Then there were unplanned political funny’s

When having the national Obamacare debate can there be any amusing observations that can be brought to light?? Have you even tried to call the Obamacare hot line? Just to see how much, if any differences or impact it may have on your family? Come on! Life is supposed to be fun-filled, amusing, interesting, and at times down right funny. As long as you look in the right direction, just passed all of the lies and distractions and at the right times, then you too can see the fun and funny, the “FUN” instead of the “FU” in all of it? But still at other times there just things that come up as a flukes, aka. “Poetic Justice.”

Take the Obamacare national hot-line phone number for instance. The number provided for by the department of Health and Human Services, that number is 1-800-318-2596.

People oftentimes look for words to make it easier for people to remember those phone numbers. Using the numbers on the phone-pad and those correspond letters–the number 3 is then also is an “F.” The number 1 doesn’t have any assigned letters, but the number 8 is a “U.” There’s a couple other letters, they both match up perfectly for what you might imagine as humor coming through the political foggy haze right about now.

Using the tweeting, Facebook hooking, and texting shorthand of the day, the 9 and the 6 spells out “YO” or what could also be “YOU”.

So the entire thing becomes 1-800-F—-Y0.

A slip-up by the administration? Or just some under paid government worker having some fun? Or could it be that Mr. Obama is sending a subliminal message of what he really thinks is fundamentally changing…. People are starting to see through his veiled distractions and crises, seeing through all of those bumps in the road created by his lies–so Obama becoming unhappy, down right pissed-off, because people are keeping him from socialist success, Mr. Obama may have even picked those numbers? A kind of socialist lotto number, though a losing ticket.

Or on the lighter side of things… just maybe a Freudian slip-up?

Political good eats?

At times we need a healthy diet of humor to wash the political bad taste out of our mouths. Political good eats or Fondue friday? Love the world of Fondue. Greats eats! But the political religious fondue doo doo? This friday is a key political protesters hay day in the Islāmic world. (Yes that was an intended spelling of hay.) Someone has to get the hay down to the steeple so they can graze.

Mixed bag of expectations for the out come in the middle east protests. Depending the side your on? Upset with a movie made by a so-called Israeli that turns out to be an Egyptian. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. But here he is.

Not to mention the hollywood actors that will and have also called for the limitation of free speech. With regards to this crazy mans movie making of the amateurish kind. Is it that hollywood is upset with the fact that they wish for some limitations of their own movie expressions of nudity, attacking religions of the christian kind, and political assignations / political unkind movies of protest ( Like the movie that showed president Bush getting shot ) Not that we wish for any, or are implying that someone like a crazy person on drugs or not, should be influenced by them to take action. When it comes to the Islāmic world we treat them with more respect then we treat ourself’s with? Disrespecting religion and the people who practice them should be treated the same. Even the practice of, the religion of evolution and the common belief of non beliefs.

Hollywood is that also the kind of free-speech limiting you are willing to except for you moral contributions to the world and the managed decay that you portray?

Truth is with the out of control political blender of the day. Mixing the most crazy ideas together into a hodgepodge of bland flavors of one size fits all. Volatile reaction guaranteed, not to disappoint anyone I guess! Or is it the attitudes of never let a crisis to waste? Self created or not?

Mix into the picture the unlimited spending by the fed. Trying to mix more money into the economy to get the unemployment figures down to a more reasonable number. As the seasoning to the blended mix…. like salt? But the unintended consequences of government actions along with the failed policy’s of socialists take over gifts from Christmases past. Never really seeing failure untill they run out of other people’s money’s. At that point it will be more like salt rubbed into the festering wounds of the generations of the future. Heavily wiped slave the people in the future forced to work to pay for their parents lifestyle of socialist excesses.

Should I mention the rate of inflation eating up your buying power because the feds attitudes; have ink and paper will print money just to give the impression of having money cumming out of the WAZZU. Being in-different to the cost of stuff in the future, like gas at 9-15 dollars per gallon lets say? Food costs out of control getting to a point of 100% of the population on food stamps because they can’t afford it. The government can’t take in the form of taxes something from a population who at that point has nothing. Money in the future will lose value like it did in Germany at the turn of the last century, and right after WWII. But it did make for some colorful ass wipe. With fed actions like this. What exactly soothes a colon sunburn?

Eliminating free speech is like removing all the a personal spice of life. The things that makes each and every one of us different individuals. Over that of a cloned species, or puppets controlled by a master puppeteer. The spice of life with our different beliefs, religious back grounds, different up bringing, different social classification ( just a side note; Democrats can we eliminate this permanently? It is a touch too much racist to almost all of us in real vill. Who needs social, or color  classifications, or any other anyway?) different likes, and dislikes, different sexual orientations. Blending all of our differences together all to eliminating offences, by offending everyone else, those that would be different to ourself’s. A blended, more liquefied blurring of moral boundary’s, as the soup our ship is sinking into.

So the political theater of the past week has left us all questioning who will still win the great political cook off of political fondue competition? Who is the best political mixlogist? Ready to make an attempt in mixing all of the differences into a tasty fondue for success. United we stand, and divided we fall. Who will use fresh ingredients for new wave of social ideas, or who will force an excrement sandwich down into the blender as the only spice of life that you and I will need in life? You know? Old ideas of command and control style of failure of those ancient  kings and queens and their disciples of destruction! If that your political new going forward ideas for us all. Then I see just why people may protest for some crazy reasons…… Fear, and Anxiety for the unknown!

Know your enemy! So you may react to his moves in opposition.

Okay the subject is some what racy, but some things have to be compared to. Not to be salacious, but it is true. This comparison I mean. They the sphincter, and the dictator do an important job in life. Like it or not, a fact is a fact, and the truth has no agenda! What do these two have in common? I can see people rolling their eyes at this point. The answer is, “Oh no! Not too much, other than similar jobs!!” Being familiar somewhat with both it is easy to draw some quick comparisons, like… “We all know what the sphincter job is because we all have a working one on the job. But we don’t all wish for a dictator to be present in our lives or on the job.” Both demand some use of force, and command and control while they do their jobs. If they are left alone, then all is well to some degree, some will work together, or separately just the same, and with equal efficiency. Both will assume the ideas of being the supreme controller of their world, but both often have an inflated impression of self-worth, as well ego!

The job of the sphincter is not a glamorous one, but necessary one. Through the sphincter flows all kinds of useless debris passing on its way to the dust pan of history. In the times of plenty the sphincter just goes along with the rhythm of life. No worry’s! All is well. But there is times when the responsibility’s of the sphincter is elevated. In the times of plenty more work than usual will be required of the sphincter, and this can lead to an over worked condition. Leading the sphincter to believing that his job is under appreciated. What is a sphincter to do? Like most plans that are put together when one is tiered out from over worked conditions. Most plans sound great at that time, but implementing these plans is the challenge. Starting out thinking that a diplomatic solution as being the best way to go, the sphincter places a list of demands at the door steps of the brain.


The brain said ” absolutely not! I’m the brains of the operation and I will not have it!”

So the sphincter moves onto plan 2. Using a tactic from any good union, the next move is, go on strike! Not saying that unions don’t have their share of good old sphincter’s within their midst, nor am I saying that unions haven’t made some good contributions in life. But these kind of thought gives way to the idea while on strike, lets just hold out for total take over! So it is!! The ideas of becoming a dictator is born.

The sphincter may be successful with the strike, or not depending on political conditions of the times. but the attempt is made. power is the most intoxicating drug in the universe! So true to form, the power-hungry ( or addict ) will make an attempt to grab power. But most of the time this power grab is short-lived because people don’t like to be forced into a situation without leaving them or giving them any choices in the matter but one!

“Your going to like it!!!”

The dictator is just the same as the sphincter, looking for an opportunity’s to place himself into an insignificant but powerful position, that society will not like to live without. That once acquiring this position gives the would be dictator not only the will, but the confidence, for a takeover by force if necessary. Success will lead to a bigger power grab, or even the ultimate power grab of dictatorship! The intoxication of the drug also known as “power”, is to be somewhat like…. the feeling of being a GOD on earth, or a supreme dictator. Truly in the minds of such individuals it is just the same. A God / or a lesser God (like a dictator) still is able to ruler over everything!

In the dictators quest for power, he may try to perform magical tricks, Leading him in collecting greater powers, as well to give the impression that his rule isn’t so bad. Magic like spending mad money on projects that helps his supporters, or even putting money directly into pockets of his supporters. In their eyes he is fantastic, and may move to give even more support to him. Much like the sphincter, he to must at times perform magic trickery to fool body parts that he, and he alone is up for this job of new ruler over the brains. So he performs the trick of resembling, despite the mouths best efforts, in destroying the recognition of a corn on the cob feast! And..” Presto!!”

The dictator has somewhat the same impression, but for both the tricks only last for a short while. Then bigger tricks are needed, And this gives way to even bigger tricks, untill the law of big number catches up to them. No more tricks in their bag! To hang onto the power they have, and continue their intoxication, the use of force is pulled out of the bag! But like I said, people don’t like to be stuck with out a choice in the matter. “Your going to like it!!!” Isn’t choice or a good out look, when you haven’t made the choice yourself.

So like the sphincter, the dictator will also enjoy power for only a short period of time. When societal pressures build up to a point that even the sphincter cannot hold back the pressures any longer, the dictator will ultimately pass through the governmental sphincter, on his way to the dustpan of history.

Moral of the story is if you do not learn from history’s mistakes, then you may find yourself being controlled by a truly human sphincter!

Even though great magic tricks have been preformed in the past like the disappearance of some ears of corn on the cob. Don’t be fooled by the sphincter’s magic trick and their reappearance! The sphincter is just a cheep dictator, an opportunist of chance, but when, it’s all boiled down they’re both the same! In keeping yourself from voting for a human sphincter, recognizing that power is a drug, and changing leadership is just like sending those who have the power in the present, to rehab!! Being up tight with one kind of leader for too long is just constipating!

Being able to believe what you will, say what you will, carry a gun if you must, or improve your talents to unlock your God-given unlimited potential. Along with being able to have a reasonable expectation to life, liberty, and government limited in getting in your way of the pursuit of happiness. Is what it mean to live free in America!

Our government leaders are in service to us ( We the people ). We are never to have been servants to them! A government that barrows any amount of moneys from a foreign government, sells our sovereignty / freedom to them. We must remember the good book says; ” The borrower is a slave to the lender.” So a government that can give you everything, also can take everything from you!

Food for thought through humor.