Resident evil! The Newtown massacre, tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds.

The massacre in Newtown has been tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds memories to a point that we cannot escape the horror of it, are we just trying to exorcise it from our minds by affirming our mutual sorrow and rage over what evil has been done, by now misplacing our emotions with collective rage?

Too many of us waste our time standing in the darkness of a cold world. Forgetting our childhood upbringing, the ones our parents made their best attempts at teaching us through some religious values, while introducing us to the concept of taking personal responsibility’s. Afraid of the darkness society has become paralyzed with fear from entering the light of enlightenment while accepting the personal responsibility for one’s self in choosing between good over that of evil. As mortals, coming to realize that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but rather we battle within ourselves a great battle of “Good vs EVIL”. That hidden little secret, that dirty something, within our own thoughts that has lasted throughout all time—- over every generations past to present, at times is harder than we think to fashionably except. Evil resides in us all.

It is easier to blame something, or someone, in making excuses or in giving an impression of being out of control. Maybe if we believe in an out of control world there is less of a case we have to make in taking some control of our lives, or even with our own actions, decisions, or choices…ECT.

Recently Joe Scarborough passionately stated that his views have changed on both the 2nd and the 1st Amendments (he appears to want action against violent video games and movies). I am sure that some games, movies and TV, is harmful (especially for the already disturbed mind), I am not so convinced there is a government solution to any problems of society that involves people having to make a choice of what will influence them to action between good vs evil.

People who embrace the ideas of doing evil will always pick the easiest victim, giving them the best chance to survive to do it again. So banning the  gun or even all guns of any kind does nothing to change the thoughts within the minds of any prudential killers. Of course, there is no necessary cause-effect relationship of gun bans and a reduction in gun related deaths ( Chicago is just one such example ). Nor is there any examples of government being able to regulate effectively thoughts out of the minds of its citizenry. In affect banning evil thoughts in anyones mind vs. popular mind control of the weak-minded. Convincing people of the “evil” of an inanimate object.

If placing a well-meaning ban, or governmental regulation is the answer, then why not ban Drugs, and alcohol which has damaged more people’s health through disease or early death by car accident, and acts of violence (no matter what weapon was used) while under the influence. But then you say we tried that once and look what happened. Besides that, it was a long time ago; back when we all had a greater tendency towards traditional or religious beliefs. Why did it not work then, and why should it work now? The problem with legislating evil out of existence when it has never ever not at any time in history ever worked. Is asking evil to consume itself.

Might there be some restrictions or ways in which we could improve safety and stop killers? I would listen to any well thought out plan that could actually keep kids safer and stop evil monsters of this kind.  But I will not aid in turning law-abiding people into criminals simply for appearances sake in the name of “doing something” if it doesn’t actually stop killers and criminals. So I’ll keep on supporting the 2nd Amendment.

The best way in protecting our kids in school is to have armed police officers there, doing the jobs of protecting those kids. The police can’t be everywhere all at once, but by placing them at a point of what evil minds have already determined as being the easiest of targets is a deterrent to evil actions. At least it would remove from evil the ability to easily find unarmed victims to exploit.

Anyone who would then make this kind of statement “We need to work on, so this kind of tragedy will never happen again!”, a statement that the NRA president said the other day is just foolish! The gun isn’t the evil we battle against, it is the evil that starts out as a small thought, nurtured into action by someone who has given into the evil within themselves. In other words people with some evil intent within their minds are everywhere; they just don’t give into those impulses without making a choice. We can never outlaw evil, or limit it and the thought there of, by regulations and laws. It is the evil within that says to any person who entertains it, ” Laws don’t apply!” For these kinds of regulated false hopes only open the doors wider for an even greater evil to enter into society.

What strikes me when I hear the media pundits conversation on  finding “solutions” so far is that instead of wanting to discuss it and hear what might actually work (and what choices might work better than others), these media pundits and politicians seem more eager in supporting emotional legislation to “get something done” so that they can put the issue behind them. Over really doing the tough job of having to recognize the battle isn’t between flesh and blood. We can not give into the do something disease, and do the unnecessary three times faster in the hopes to defeat evil within the minds and thoughts of men and women.

We may all have the common belief that people are mostly good at heart. But we must never fail to also recognize that people never pre-announce their evil intent to do evil unarmed. Why is that? If “GUN CONTROL” was the simple answer to this problem of the mind, why is the “City of Chicago” struggling to come to grips with the almost daily gun-shot victims and needless deaths of their youth. While also having the toughest “Gun Control” laws on the books in the country. clearly “Gun Control” laws, regulations, and emotional legislations aren’t the answer then.

The real issue in “GUN CONTROL” is not the gun; it is in the ability to choose for one’s self to control one’s self. Placing an evil gun in the hands of any police officer, doesn’t prevent evil in someone’s mind to then follow through with evil intent on exploiting the unexpected victims of opportunity. Clearly it is the issue of choice! The choice of government through the influences of evil, presenting the case that it doesn’t trust any citizen to choose for themselves between good actions over evil ones. Over those choices made by this country’s citizenry in recognizing good intentions are the paving stones to the highway to hell! Good intentions are the obstacles to preserving freedom of choice!

The almost daily gun-shot victims and needless deaths that the people of Chicago are experiencing shouldn’t be the extinguishing acts that puts out the fires of common sense. Too many of us are waste our time standing in the darkness of a cold world totally forgetting why it has become so cold in the first place. The massacre in Newtown should not be tattooed onto the tapestry of our minds memories with paralyzing horror. Society shouldn’t ever be patronized into excepting reaction over that of that of common sense pro-action. What should be more horrific to us is that we cannot escape totally the evil of people when they choose to alow evil thoughts to take over their ability to act in a good way towards others. We should be more afraid of the darkness in society who chooses a command and control government to legislate, and regulate emotional controlling laws. In affect never letting a crisis go to waste. It will be at that time when true evil exists, when we become paralyzed with fear from entering the light of enlightenment, being only able to choose to accept progressive personal responsibility for one’s self out of emotional reaction.

There has never been through time a legislated emotional well-meaning law that hasn’t also become the mother’s milk of tyranny, the pure energy of evil. Nor is there any evidence of reduced violence by demanding compliance to it. It is just plain impossible for any government to control the “Resident Evil” that resides in us all.