Religion of Suicidal selfishness, or the ultimate social engineering?

Any society that is founded on a self-centered selfishness. Is one that will often make decisions based on limiting personal responsibility’s. Yet society is dependent on growth. Peoples  retirements depends on younger people to pay for their retirement. Younger people are dependent on still younger people having kids and thus supporting the housing markets with expansion and of price. Even stores that sell the basic needs look for growth in income and expansion of operations from the population growth. Even growth of the job markets are dependent on these reality’s. Basic fact growth of any society comes from the growth of the population.

What happens to society’s when they embrace a suicidal selfishness?

Back in 2006 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had called for a baby boom.

 “I am against saying that two children are enough. Our country has a lot of capacity. It has the capacity for many children to grow in it. It even has the capacity for 120 million people,” he declared. “Westerners have got problems. Because their population growth is negative, they are worried and fear that if our population increases, we will triumph over them.”

After the 1979 Islāmic Revolution which booted out the Shah, The Iranians had an extremely high birth rate. Some almost 7 births per women. Iranians had swelling births and plenty of young people coming up in society. Soon they would enter the workforce and every aspect of a modern Iran not socially and politically prepared for it. According to the politicians of the day they had a bright future. Some what expressed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But with huge growth you also have huge societal demands. Education, Jobs, housing, better foods, healthcare… and so on. But the leaders of Iran didn’t see the need to follow the people’s needs and or demands. The outlook for the future, and that same outlook that the population viewed, was a whole different view completely. Was it is because of personal responsibility’s?

Shocked by the rapidly growing population, the Iranian government vigorously promoted family planning as a path to economic development. 70 million as a teeming cauldron of Islāmic fundamentalism and social and moral conservatism, the trend to lower birthrates began. Hoping to lower the pressure on government.

A western way of life was considered evil. So birth control was on the cutting edge of to different society’s, were one was considered more western therefore ( Evil ), and the other was religiously rigid. After the 1979 Islāmic Revolution which booted out the Shah, Iran was dismantled for being pro-Western. But contraceptive use was not totally banned and Imam Khomeini and other Ayatollahs did grant fatwas allowing it as a health measure.

Women were encouraged to space births and to stop at three. Although there was no overt coercion, a 1993 social engineering law penalised large families by terminating family allowances, health benefits and maternity leave for families with four or more children. Reducing farther the government responsibility, all the while creating a theocracy controlled social engineering.

Who really wants to look at their children and tell them, ” Sorry there is no food!” no one does. So there is no real surprise that the birth rate dropped to a low in 2012 1.88 births per women. That represents a declining population. Any population needs to have 2.1 births per women to sustain its self. But to grow it needs more births, along with a population that sees opportunity’s for a brighter future.

Iran today has had one of the highest declines in birth rates in the world. Down some 70% in their growth rate, within a single genaration.This will spell trouble with the ageing of the population. First the baby boom from the war years, now between the ages of 14-35. In that age group women are using birth control at an increasing rate, or having baby’s farther apart, or not at all. All so they have a renewed desire to have an easier life. They can see the world through the internet, and its many appeals. A reduction of personal responsibility’s on every level, is therefore appealing.  Leaving more resources for everyone on every level.

Being young with no real bright futures that they can see. The young are taking the direction to protest against the political internals to the country. It also explains the political unrest in the country. Leaderships worry is, how to deal with all of the social concerns, along with the their brand of religious expansion they are hoping for.

Iran has been going down that road of controlling the population through religious rules rather than rigid government ones. If you don’t like the rules supplied by government you can always overthrow them. But with religious rules…… even through they seem to be perverted by political leaders, it takes an extreme mindset to change religions. Much harder to do when you have the kind of religion like Islam. It also doesn’t surprise anyone with the display’s of attitudes of the government leadership. A Young population ( Some 30 + % of the population ), 25% plus unemployment among the young, and a declining birth rate. Which means that the iranian government will have fewer people to support the future retirement of the present youth. A governmental migraine.

War and the extreme talk of it is just a way to slim down the population and kick-start any economy. But that is also evil. Yet old men can’t fight in a war so……

When you look at it like I’m sure the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has. It doesn’t surprise anyone to hear the kind of political rhetoric, along with a strange love of death.

Islamist’s love to say… ” We love death more than you love life. “

Is it religion coping society? Or society that has copied flawed religious rules, only seeing a dark future, therefore allowing a for slow suicidal death by way of reduced birth rates? Truly is it a Religion of suicidal selfishness, or the ultimate social engineering on the road to failure?

Alternate reality of political correctness.

Within the alternate reality world of the liberal left. Political correctness, is only one of the tools to be found within the tool box of forced results. Untill it becomes necessary to use the only other tool within the toolbox. THE POINT OF A GUN! These left minded people rarely use their right mind in anything. So they are by definition half-witted.

Take religion for instance. The liberal tosses moral values to the wind, and settles into the redefining of what is to be popular. Presenting the popular point of view for the new moral. If you disagree look to the values that are being supported present day Democratic party. One may even look to the values of the president of the United States. He claims to be Christian but acts like he has a favored spot in his heart for the Muslim Islamist’s of the world. Is this attitude, the fundamental change, his platform of hope and change was built on? But then he believes that no body can build anything without government first building the roadway and bridge to no where. Which is where the government seem to be pushing Christians and their religious beliefs towards.

We have come to a point of not being able to trust him ( Obama ) and the judgments he is making on our behalf. Net alow his word. He is as it seem to be, a first third world president of the United States of America. Concerned more with being a compromise-er with an overly friendly nature towards everyone else in the world. He compromises his presented moral standings, or what faith he claims for the moment. No matter what intent he may have. He has failed to understand the Islāmic faith vs Christianity.

To govern this nation you have to leave your personal beliefs at the front door of the office. There is no room for expressing personal beliefs, without giving the impression of governmental support of them. Without offending still other beliefs and believers. Therefore no need to insult this nations over whelming belief in Christian values. All the while over looking the almost daily threats from the Islamist extremest, towards every religion in opposition to their own beliefs.

Like supper man he ( Mr. Obama ) fly’s around the wold chastising behaviours for something that rubs him wrong. Apologizing still to others for something he didn’t create, and then coming home he criticizing for all the intolerance he sees, while pushing the immoral political correctness.

Obama is not just the first black president. But the first third world president. Who, when ever he steps out on the world stage seems to have forgotten where he has come from, and where he is going. Claiming to be christian. But forgetting his muslim up bringing. Offending one, while apologizing still for the others offence. In so doing Obama has lost personal popularity, as well as American popularity, among the Islamists of the world. Not to mention the respect as well.

By his display of weakness, he has lost every kind of popularity and respect, faster than Gorge Bush did. Even faster still among the world of Islam. Because they despise weakness, and are all to willing to exploit it.

Despite the God-given right of the FIRST AMENDMENT. Along with the superior moral values within the constitution of the United States of America. These documents given all of us the same abilities, to the same kind of free speech as anyone else in this country.

Obama uses his own moral judgments to engage within negotiations along with Islāmic nations. Using the United Nations ( UN ) counsel of human rights in trying to curb our ( USA”s ) freedom of free speech. By limiting what we can say or even criticise, with regards to Islam. Without even asking for the same kind of compromise and controlled speech of the muslim nations, and what they say towards other religions. Clearly Obama doesn’t see the real differences between Islam and every other religion. Islam feels that their God is more powerful than Christianity’s perceptions of who, and what God is, or is like.

Did he fail to lessen to the president of Egypt when he said.

” The Quartan is the constitution! The prophet is our leader! Jihad is our path! Death in the name Islam is our goal! “

or at different times other Islāmic leaders said.

” We love death more than you love life!”

Despite all of this Obama said in an apologetic way.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Obama at the UN

Liberals have attacked conservatives and constrictive minded Christians. With self blinding cliché’s of some self-proclaimed superior emotional ideas. A progressive moral code. using political correctness as the weapon of choice. Showing us all, that they are nothing but old musicians of the past. Trying desperately to hang onto lost fame of the past. With their past memories still fresh in their minds performing their one hit wonders, to what now is only an empty arena of intellectual ideas. along with a child-like attitude. They paint unrealistic dreams of their fathers lost glory. Like a pot smoker under the influence. They weave yarns of smoke into the foundational fabric of their socialist utopia. Marching forward, towards their social engineering of their choosing.

These disciples of destruction Believe they, and they alone deserve to be in the rightful place of leadership. They try to negotiate with the Islamist world what would be acceptable as what is and is not free speech. Despite the first amendment. They subjugate Christian values and morals as being ones of a lesser importance in comparison to muslim values. Yet say nothing when women’s rights are violated, when Christians are being killed, persecuted, or thrown out of Islāmic country’s. We say nothing when muslims arm themself’s, and attack with suicide bombers. Attacking women and children because they happen to be jewish. Or other people who express beliefs in opposition to Islam or Sharia. We say and do nothing when Islamist leaders call for genocide to be preformed against Israel. Yet we fool ourself’s into believing that progressive values are far superior. Rather then recognising progressive morals as being socially suicidal in nature.

When will we admit to our self, then to the world. That any religion that also promotes violence, engages in violence, and teaches hate of others because they dare to believe differently, and then acts out with violence on that teaching, as being a false religion!?

Why can we not express to those false teachers. That their kind of religious teachings do deserve a future that is comfortable with ours? Nor should the future belong to those who slander, using hate of Christian / Jewish / and other religious values. When will any American leader stand up and deliver a speech using terms as forcefully as possible explaining our values of being a Christian nation, as one who has a GOD given powerful right of free speech? So put a sock in it!!

When have we seen or heard. “The future must not belong to those who slander the tenets of Christianity! ” ?

Yet the news if full of stories of rioting against innocent people trapped in poverty, unable to escape the insanity of religious persecution. By a religion that has turned its back on free choice, and replaced it with an over abundance of fear, violence, manipulation, distortion, lies and lairs. Who promise any of the would be suicide bombers with a fantasy of 72 virgins, as their 30 pieces of silver.

When will we accept that Islam doesn’t want peace, they want victory!!! A one world religion governed by Sharia law! A heaven built of men, not of GOD!

When will our leaders get it? We don’t want ignorance bottled up in righteousness. The chronic political correctness, which leads to an accommodationist style and type of leadership. A compromise-er! An alternate reality where Christianity isn’t worth defending. Out of some misguided guilt, willing to embrace Islāmic seeds of destruction. In exchanged for bucket loads of money, constantly shoveled into the middle east in an attempt to pay the devil in buying our way to heaven. these acts of misguided charity clothed in misguided support of human rights. Is the self-deception, the false religion of where everyone will go along, to get along. In the end forgetting that true principles and morals are timeless.

We ( As a nation and more importantly our government. ) must see what our enemy’s have been all to willing to tell us openly. The who, and what they are, as well as what they intend to do. Only then we will be able to defend ourself’s if it need be. With the appropriate amount of force. Therefore understanding Islam and their religious extremism within the muslim off shoots that exist today. Not as a religion, but as a religious command and control theocracy, bent on world domination. One compelled mind at a time.

” It requires to correctly identify your enemy’s and what they intend to do. But in your arrogance you believe that you write the script, but you don’t!! “ Lara Logan.

This guy explains these differences without mixing word:

Arrogance will blind you from seeing what is so openly in your face. The future must not belong to those who slander common sence, and refuses to see the alternate reality of political correctness. Religious ones or other wise.

A narcissistic ego; Never letting a crisis go to waste. ( the YouTube video that no one has seen )

“Never letting a crisis go to waste.” quote Rahm Emanuel. Is the presidents motto for his reelection. When you also look at his own speeches you would also find. Another one of his mottos. If you don’t have a record to run on. You give something of your opponents to run from. Is the crisis in the middle east one of those moments in time?

This YouTube video that sparked the outrage in the middle east is somewhat over done. Not saying that the riots are outrageous by themself’s. But saying, what do you expect from a society that is totally controlled by a theocracy. Along with the limitations of the state-run by abusive powers, and thus limiting the theater-goers as well as the theatrical presentations within the country’s of questions.

This video is therefore suspect to have caused the riots. The limited viewership of some brief showings to the hollywood movers and shakers. Is one thing. But for these some backwards country’s and their leadership to have allowed the YouTube released to the general public is highly unlikely. Even if we were to play along as being devil’s advocate. The question that comes to mind is what about all of the other hollywood movies that shine an unflattering light on Islam / the Muslim world? Where is the out rage?

These country’s are poor country’s and receive a lot of foreign aid just for everyday survival. Throw into the mix high unemployment, radical religious views and the facts that within these theocracy the population gets most of its news and how to react to it if any, from the mosque and the cleric who teaches there. How else would a country like those in the middle east riot with huge populations of rioters, who seem to not mind to rioting for the camera. Just where are the theaters that had the showings for these people to see this movie. Where is the evidence of huge numbers of broadband internet mobile devices where these people can see the outrageous video? Have we forgotten the Iranians crack down on the social media networks when there were anti-government uprisings within that country? In Egypt during the muslim spring, the outgoing government even tried to shut down the social media networks at that time. These theocracy’s control content because they see the western life style presented in movies and videos, or everyday life as a threat to the religion of Islam and its life style. Why else would they refer to the USA as the ” Great Satan “?

As devils advocate again; If this YouTube video that no one has seen. Can then spark such violence, why not with the speeches of Obama and crew. Who mentioned no less than 21 times during the DNC the killing of Osama Bin Laden being one of their greatest achievements? Seems riot worthy when you consider the chanting rioters in Egypt were shouting “Hey Obama, we are all Osama.” Could it have been…..?

For the administration to then go out on the limb and say it was this YouTube video as the culprit to all of the unrest is just a political smoke screen. Even these liars of olympic stardom and fame can see that the numbers don’t figure. With limited opportunity’s to see any videos like this one net alone limited internet access. Weather it is limited by the theocracy style government or other wise. How is it possible? But then these wizards of smart seemed to have voted on Obama-care. No one even admitted to having spent the time to have read the 2700 page bill. At least there is similarity, and consistency’s. You can get people to do something without the participants even have taken the time to look into the possibility’s of fact or fictions. Throw into the mix, a perceived attack on religious beliefs and you got nitro style volatility.

Yes content can be controlled by governments of all types. Like the way Google does but more compleat in its entirety.

Google Blocks Anti-Muslim Movie From Stirring More Protests via @HuffPostTech

This gives you a clear view at the President’s narcissistic ego. Blame any one and any thing. Mix in some half-truths, along with some total lies and presto! A president who could have just as easily ben the cause, having just washed his hands of all blame, and cast blame to some religious Christian trouble maker on YouTube. Shining some of his own lime light on a new enemy of society. The need of controlling YouTube / free speech!

Like I said, Barak Obama taking credit for killing Bin Laden without any reaction from the middle east, or at least no one in the middle east is admitted to that being the reasons for their actions. At the same time Barak Obama taking credit for killing Bin Laden would be like Nixon trying to take credit for the Moon Landing. A fulfillment of feeding the narcissistic!

When you Also consider, in Egypt last week, the crowd was shouting

“Hey Obama, we are all Osama.”

One is lead to question it all in its entirely. Along with the movie that director Kathryn Bigelow, of the movie fame the ” Hurt locker ”  is making for the administration. High lighting the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Yes the same hollywood movie that was to be released during the months of September or October this year. Just in time for the election spot light to be shining a positive light on some accomplishment of the president’s administration.

But then we have this reaction in the middle east. What to do? Is the narcissistic ego’s of this administration going crazy right now? Or are they quietly telling Hollywood to stop with Islam bashing, or we will have to control every movie you make? Its more like Making a run, finding reasons to limit free speech for everyone. The opium of the narcissistic socialist, self admitted drug user. After all Obama said. ” That’s the point! ” Okay. You caught me. Obama said that to a question asked of him. ” Did you inhale drug smoke back in high school? ” Obama answered. ” That’s the point! ”

Any way you slice it…  Is it the never seen video clip.. the constant beating on his chest, ” I killed Osama Bin Laden.. or the quote of the narcissistic mind-set, ” That’s the point ….Never letting a crisis go to waste! ” Answers it nicely. Its more of an end around to taking away of our free speech, all the while adding to the perception of weakness perceived by our enemy’s. Treating one religion with kid gloves. While also beating up the religions in this country for what they believe.

Have you ever seen two bully’s take each other on? Only when they have run out dividing up the weak people or organisations. At that point. Yes. To Islam we are the bully’s. To anyone who can yet see. Radical Islam is the religion of bullying.

( Picture was an AP picture within the post from the new york times story mentioned in the link, in this piece.)

Freedom of religion; The international community to criminalize acts of abusing great prophets?

Have we just entered into a world of kabuki theater ( to be divergent, to deviate in ref. to the early evaluation of this drama.) The twilight zone, or have the hands of time been turned back some 1400 years or so?

“The Kingdom’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh called on the international community to criminalize acts of abusing great prophets and messengers such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all), according to a statement issued today.” ( September 16, 2012)

Is there a real need to protect the thin skinned person and or people or a compleat population? In essence protecting people of all kinds from ever experiencing ” Being offended “?

I find it hard to believe that in these modern times we live in, that we also have this need to eliminate offensive speech because it offends. Yet any reaction to the emotional outbursts of the offended usually leads to some actions designed to offend those who are perceived as having offended in the first place. This mentality of ” An eye for an eye ” doesn’t work! At its core the foresight of the founders to the United States of America were visionary’s. They knew that people who would only conduct themselves with a standard of ” Do as I say ” really didn’t have the best interests of the people in mind, nor did they believe in freedom.

“Free speech was designed to protect offensive speech.” For non offensive speech needs no protection because it doesn’t offend anyone. offensive speech therefore determined by whom to be offensive? The government, or the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, or some popular church of the_________ kind, or some other easily offended.. offender? What is offensive then is in the eye of the offended. But what is retalation then? That person, or persons, or even any religious sect, or compleat deceived populations of some nations run by some devious leaders. Can therefore declarer another to be offensive and just order them to stop doing what is offensive. In other words to stop an offence constitutes having to offend in return.

Who said this? Is it also offensive, and to whom?

“Zionists, who have no faith in religion or even God, now claim piety and intend to take away the Islāmic identity of the Holy Quds. This ridiculous move is in fact the continuation of the colonialist polices of oppressors, which will not save the Zionist regime, but also take the regime closer to the endpoint of its existence.”

(Speech to a delegation from the Turkish-Palestinian Parliamentary Friendship Group) curtsey of the web page;

Incitements? Are Muslims defined as devoid of incitements of racial hatred towards others? Or is this the views of the radical Muslim hoping to hijack a religion for their end game of conquest? Are they’re beliefs the definition of multi-ethnical faith community’s built on presenting a positive image of their religion and or the practices of ” Treating everyone else in the same way as you would like others to treat their beliefs and traditions “? How can this be expressed when viewing others like, Jews, Sikhs, or even Christians differently, allowing those differences of opinions to outright offend?

October 26, 2005; Ahmadinejad speech, returned to the same theme of… ” Israel as being the dirty vermin which needs to be eradicated. The stain of disgrace will be cleaned from the garment of the world of Islam, and this is attainable.”

In another speech he mentions in describing the Israeli nation as…” Cattle, blood thirsty barbarians, criminals, as well as targeting the population as described as ( SATANIC! ). ” along with a speech in April 17, 2008 Ahmadinejad said. This region and the world are prepared for great changes and for being cleansed of satanic enemies.”

Was he fortelling the events of the recent Arab spring and the rise of radical Islam, as his nations highest national efforts of purpose?

Do we need to have an international religious hatred law? Should he  ( The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh) also be interested in the international community criminalizing hate speech, incitement to violence and religious hatred, as already described in the above statements? If so then a few verses of the Quran will need a little adjustment!

Who will in force such a ridiculous law, who and what population will volunteer to have some kind of thought police policing what will be offensive net alone with what penalty’s for breaking it?

With Islāmic Shari’a law permitting treatment of what they consider offensive to Islam and their standards they have volunteered to live under, such as the ” Infidels ” with actions of; Beheadings, gang rape of female infidels, crucifixion, genocide without mercy, and racism stoning of the homosexuals, and people that commit adultery.

It seem more a religion of fear, rather than one of love and forgiveness.The compleat opposite of…. Thou shalt not lie: Thou shalt not steal: Thou shalt not cheat: Thou shalt not murder: Thou shalt not covet.

The mufti said. “The attempts of a filmmaker filled with hatred to Islam would not harm the great personality of the Prophet (pbuh) or anything in Islam in any manner but would only reflect on the people who spread venomous ideas.”

Then why does it have to be outlawed?

Political good eats?

At times we need a healthy diet of humor to wash the political bad taste out of our mouths. Political good eats or Fondue friday? Love the world of Fondue. Greats eats! But the political religious fondue doo doo? This friday is a key political protesters hay day in the Islāmic world. (Yes that was an intended spelling of hay.) Someone has to get the hay down to the steeple so they can graze.

Mixed bag of expectations for the out come in the middle east protests. Depending the side your on? Upset with a movie made by a so-called Israeli that turns out to be an Egyptian. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. But here he is.

Not to mention the hollywood actors that will and have also called for the limitation of free speech. With regards to this crazy mans movie making of the amateurish kind. Is it that hollywood is upset with the fact that they wish for some limitations of their own movie expressions of nudity, attacking religions of the christian kind, and political assignations / political unkind movies of protest ( Like the movie that showed president Bush getting shot ) Not that we wish for any, or are implying that someone like a crazy person on drugs or not, should be influenced by them to take action. When it comes to the Islāmic world we treat them with more respect then we treat ourself’s with? Disrespecting religion and the people who practice them should be treated the same. Even the practice of, the religion of evolution and the common belief of non beliefs.

Hollywood is that also the kind of free-speech limiting you are willing to except for you moral contributions to the world and the managed decay that you portray?

Truth is with the out of control political blender of the day. Mixing the most crazy ideas together into a hodgepodge of bland flavors of one size fits all. Volatile reaction guaranteed, not to disappoint anyone I guess! Or is it the attitudes of never let a crisis to waste? Self created or not?

Mix into the picture the unlimited spending by the fed. Trying to mix more money into the economy to get the unemployment figures down to a more reasonable number. As the seasoning to the blended mix…. like salt? But the unintended consequences of government actions along with the failed policy’s of socialists take over gifts from Christmases past. Never really seeing failure untill they run out of other people’s money’s. At that point it will be more like salt rubbed into the festering wounds of the generations of the future. Heavily wiped slave the people in the future forced to work to pay for their parents lifestyle of socialist excesses.

Should I mention the rate of inflation eating up your buying power because the feds attitudes; have ink and paper will print money just to give the impression of having money cumming out of the WAZZU. Being in-different to the cost of stuff in the future, like gas at 9-15 dollars per gallon lets say? Food costs out of control getting to a point of 100% of the population on food stamps because they can’t afford it. The government can’t take in the form of taxes something from a population who at that point has nothing. Money in the future will lose value like it did in Germany at the turn of the last century, and right after WWII. But it did make for some colorful ass wipe. With fed actions like this. What exactly soothes a colon sunburn?

Eliminating free speech is like removing all the a personal spice of life. The things that makes each and every one of us different individuals. Over that of a cloned species, or puppets controlled by a master puppeteer. The spice of life with our different beliefs, religious back grounds, different up bringing, different social classification ( just a side note; Democrats can we eliminate this permanently? It is a touch too much racist to almost all of us in real vill. Who needs social, or color  classifications, or any other anyway?) different likes, and dislikes, different sexual orientations. Blending all of our differences together all to eliminating offences, by offending everyone else, those that would be different to ourself’s. A blended, more liquefied blurring of moral boundary’s, as the soup our ship is sinking into.

So the political theater of the past week has left us all questioning who will still win the great political cook off of political fondue competition? Who is the best political mixlogist? Ready to make an attempt in mixing all of the differences into a tasty fondue for success. United we stand, and divided we fall. Who will use fresh ingredients for new wave of social ideas, or who will force an excrement sandwich down into the blender as the only spice of life that you and I will need in life? You know? Old ideas of command and control style of failure of those ancient  kings and queens and their disciples of destruction! If that your political new going forward ideas for us all. Then I see just why people may protest for some crazy reasons…… Fear, and Anxiety for the unknown!

Know your enemy! So you may react to his moves in opposition.

Okay the subject is some what racy, but some things have to be compared to. Not to be salacious, but it is true. This comparison I mean. They the sphincter, and the dictator do an important job in life. Like it or not, a fact is a fact, and the truth has no agenda! What do these two have in common? I can see people rolling their eyes at this point. The answer is, “Oh no! Not too much, other than similar jobs!!” Being familiar somewhat with both it is easy to draw some quick comparisons, like… “We all know what the sphincter job is because we all have a working one on the job. But we don’t all wish for a dictator to be present in our lives or on the job.” Both demand some use of force, and command and control while they do their jobs. If they are left alone, then all is well to some degree, some will work together, or separately just the same, and with equal efficiency. Both will assume the ideas of being the supreme controller of their world, but both often have an inflated impression of self-worth, as well ego!

The job of the sphincter is not a glamorous one, but necessary one. Through the sphincter flows all kinds of useless debris passing on its way to the dust pan of history. In the times of plenty the sphincter just goes along with the rhythm of life. No worry’s! All is well. But there is times when the responsibility’s of the sphincter is elevated. In the times of plenty more work than usual will be required of the sphincter, and this can lead to an over worked condition. Leading the sphincter to believing that his job is under appreciated. What is a sphincter to do? Like most plans that are put together when one is tiered out from over worked conditions. Most plans sound great at that time, but implementing these plans is the challenge. Starting out thinking that a diplomatic solution as being the best way to go, the sphincter places a list of demands at the door steps of the brain.


The brain said ” absolutely not! I’m the brains of the operation and I will not have it!”

So the sphincter moves onto plan 2. Using a tactic from any good union, the next move is, go on strike! Not saying that unions don’t have their share of good old sphincter’s within their midst, nor am I saying that unions haven’t made some good contributions in life. But these kind of thought gives way to the idea while on strike, lets just hold out for total take over! So it is!! The ideas of becoming a dictator is born.

The sphincter may be successful with the strike, or not depending on political conditions of the times. but the attempt is made. power is the most intoxicating drug in the universe! So true to form, the power-hungry ( or addict ) will make an attempt to grab power. But most of the time this power grab is short-lived because people don’t like to be forced into a situation without leaving them or giving them any choices in the matter but one!

“Your going to like it!!!”

The dictator is just the same as the sphincter, looking for an opportunity’s to place himself into an insignificant but powerful position, that society will not like to live without. That once acquiring this position gives the would be dictator not only the will, but the confidence, for a takeover by force if necessary. Success will lead to a bigger power grab, or even the ultimate power grab of dictatorship! The intoxication of the drug also known as “power”, is to be somewhat like…. the feeling of being a GOD on earth, or a supreme dictator. Truly in the minds of such individuals it is just the same. A God / or a lesser God (like a dictator) still is able to ruler over everything!

In the dictators quest for power, he may try to perform magical tricks, Leading him in collecting greater powers, as well to give the impression that his rule isn’t so bad. Magic like spending mad money on projects that helps his supporters, or even putting money directly into pockets of his supporters. In their eyes he is fantastic, and may move to give even more support to him. Much like the sphincter, he to must at times perform magic trickery to fool body parts that he, and he alone is up for this job of new ruler over the brains. So he performs the trick of resembling, despite the mouths best efforts, in destroying the recognition of a corn on the cob feast! And..” Presto!!”

The dictator has somewhat the same impression, but for both the tricks only last for a short while. Then bigger tricks are needed, And this gives way to even bigger tricks, untill the law of big number catches up to them. No more tricks in their bag! To hang onto the power they have, and continue their intoxication, the use of force is pulled out of the bag! But like I said, people don’t like to be stuck with out a choice in the matter. “Your going to like it!!!” Isn’t choice or a good out look, when you haven’t made the choice yourself.

So like the sphincter, the dictator will also enjoy power for only a short period of time. When societal pressures build up to a point that even the sphincter cannot hold back the pressures any longer, the dictator will ultimately pass through the governmental sphincter, on his way to the dustpan of history.

Moral of the story is if you do not learn from history’s mistakes, then you may find yourself being controlled by a truly human sphincter!

Even though great magic tricks have been preformed in the past like the disappearance of some ears of corn on the cob. Don’t be fooled by the sphincter’s magic trick and their reappearance! The sphincter is just a cheep dictator, an opportunist of chance, but when, it’s all boiled down they’re both the same! In keeping yourself from voting for a human sphincter, recognizing that power is a drug, and changing leadership is just like sending those who have the power in the present, to rehab!! Being up tight with one kind of leader for too long is just constipating!

Being able to believe what you will, say what you will, carry a gun if you must, or improve your talents to unlock your God-given unlimited potential. Along with being able to have a reasonable expectation to life, liberty, and government limited in getting in your way of the pursuit of happiness. Is what it mean to live free in America!

Our government leaders are in service to us ( We the people ). We are never to have been servants to them! A government that barrows any amount of moneys from a foreign government, sells our sovereignty / freedom to them. We must remember the good book says; ” The borrower is a slave to the lender.” So a government that can give you everything, also can take everything from you!

Food for thought through humor.

Chicago values? Out-of-control hate or Just anti Christianity, pro violation of First Amendment.

Recently the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel expressed through his comments that he has, a certain dislike for Christianity’s moral values. In response to one of Chick-fil-A’s CEO who openly thinks that same-sex marriage is wrong. Expressing personal views of supporting traditional marriage of one man, and one women. This sparked a controversial response by the mayor Rahm Emanuel and his counter part mayor Tom Menio of Boston.

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,” Emanuel said recently.

Rahm Emanuel, In case you haven’t notices Our founders intended. Freedom of religion, not from religion!

Eradicating bigotry is a personal mission or so it seems to be for mayor Emanuel. It known as a liberal left idea, in finding some minority group to present as needed for gaining support, for some political gains. Then presented as groups of people needing protection, provided for by the government. Claiming because of some hatred, or hate towards these kinds of minority’s, or unfairness towards them as a whole. As their reasoning behind their support. Yet at the same time implementing these same tactics of hate towards the population that has a difference of opinion as a whole. Doesn’t he realize that in that process he also exchanges one kind of bigotry for another?

“You can please some of the people some of the time. But you cannot please all of the people all of the time.” unknown

When you consider the first amendment which allows for the protection of offensive speech ( Offensive defined by whom? A governmental definition, deciding for the population? The first amendment is for someone who would choose to speaks out against the government.) For non offensive speech needs no protections, by its nature It is non-offensive. For Emanuel to step into the fray, expressing by his personal bigoted opinions as some values he has. Supporting changing popular values to fit his own. Is a misuse of governmental powers. But then Emanuel has also believed.. ” Never let a crises go to waste.”

says Glenn Greenwald at Salon. “You can’t cheer when political officials punish the expression of views you dislike and then expect to be taken seriously when you wrap yourself in the banner of free speech to protest state punishment of views you like and share.”That is a direct assault on Christianity,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “That is a direct assault on Christians, with economic punishment thrown in,  including threats from government officials that are in direct violation of the  Constitution.”

Wilson Huhn, a professor and associate director of the Constitutional Law Center
at The University of Akron School of Law, told Fox News that denying the
restaurant the right to locate in Chicago “absolutely” violates the First
Amendment. “It would be an open and shut case,” Huhn told Fox News. “You can’t
do that. They cannot be denied a zoning permit based upon the viewpoint of their

ACLU Backs Chick-fil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban via @Newsmax_Media,

As of yet I personally haven’t heard anyone from the Chicago area speak out with the support of Rahm Emanuel’s over his inflated opinions. The fact of the matter is no one is speaking out against other religious faiths that also have a stance against same-sex mirages. Like the Muslim religious faith, just to name one of the many. Mayor Tom Menio of Boston seem to support just one of these kinds of spiritual guides, from the Islāmic society of Boston. But also joins in with blasting Christian values on marriage.

When it comes to so-called Christian religious leaders of Chicago like Jeremiah Wright; who said ” HIV was created by the government to kill black people. ” or a religion like the muslim faith who looks differently towards gay life style and the people who choose to live it. Why is it your responsibility in deciding which believe to attack? Then do so without any equivalence to those opinions, attitudes, policy’s, or danger to the community as a whole?

Radical imam OK but not Chick-fil-A – .

Imam Yusef Al-Qaradawi Has said and called homosexuality a ” crime that must be punished by death?” This kind of public statement is acceptable? While supporting marriage of one man and one women is not? For some reason the Obama administration and Rahm Emanuel ( who was a part of the Obama administration for a time) and countless others of like-minded people in government. Never seem to find themself on a collision course disagreeing with Islāmic faiths, or their extreme believes of extreme believers. But Christianity seem to be fair game to attack with vitriol.

With murder rates skyrocketing in Chicago ( 275 homicides this year, up to the time of writing this blog post.) up some 38% compared to New York. Where murders are down 17% from last year. Doesn’t seem like any change is a-foot. Doing little to nothing in presenting some change, or some values, or principles or policy’s to uphold true change in the city? Gang violence along with Emanuel seems out of control. Emanuel seem only interested in trying to school these thugs using strong words of telling them ” leave our kids alone!” But then he also uses the strong language towards Christians with. ” These are not Chicago values. ” Strong words like these seems to do little to change anything other than make people mad. Showing just how hate filled mayor Emanuel is, and how willing he is to trample the constitution of the United States of America!

When you throw into the mix that Chicago is a gun free zone. This kind of leadership is laughable. To no greater degree then Emanuel’s forgetfulness that this is a nation for the most part with some kind of Christian values and believes. We have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion that Emanuel and his allies would impose on this country. His kind of thinking shows a lack of value for protecting the people of Chicago from true violent crime and hatreds of one gang towards another.  Are the law-abiding people going to be left to be caught in the cross fire? And are the Christians / religious believers of any religion, to quietly just go away because of your opposition to selective religion?

I suppose when you hate one group over another. Telling the other group to stop hating only shows that your out of touch with reality. Besides how is it possible to find hate with a disagreement of personal believes, moral values, political values or policy’s, that are different to your own. People who have plastic wrap thin skin, and are easily offended. Need to know there is no need for any government involvements to relieve them from such offence. Being offended needs no protections. Just turn and walk away. Disagreement doesn’t constitute hatred. Other wise we all are out-of-control haters!