The good works of Political prostitution

Talk about the war on women. The progressive liberals have given us the feminist movement and the glass ceiling–in general the claim that men have miss treated females for their own gain, or pleasure. Feminists have gone so far as presenting a false narrative of a “War on women” with regards to abortion issues and a woman’s right to choose, as well as other issues. When talking to stanch feminists, usually politically affiliated to the Democratic Party, there seems to be a hatred of men, in general expressed by their rhetoric. They say they would like “equality of the sexes”, yet hammering away, working towards superiority. Using big government as the advantage, the tool, in order to get it, government becomes our Hotel California, (You can check in but you can never leave) the product of our own devices, a reflection of our own slavish selves, a barometer of our own corrupt depravity.

What seems surprising in some high-profile cases, women that are perceived to be in positions of power, like Hillary Clinton, and her best friend Huma Abedin (Anthony Weiner’s wife) are also engaging themselves in political prostitution. At the very least, supporting the willful, deliberate, and stubborn acts of scumbag men, engaged in carless somewhat abusive acts against women. Escaping criticism or being called out for using women as playthings, door mats, belittling them and their existences along the way. Living the stereotype life of the feminist’s complaints from the past.

After losing his job as congressmen, claiming to have kicked the habit, then restarting it again; All the while expecting his wife to stand by her poor choice of a man, yet despite all of his public flaws presenting him as being the best thing since sliced bread…. there stands Anthony Weiner disgraced former Congressmen.

Former Congressmen Anthony Weiner stubbornly stays in the race to become NY city mayor. Anthony Weiner admits to sending more lewd images, texts but vows …

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, told reporters that she loved her husband and had forgiven him.

Why? But had she really? Or had she accepted an open invitation by marriage, accepting, and endure such deliberate behaviors from her husband, for some future considerations of getting her own slice of money, power, fame and fortune, for all the abusive humiliation suffered? How is this empowering, a positive position or positive role model for young women? In essence Huma and Hillary have allowed themselves as a role models; to encourage other young women to a life of servitude, to serve a man in order to gain things, not based on their human potential, talents, personal merit, or ambition, and the ability to work hard in order to get it. But value based on sexually being objectified, sleeping your way to the top with a powerful man, then having to play a part in the impending cover-up.

Is this what women burned their bras for in the 60’s, in support of the feminist movement? Just what does this say about women in this position and their values systems, those values that not only support substandard men into political office, but then don’t even consider that these men will run the country just like they run their personal lives and marriages–without any moral standing.

It proves my point that liberalism supports any depravity for personal gain. It is why liberal Democrat politicians who are caught in some kind of immoral dilemma are unaffected for the most part; depravity equals a résumé enhancement. Perhaps this is the long-term goal of Huma Abedin? Sheepishly standing in public, trying her best in hiding the humiliation of being used, objectified, and embarrassed for and with others for nothing other than a role of being a personal play thing, while hiding those foot prints on her back as Anthony’s uses her as a stepping stool? Why else would anyone endure such harsh slaps of realty not once but…? By standing by his side claiming forgiveness while living the hell she personally has chosen for herself, she is just calculating on how to capitalize on her husband’s depravity as they both move up one run on that powerful political ladder?

In Anthony’s case he uses deceptions, and manipulative misdirection to gain forward momentum. In Huma and Hillary cases each of them excepted being used, exploited,  expecting a win-fall for publicly endured abusive humiliation. Perhaps a political career  like in the case of Hillary, or who knows what the end game is for sure?

The war on women isn’t just being able to choose, yes, or no, on abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy, or arguing who will buy birth control? The war on women is in the degrading use of them, while searching for power. The question is, why is the Democratic Party so accepting of degrading women, using women, objectifying women, wiping their feet on their women’s backs as they step up the political ladder, all the while expecting wives to act as political prostitutes in delivering false support, and reports of why their husbands though flawed, are the perfect candidate for the job? By saying, “we have worked hard with lots of counseling and we have put this behind us now.”

It proves the point, that democrats don’t have any intentions of allowing themselves to be measured publicly for success or failure on values, principles, policies, or moral grounds, but only on “Good Intentions.”

Because the highway to hell is paved by good intentions, political prostitution and the leadership of the Democratic Party and their good works projects, bought and paid for– increasingly by borrowed money; at some point our national debt will be that bright sign on the side of the road held by some if not all Democrat politician’s wife’s that reads “ WELCOME TO HELL HAVE A NICE DAY.”