the evil within that says to any person who entertains it, ” Laws don’t apply!” For these kinds of regulated false hopes only open the doors wider for an even greater evil to enter into society.

What strikes me when I hear the media pundits conversation on  finding “solutions” so far is that instead of wanting to discuss it and hear what might actually work (and what choices might work better than others), these media pundits and politicians seem more eager in supporting emotional legislation to “get something done” so that they can put the issue behind them. Over really doing the tough job of having to recognize the battle isn’t between flesh and blood. We can not give into the do something disease, and do the unnecessary three times faster in the hopes to defeat evil within the minds and thoughts of men and women.

We may all have the common belief that people are mostly good at heart. But we must never fail to also recognize that people never pre-announce their evil intent to do evil unarmed. Why is that? If “GUN CONTROL” was the simple answer to this problem of the mind, why is the “City of Chicago” struggling to come to grips with the almost daily gun-shot victims and needless deaths of their youth. While also having the toughest “Gun Control” laws on the books in the country. clearly “Gun Control” laws, regulations, and emotional legislations aren’t the answer then.

The real issue in “GUN CONTROL” is not the gun; it is in the ability to choose for one’s self to control one’s self. Placing an evil gun in the hands of any police officer, doesn’t prevent evil in someone’s mind to then follow through with evil intent on exploiting the unexpected victims of opportunity. Clearly it is the issue of choice! The choice of government through the influences of evil, presenting the case that it doesn’t trust any citizen to choose for themselves between good actions over evil ones. Over those choices made by this country’s citizenry in recognizing good intentions are the paving stones to the highway to hell! Good intentions are the obstacles to preserving freedom of choice!

The almost daily gun-shot victims and needless deaths that the people of Chicago are experiencing shouldn’t be the extinguishing acts that puts out the fires of common sense. Too many of us are waste our time standing in the darkness of a cold world totally forgetting why it has become so cold in the first place. The massacre in Newtown should not be tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds memories with paralyzing horror. Society shouldn’t ever be patronized into excepting reaction over that of that of common sense pro-action. What should be more horrific to us is that we cannot escape totally the evil of people when they choose to alow evil thoughts to take over their ability to act in a good way towards others. We should be more afraid of the darkness in society who chooses a command and control government to legislate, and regulate emotional controlling laws. In affect never letting a crisis go to waste. It will be at that time when true evil exists, when we become paralyzed with fear from entering the light of enlightenment, being only able to choose to accept progressive personal responsibility for one’s self out of emotional reaction.

There has never been through time a legislated emotional well-meaning law that hasn’t also become the mother’s milk of tyranny, the pure energy of evil. Nor is there any evidence of reduced violence by demanding compliance to it. It is just plain impossible for any government to control the “Resident Evil” that resides in us all.

Reap and run!

Reap and run!

Are you tired of successful people who say one thing and do another? Expecting special treatment from state and local governments, as well the federal government in order to gain favor for their businesses? Favors of special tax treatment, building zone changes, infrastructure, and changes to benefit their business at the expense of others who don’t share in the same governmental treatments or gained advantages? Seemingly because these smaller businesses aren’t as important to the community, or don’t represent as big of a taxing impact to these governments.

Jim Sinegal, Co-Founder and former CEO of COSTCO, said several things in his speech at the DNC (The Democratic National Convention). But then CEO’s and other Democratic business leadership and Politian’s are alike, with the same attitudes of other top notched and very rich business leaders of the republican party who often have a problem with saying what they mean, and mean what they are saying. Actions speak louder than words. MR. Sinegal seems to have this kind of lack of action in following his words. I happen to have met the man, and found him very likeable, straight forward, but like other people seem to use politics to gain an advantage for themselves. Jim Sinegal said at the DNC.

“But at our company, we recognize that job creation requires time and investment and commitment to the long-term. It requires companies that plant and grow, not executives who reap and run. We’re proud that Costco pays the highest wages among our peers, that we provide benefit and health care plans that are second to none, that we’ve grown our business by promoting from within. So we’re not just giving Costco people jobs, we’re empowering them to build careers and support middle-class families.

At Costco, we know a thing or two about what it takes for businesses to succeed, for a company to do well by its shareholders and to do right by its employees at the same time. We don’t want one set of rules for ourselves and another for our employees.”

Mr. Sinegal doesn’t want to set one set of rules for himself or others like him in his position, while having another set of rules for his employees, or so he said. But then his actions lead me to believe otherwise. Much like the two different rules for Obama care as directed differently towards government officials, as opposed to everyone else. The rulers get what they want to have with little to no cost associated to their own pocketbooks and no red tape. But for the peasants of the land they have to pay higher taxes and likely get lesser quality care in the long run with an unbelievable amount of red tape.

Where the rich can buy the best care that their money can buy, limited only by the size of their bank accounts. Even with their ability to invest and profit from those investments, the rich have an advantage that are in fact different over other people’s ability’s to take advantage for themselves the rules of society. The rich have the ear of government!

I’ll explain: Mr. Sinegal and his wife control about 2 million shares of Costco stock. He pushed the Democratic agenda at the DNC for bigger government, a fairer playing field, and higher taxation of the rich implemented by government policies and then these new taxes spent by government. All explained in an emotional manipulative way. Because of the fiscal cliff created by government, and by going off of it, would certainly raise taxes on everyone rich and poor alike. Mr. Sinegal made moves in order to save himself about 4 million in taxes. All because COSTCO will pay a one-time $7.00 per share special dividend to its shareholders before the end of the year 2012. He doesn’t need the money, and he made a case for the ending our society’s two sets of rules — the ones for the rich and the ones for everyone else.

Mr. Sinegal If you conscience bother you so much about the government having more and more taxes to spend. Why don’t you feel the need out of fairness to pay your fair share of tax? Why do you take unfair advantage of word usage and definitions and apply your own definitions to your actions in acting appropriately with what you say? Avoiding paying taxes or taking advantage of IRS rules, or new taxes about to be implemented is hypocritical. After all you said. “We don’t want one set of rules for ourselves and another for our employees.”

Mr. Buffet was once asked on the CNBC TV. Business show. Do you feel guilty for taking advantage of the IRS tax code in reducing your tax burden? Buffet answered. “NO! The tax code is to tell you as well show you the least amount of tax to be paid by anyone. Don’t hate the player, hate the completed tax code.”

Why is it only Democrats feel the need to complicate things to a point of muddying the waters so no one can see what they are really doing under the surface? Taking personal advantage of the tax code while keeping it complicated, lobbying government to raise taxes on the rich as the answer to all problems. Taxes that rich will never pay because they have for the most part unearned income, taxed differently from earned income. This is nothing short of the same thing as peeing in the pool and pointing fingers at someone else as being the one who is peeing in the pool.

Why is it necessary for the democrats to be compelled into pay taxes, all the while they’re looking for the loopholes to avoid them, and pointing to the GOP as being the party of the greedy rich?

Why do we define being GREEDY as wanting to hold onto what you worked so hard for, and not greedy to want to take it from you by force of government to give to those who made less of an effort in getting what they have. Applying the false standard of governments who act like this as defined as being “charitable”, is muddying the waters of verbal definitions.

(Just a side note. Because the word “Charitable” is also a description, of a somewhat religious term that supports positive attitudes towards life by people’s action and interactions with each other. Recognizing all the while governments don’t have money until they have taken it by forced through taxation of the people. To then call the spending of that money as being charitable, is no different from calling a thief a community charitable fund-raiser.)

A state of fairness in life will only be accomplished when all that can be guaranteed is the same, given to all in the same amounts of equality. Equal amounts of time to live, the same income despite different talents, the same intellect and wisdom, and the same health no matter what we do within our lives to destroy it in the first place. None of these things will ever be legislated by government official, or policies, or purchased by a tax and spend abusive governments of thieves. At some point personal responsibility’s must be assumed in excepting having to protect what you have, because life isn’t fair. So the utopia of fairness is just a Democratic fantasy.

In the words of an old rock-n-roll song by Kansas. “No amount of your money will another minute buy…. all your are is dust in the wind” for nothing is fair in life and no amount of government will ever change it.

Those who would like to reap and run are the ones among us, who have the most to gain in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of efforts. Blinded through selfish greed to do whatever it takes to preserve it for themselves while pointing towards others as if they are the greedy people who need to act in a charitable way. It seem that Mr. Sinegal’s only interest is getting others to do the work of charity that is compelled through the long arm of the governments increasing abusive power of taxation. While he preserves for himself a kings style existence, quieting his conscience for his greedy style of reap and run retirement. Mr. Sinegal you should be ashamed of yourself!

I have a bone to pick with FACEBOOK!

                                 I have a bone to pick with FACEBOOK!

Yesterday November 13, 2012 I was picked on by the mighty FACEBOOK. I got upset to a point of just typing without rereading what I had typed. My apologies to everyone for that, and for having to read my ramblings riddled with misspellings or sentences that were run together, or some such. Again My apologies for the confused writings.

In case your late to this game, Facebook took it upon its self to “BAN” me from being able to friend anyone I know, or otherwise, for 7 long days. Well it is now about to become 6 more days anyway. I know it is a small thing, but then the slippery slope starts out that way every time. At the bottom of that slope is a collection of shell-shocked people asking the same question? “How could this have this happened?”

My offence to receive this kind of punishment —- Asking someone to be my Facebook friend.

Seem harmless? After all I’m harmless, and those who have taken the time to get to know me will testify to that. But asking someone to be a Facebook friend isn’t allowed unless you know them personally. Banning people that Facebook doesn’t know or have taken the time to get to know or investigate their high crime of trying to friend someone is ridicules! Facebook programmers have devised a program to get to know me and my acquaintances better than I know myself I guess? Or they have set up a social system of complainers to weed out those of us who would like to be socially inter-active with life, and people using social networks like Facebook or twitter…. etc.

To receive this kind of ban from Facebook you have to do one or all of the following:

1)      Ask someone to be a friend on Facebook. Even though it is a person’s free will to accept that invite. They then can choose by making efforts on their part to press a button in acceptance, or to ignore the request, or to block people who are making unwanted or repeated requests, as well as make a complaint about repeated requests made. Note pressing any button takes the same amount of effort on anyone’s part (Little to none). If you’re a complainer, and don’t wish to interact with me —– Strap a head to toes condom on yourself and consider yourself protected from hear no evil and see no evil from me! Holding your breath at the same time isn’t necessary, but feel free if you must!

2)      If you make too many requests of any amount of people to become a new friend or a request of family (People you actually do know), within the course of a day (A 24 hour per day time frame). This will trigger the program to potentially block you from making new requests. Facebook doesn’t know who you are. Nor do they know who you know, or don’t know. It is all about learning about the people that use Facebook, and building a person’s profile by how they use it. So this has nothing to do with anything that I or you have done wrong according to some socialist rules that they have you agree to, so you can use Facebook properly.

3)      If anyone makes a complaint about you (Warranted or not) the program kicks in and takes action. For me it was blocking me, from making any more requests for friends. The first time this happened to me, I was new to Facebook. I made 15 requests and was deemed, not have that many friends (A programmer’s way of calling me a loser) and was blocked for 4 hours. This happened to me just 3 days into being on Facebook. The next time it happened to me, I had made a request of a person who made some opposing points to my posts. They weren’t my friend, and I didn’t complained. They commented on my story that I had posted. They were intelligent and I thought it would nice to discuss other points of view with them in the future if they were willing. They complained to Facebook about what must have been an unreasonable offensive request, and I was blocked for a second time for 12 hours. The next time, I had made only 10 – 20 new requests of people that had 30-140 friends in common with me. I also had people make some friend requests of me during this time and gladly accepted their requests. This pushed me over the programmer’s threshold of the number of requests that anyone can make or accept so it seems in a day / 24 hours’ time. I know, how dare I!!! I was ban for 7 long days. (Note; how the periods of time and being ban is inconsistent with anything realistic, times or number of offences vs. the accusations of unreasonable offences made.)

4)      Anyone that is making a complaint to Facebook seems to be of a greater importance to Facebook then actually looking into any potential problem with its users (like an habitual complainer). Think about it, how many people do illegal things and are still on Facebook without being ban, or arrested? The news is full of such stories over the years.

5)      My second banning was due to this situation as I will explain. The person didn’t like being challenged to his utopian world of liberalism. Rather than coming up with better intellectual arguments and making a civil presentation of them. This person who seemed was intelligent to me, just when to the itchy trigger finger and shot a round of complaints to Facebook. After all how can only one complaint coming into Facebook trigger such a reaction by Facebook towards me? We wouldn’t expect them to over react with a ban of some kind over just one complaint, right? Maybe a warning first? But not the kill shot, for requesting some new friends?

6)      Facebook refuses to correct the hair-trigger stance of how they deal with complainers and those who they complain about. It is their opinion to shoot first, and then repeat the proses if needed with a greater wound to your social networking experience. They (Facebook) do not have any intention to investigate any complaint at all. They know that fighting with a computer program is futile. We really do live in a sy-fi kind of world, where computers can deem us an enemy of friendship, free speech, or political correctness. How do we fight that? Feeling like a number rather than a person with feelings right about now. Aren’t you?

Who enters a social networking party room without expecting to also being social with people in that room? Did we not enter that room with our own free will? So we can leave that room then of our own free will, if it isn’t as expected. Who sits on the outer edges of that room wishing to interact but then has to ask permission to do so from Facebook? I’m not in favor of harassment of people and their ability to inter act no matter what their opinions seem to be. But I’m not in favor of some kind of social networking social engineering of society either. No matter who may be behind it!  We are no idiots here in the social networking world, except for the habitual complaining ones. It would see this kind of abuse of people for practically doing nothing, is also unacceptable, abusive, insulting, and most of all a promotion of an anti-social life styles limited to those views of the social engineers among us.

Facebook is in the world of electronic censoring, information gathering, and learning of its subjects. (People and their actions, observing why they chose to act like they do). People are the ones being studied, observed, by Facebook. The only questions that remain to be answered are, why? What is the end game and for what purposes?

I have been often been told. Do not talk to strangers as I was growing up. But then everyone is a stranger in life if you don’t also make an attempt to communicate with them.

My only offence here on Facebook is being exactly what Facebook was created for. BEING SOCIAL!!!

I must then presume that Facebook doesn’t like my politics, religious beliefs, or my supporting others in theirs. For just one complaint (If I choose to play Facebook’s game of blame) is a bit too much of a hair-trigger to then ban people in this way. Not allowing a defense of one’s own actions, or to view (in E-mail form) their offences of others, is all on its own offensive! I’m innocent until proven otherwise! Don’t you ever forget that FACEBOOK!

Next, where is the system of protecting me from chronic complainers or other ill willed individuals, and the actions of any perpetrators of crime, or harassments within Facebook’s world against me or others? Who defines the word net alone who the perpetrators of offences really are? Or are you ( FACEBOOK, and your programmer’s) living the life of a hermit’s, who are also computer programmer’s? Hiding behind your mother’s dress, like a scared little kid, who just saw the friend request from under the bed? Presuming the one who cry’s wolf most often is the one worthy of your misguided attentions within the big bad world of social networking?

I would therefore under normal conditions expect an apology from Facebook. But let’s face it; Facebook is nothing but a computer program created by a bunch of faceless people, who never think so much as to investigate their product from flaws within. Like design flaws! Your system always advertises new people to me by saying, and displaying on-screen. “Do you know these people? They then display (some number) of friends in common with you, along with a request button and ignore button. What the hell is this? Do you (FACEBOOK) not understand your own rules? The ones that you also make me agree to before I can be a user in good standings again? That one in particular where I seem to having a problem with you —- WHERE NO ONE IS TO BE FRIENDING ANYONE WHO THEY DON”T KNOW! You may love the power to be able to choose for me, but you, yourself don’t know me! How would you? You’re just a computer program designed to spit out what the little programmers told you to. You know… garbage in — garbage out. On the other hand if I press a button and by doing so request friendship on Facebook I’m “BANED” from the full use of Facebook. Now what is wrong with this picture? Why do I need to subjugate myself to your determination of just who my real life friends are? Why do I need to be tempted to make new friends with people I may or may not know of your choosing, against your rules? Are you the DEVIL?

Last I checked, I didn’t sell my ability to make friends, or give you an accrete list of current friends, that may interact with me. If we can never expand beyond our current friends lists, why would we need Facebook anyway? There are things of somewhat older technologies just like Facebook. We call them “Cell phones”! What’s the point then? It is you’re job in keeping Facebook relevant in the world of social networking where all people start as strangers, capable of deciding for themselves who should be their friends while using social networking? I or all the people on Facebook don’t need your permeation to do that for us!

7)      I all most forgot. Number seven, the exponential growth of friends on my page. Facebook is making an attempt at controlling growth or so it seems the growth of like-minded people on my page as well as other pages, who may read like-minded stuff. Over 25% of the people on my list of friends are due to people making requests of me and my excepting of them. Some of which came to becoming a friend with my request of new friends that I may or may not know in my real personal life. All of which seem to have happened in the last 10 days. I personally am grateful, humbled, and have the biggest amount of gratitude for that. I indeed have a great collection of principled people who I gladly will call Facebook friends.

I however will not be controlled! My life or on the acting out within my life other than how I choose to live it, and who I choose to share it with, is for me to decide for myself.  When my actions haven’t harmed anyone and my words haven’t supported the harming of anything. My religion beliefs or politics as presented is harmless in comparisons to those religions groups and Politian’s who support — terror, fear, manipulations, and distortions, or flat-out lies! All for the purposes of gaining power over people, myself included. I therefore cannot and will not agree with your baseless BAN!

I will not submit…… I will never, ever submit!!!!!!

I’m personally grateful, humbled, and have the greatest amount of gratitude for all my friends. I fully respect your privacy if you desire it, and have no intentions of ever setting out to hurt anyone who I may disagree with or who disagrees with me.

Thank you all for that great growth of friendships and the ability’s to have found you all on Facebook. You know just who you all are. True friendship will never be denied, compromised away, or left behind willingly by me! Unless I get a personal request to do just that from you.

Facebook you cannot stop what is happening in social networking after you open Pandora’s Box by claiming to have invented it, for the purposes of people being able to stay in contact with each other! For that is the base line and the beginning stage for forming friendships that last.

All the best.


Choices of man-made Gods.

Choices of man-made Gods.

We are in control now. Do not make an attempt to control your own lives, the horizontal, the vertical, or even what has become the average. We, those who know just what is best for you, will decide for you. No need to tax your own brain cells to make an effort. For we who are the Government who knows best. We will decide on your behalf in all things.

“The latest move from the city that’s set trends by banned smoking in bars and trans fats in foods involves sugary drinks sold at restaurants, fast-food chains, theaters, delis, office cafeterias and other places that fall under the New York City Board of Health’s regulation by March 2013. Exempt will be drinks sold in convenience and grocery stores, as well as dairy and alcohol-based beverages. Restaurants with self-serve soda fountains will be prohibited from giving out cups larger than 16 ounces, even for diet drinks, but consumers will be allowed refills. “From a recent publications announcement.

No other U.S. city has tried to tackle obesity by restricting portion sizes at restaurants, but city officials wanted to take action as a way of getting a skeptical public to embrace the idea that empty-calorie foods are a menace. The use of the health board has become nothing short of a new form of herding the general public into a smaller world where making their own choices for themselves is pointless.

It isn’t whether or not the public can make such choices. But more the public has put government into a position of controlling needless costs, and expensed through socialized healthcare. Public health experts around the nation are sure to sit up and take notice of this ruling on health. More importantly the Obama administration / the regime are probably rubbing their hands together with anticipation. These federal puppeteer’s of the public’s mindset have been involved in the greatest social engineering in America’s 237 year history.

Mayor Michael Doomberg likens himself as a reinventor of normal, through the use of the power of the government. He likened his restrictions on sugar, and soft-drinks, to the banning of lead paint. Therefore saving humanity from the horrors of it. His war on childhood diabetes, the same kind found to be most prevalent in overweight adults as the true enemy to any improvements government can provide to public health. But secretly he knows that saving people from themselves will save future dollars as the number one resource on the government’s endangered list of resources. It has very little to do with looking out for his fellow-man.

Michael Doomberg concedes the ban will not solve the obesity epidemic alone. Yet has trouble to mention publicly  that it is more of an effort to prolong the impending doom of socialism from running out of other people’s money, while providing a social healthcare of sorts.

One of the calling cards of socialism is that they will control every aspect of life for everyone under their control; under the guided mindset, they know what is best. They point to the policies of the conservative movements as some kind of moralists. “You can’t do this, or that — it isn’t right.” they say as they push against the religious moral rules and boundaries. In other words, the liberals are warring against Religious moral codes / GOD, while pushing a code of their own based on a moral less value system, free from all accountability’s.

Any governmental from of rule, that says that we must control the sugar, salt, trans-fat, smoke from smoking indoors, the kinds of foods our kids eat in school or food supplied to the homeless from religious charity’s, and so on, blah,blah,blah! Isn’t looking out for the good health of the population as a whole. In fact this liberal mindset which takes the ability of choice in the names of the for mentioned activities away from people. Only wishes to extend the ability to make choice in areas in individual life styles that brings society down slowly to its same end as suicide! They say nothing or pass no restrictions on or about adolescent parenting, children making the choice without parent involvement in choosing abortions, legalization of marijuana, the distribution of free birth control (despite that this promotes an irresponsible life style.), the promotion of slothful activity’s and lifestyles (By providing an overabundance of social services without any regard to the damage it brings to the individual themselves.

Social governments always support the control of the portion of society that stands for an uplifting of individuals and values. While showing a total lack of concern in controlling individual choices of those kinds that destroy individuals from within.  People naturally already have those tendencies towards self-destruction within themselves. No real need to promote them by governmental regulations.

There is nothing as destructive as a misguided government policy that goes out of its way to destroy “ Equal opportunity “ and replaces it with “equal out comes”, at the expense of killing for all individual personally, their GOD given potential. It is through the expansion of individual talents, that individuals have opportunity’s to improve themselves by marketing those talents into the free market system. Offering goods and services to other people that they can freely choose for themselves. Based on goods and services that they seek and desire to have. In short this was the pursuit of happiness that Jefferson was talking about.

The legalization of being able to smoke pot like what happened in the state of Washington, or the ban of sugar, salt, trans fat, or extra-large soda drinks, or being able to feed the poor, like what New York is pushing. These kinds of regulations that will certainly be national presentations within Obamacare regulations. Seem to be stupid regulations presented from the merchants of smart. This has had nothing to do with smart, or for the common good of people in society down to the individual level. It has however everything to do with pleasing the useful idiots in society to gained power, while repurchasing that power in future elections as cheaply as they can, with the new drug of freebie give-a-ways.

The Democratic Party is the party of “NO”! Saying no to any moral codes, while promoting irresponsible living without morals. The Democratic Party who for the most part stands for anything against moral values, along with Republicans who support, a relaxing of standards, in compromising principles. These are the social engineers of the day, the leaders standing at the helm. Who only are managing the decay, as if it is the new social order? The new presentation of a man-made heaven utopia, void of GOD.

Quote “Is the new boss the same as the old boss?” the rock band the WHO.

Alternate reality of political correctness.

Within the alternate reality world of the liberal left. Political correctness, is only one of the tools to be found within the tool box of forced results. Untill it becomes necessary to use the only other tool within the toolbox. THE POINT OF A GUN! These left minded people rarely use their right mind in anything. So they are by definition half-witted.

Take religion for instance. The liberal tosses moral values to the wind, and settles into the redefining of what is to be popular. Presenting the popular point of view for the new moral. If you disagree look to the values that are being supported present day Democratic party. One may even look to the values of the president of the United States. He claims to be Christian but acts like he has a favored spot in his heart for the Muslim Islamist’s of the world. Is this attitude, the fundamental change, his platform of hope and change was built on? But then he believes that no body can build anything without government first building the roadway and bridge to no where. Which is where the government seem to be pushing Christians and their religious beliefs towards.

We have come to a point of not being able to trust him ( Obama ) and the judgments he is making on our behalf. Net alow his word. He is as it seem to be, a first third world president of the United States of America. Concerned more with being a compromise-er with an overly friendly nature towards everyone else in the world. He compromises his presented moral standings, or what faith he claims for the moment. No matter what intent he may have. He has failed to understand the Islāmic faith vs Christianity.

To govern this nation you have to leave your personal beliefs at the front door of the office. There is no room for expressing personal beliefs, without giving the impression of governmental support of them. Without offending still other beliefs and believers. Therefore no need to insult this nations over whelming belief in Christian values. All the while over looking the almost daily threats from the Islamist extremest, towards every religion in opposition to their own beliefs.

Like supper man he ( Mr. Obama ) fly’s around the wold chastising behaviours for something that rubs him wrong. Apologizing still to others for something he didn’t create, and then coming home he criticizing for all the intolerance he sees, while pushing the immoral political correctness.

Obama is not just the first black president. But the first third world president. Who, when ever he steps out on the world stage seems to have forgotten where he has come from, and where he is going. Claiming to be christian. But forgetting his muslim up bringing. Offending one, while apologizing still for the others offence. In so doing Obama has lost personal popularity, as well as American popularity, among the Islamists of the world. Not to mention the respect as well.

By his display of weakness, he has lost every kind of popularity and respect, faster than Gorge Bush did. Even faster still among the world of Islam. Because they despise weakness, and are all to willing to exploit it.

Despite the God-given right of the FIRST AMENDMENT. Along with the superior moral values within the constitution of the United States of America. These documents given all of us the same abilities, to the same kind of free speech as anyone else in this country.

Obama uses his own moral judgments to engage within negotiations along with Islāmic nations. Using the United Nations ( UN ) counsel of human rights in trying to curb our ( USA”s ) freedom of free speech. By limiting what we can say or even criticise, with regards to Islam. Without even asking for the same kind of compromise and controlled speech of the muslim nations, and what they say towards other religions. Clearly Obama doesn’t see the real differences between Islam and every other religion. Islam feels that their God is more powerful than Christianity’s perceptions of who, and what God is, or is like.

Did he fail to lessen to the president of Egypt when he said.

” The Quartan is the constitution! The prophet is our leader! Jihad is our path! Death in the name Islam is our goal! “

or at different times other Islāmic leaders said.

” We love death more than you love life!”

Despite all of this Obama said in an apologetic way.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Obama at the UN

Liberals have attacked conservatives and constrictive minded Christians. With self blinding cliché’s of some self-proclaimed superior emotional ideas. A progressive moral code. using political correctness as the weapon of choice. Showing us all, that they are nothing but old musicians of the past. Trying desperately to hang onto lost fame of the past. With their past memories still fresh in their minds performing their one hit wonders, to what now is only an empty arena of intellectual ideas. along with a child-like attitude. They paint unrealistic dreams of their fathers lost glory. Like a pot smoker under the influence. They weave yarns of smoke into the foundational fabric of their socialist utopia. Marching forward, towards their social engineering of their choosing.

These disciples of destruction Believe they, and they alone deserve to be in the rightful place of leadership. They try to negotiate with the Islamist world what would be acceptable as what is and is not free speech. Despite the first amendment. They subjugate Christian values and morals as being ones of a lesser importance in comparison to muslim values. Yet say nothing when women’s rights are violated, when Christians are being killed, persecuted, or thrown out of Islāmic country’s. We say nothing when muslims arm themself’s, and attack with suicide bombers. Attacking women and children because they happen to be jewish. Or other people who express beliefs in opposition to Islam or Sharia. We say and do nothing when Islamist leaders call for genocide to be preformed against Israel. Yet we fool ourself’s into believing that progressive values are far superior. Rather then recognising progressive morals as being socially suicidal in nature.

When will we admit to our self, then to the world. That any religion that also promotes violence, engages in violence, and teaches hate of others because they dare to believe differently, and then acts out with violence on that teaching, as being a false religion!?

Why can we not express to those false teachers. That their kind of religious teachings do deserve a future that is comfortable with ours? Nor should the future belong to those who slander, using hate of Christian / Jewish / and other religious values. When will any American leader stand up and deliver a speech using terms as forcefully as possible explaining our values of being a Christian nation, as one who has a GOD given powerful right of free speech? So put a sock in it!!

When have we seen or heard. “The future must not belong to those who slander the tenets of Christianity! ” ?

Yet the news if full of stories of rioting against innocent people trapped in poverty, unable to escape the insanity of religious persecution. By a religion that has turned its back on free choice, and replaced it with an over abundance of fear, violence, manipulation, distortion, lies and lairs. Who promise any of the would be suicide bombers with a fantasy of 72 virgins, as their 30 pieces of silver.

When will we accept that Islam doesn’t want peace, they want victory!!! A one world religion governed by Sharia law! A heaven built of men, not of GOD!

When will our leaders get it? We don’t want ignorance bottled up in righteousness. The chronic political correctness, which leads to an accommodationist style and type of leadership. A compromise-er! An alternate reality where Christianity isn’t worth defending. Out of some misguided guilt, willing to embrace Islāmic seeds of destruction. In exchanged for bucket loads of money, constantly shoveled into the middle east in an attempt to pay the devil in buying our way to heaven. these acts of misguided charity clothed in misguided support of human rights. Is the self-deception, the false religion of where everyone will go along, to get along. In the end forgetting that true principles and morals are timeless.

We ( As a nation and more importantly our government. ) must see what our enemy’s have been all to willing to tell us openly. The who, and what they are, as well as what they intend to do. Only then we will be able to defend ourself’s if it need be. With the appropriate amount of force. Therefore understanding Islam and their religious extremism within the muslim off shoots that exist today. Not as a religion, but as a religious command and control theocracy, bent on world domination. One compelled mind at a time.

” It requires to correctly identify your enemy’s and what they intend to do. But in your arrogance you believe that you write the script, but you don’t!! “ Lara Logan.

This guy explains these differences without mixing word:

Arrogance will blind you from seeing what is so openly in your face. The future must not belong to those who slander common sence, and refuses to see the alternate reality of political correctness. Religious ones or other wise.

Pocket God’s. Hurricanes directed by the finger of God, or Democrats commands?

At first there was this picture of tropical storm / hurricane Isaac, and what it was most likely to do. Or at the least a projected pathway of the storm. It looked like the tropical storm / hurricane was going to upset the National republican convention ( RNC ) plans. But then storms like hurricanes move at their own speed or pace, and direction. There are even those people who belive by the direction of Gods finger, these storms move across the globe.

Because of news lately with ( R- MO ) Todd Akin comments about rape, and abortion on 8/20/12. A blizzard of his words, as the defining comments of compleat stupidity by a politician! Democrats have called for his removal from the ticket, and his quest for election to office. Because of his comments on rape and abortion . The political correctness but somewhat questionable ( women’s health issues) that democrats present to the public, are just some of their presentations of late, of politically moral superior positions. The party’s presentations of these views are desperately only trying to present a false presentation of democrats being morality right, versus the republican ideology of being morality wrong.

David Letterman poked fun at the RNC convention during his monologue of a recent show, he said. ” This is proof that God is a woman.” A poke at the GOP and the issues with what Akin said and the tropical storm / hurricane. Implying that God was going to punish the GOP for their supposed moral inferiority.

Representative Congressman Danny Davis also got into it, as a democrats back-handed slap of the Republicans, by playing the puppeteer and pulling the strings attached to God’s hand delivering the strike on the GOP, by saying. ” It means that the God’s are in favoring Democrats.

I think Representative Danny Davis forgot some recent history. Even the Nazi’s prayed to God. For the power to vanquish their enemy’s. But that didn’t mean that they had the favor of God to their political views. For the Nazi’s, at the times they were winning the war they must have thought: ” God is great! ” But later when the war turned against them: ” My God, My God, why have you forsaken us? ” How easily minds change, when God is nothing other than a puppet too your ideas.

I guess no one saw that one coming? Nor did they count on the outlook changing. One mans ” Hope and change.” Is just the other mans ” Disastrous curse. “

As the news broke about a possible hurricane barring down on the RNC. Democrats got morally religious in record speed. Invoking the idea of God’s relation in directing Tropical storm / hurricane towards their intended political enemy.

Jennifer Granholm the former Michigan Governor tweeted: ” R convention delay to Isaac: I guess God has way’s to shut that whole thing down.”

What seem to be missing about this is. These people who dare invoke the power of God’s direction of storms / natural disasters. As being their belief and punishment of their political enemy’s who are just plan wrong about everything in their views. Who then also clam to be in compleat control of directing the planet direction in curbing global warming without the help of God. By controlling carbon out puts by all humans, in the attempt to slow or even reverse the farce of global warming. Why not just ask their new buddy, in helping all of us out of this human political invention. You know? Ask God by praying to him. Asking him to intervene!

But then to the democrats God is to be only used for political gain. Like having a pocket God tucked away in your pocket. Only to be pulled out when your feeling weak, prehaps because you haven’t had lunch yet. Using God to put the republicans in their place. By punishment of their values that they seem to have apart from your own. Calling the GOP the religious right, bible thump’ers, or theists, isn’t enough. Having a hurricane barring down is better. Name calling takes a lot of energy out of the politically misguided. So why not pull out your handy-dandy pocket God. The one who will do your bidding according to your accusation and or commands towards your political enemy’s.

Why not? The republican’s and the ” religious right ” who have their pocket bibles… the equivalents of your pocket God’s? Right?

With in 7 hours Jennifer Granholm tweeted: ” Just kidding! ” As if to say; you caught me.. I don’t really believe in God so how can he push storms towards the RNC.

Isaac has the true potential of turning into a full-blown hurricane, and how it is tracking now after all of the political posturing. ( Look at the next picture of the track of the tropical storm Isaac.)

The political democrat narrative should be changing some what now with this up date. In quantifying detached irony, Democrats now have to deal with the political accusations of God directing the storm towards the evil RNC, to the storm having the possibility’s of hitting New Orléans again, some 7 years to the date of hurricane ” Katrina  in 8/26/2005 “. I hope now Democrats, you can see the folly of using God as some clique that requires conformity to your values in order to have a belief in God by your design. Rather then believing in an all-powerful God who controls that what is uncontrollable by humans.

So, are Hurricanes directed by the finger of God? Or just a pocket God’s message of folly, like the one’s of ” Hope and change. / Global warming ” ?

I suppose we must be careful of what we hope for and the changes brought about by unintended consequences of misguided words or actions, of what is only believed to be political correctness.

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