Quantifying detached irony!

Just what is quantifying detached irony? Isn’t that when you present a position on some social issues as being ( right ) over that, of what your political rivals is presenting, only finding out later that your position was wrong instead? For the most part, there isn’t two rights on any political, or moral issues presented in society’s ideology. No matter what’s popular in the day’s conversations, and no matter the subject matter of it. There is all way’s only one right to any issue if it is truth. Remembering that truth has no agenda. So it has no vested interest in proofing any side to be right, only what is to be true!

The media of the extreme left… no wait… that’s all of todays media for the most part. Have only been supportive of extreme positions as values for the most part with any social issues of the day… Today, or at least those in the most recent of day’s. Todd Akin, Missouri senate candidate, said the other day. The most idiotic statements on rape and abortion of any political leaders out there. The media is falling all over themself’s in trying to tie the statements to Mitt Romney and the GOP as being the party of big moral extremists. Trying to take away everyone’s right to do what ever, on moral grounds. They claim. Using the explanation The republicans are only the party of ” NO!” At the same time the democrats promote a life well lived by being irresponsible. Truly, what is irresponsible is at the same time what they’re covering up as the facts of Obama’s abortion extremism.

It seem to be the wild-eye pro-abortion types with extreme views are accepting partial birth abortions, or late-term abortions as something other than what it is. ” Infanticide ” ! They only hope to confuse the issues while dodging the complex philosophical arguments of just when a conceived human being becomes entitled to the same right, not to be killed as the rest of us in society. Reducing or demoting, or covering up the reality’s of the argument as to just what this types of abortions are really doing and to whom. Hiding behind the issues, and arguing it’s nothing other than a women’s rights issue.

Creating the mythology within the minds of the young, that only people with extreme religious morals, or those who also have patriarchal, paternalistic values, or the weak arguments of some white wild-eyed religious extremists. Who would have everyone believing that a fetus is a child. When every good leftist already knows a fetus is just a bundle of cells.

Abortion is one thing if it is done to protect the “health” of the mother. But for the most part the definition or the redefining of it has been left intentionally unclear. What’s the government’s view of what constitutes protecting the “health” of the mother? What is the view of the government? By clarifying what is, or would be threatening to the mother’s health using clear terms, to then prescribe a late-term / partial birth abortions is and should be the governments regulatory obligations. To the left leaning political types this is just a line not to be crossed in the liberal mind. In essence sacrificing one life in order to preserve the other isn’t good enough. One must alow these procedures just by the reasoning of being able to choose it. As the lone choice in justifying it. But then late-term imply’s the baby could at some point survive on its own with the help of modern medicine. It seem, at the point of partial birth or late-term abortion as procedures, this has moved far beyond reasonable insight of enlightenment. We have moved far beyond a bundle of cells, and closer to the mirrored images though smaller, of ourself’s.

President Obama when he was a senator in the state of Illinois… had different opinion about late-term abortions. He argued….

Obama’s 2008 endorsement of late-term abortion bans also appeared to be in conflict with his support for the Freedom of Choice Act. In 2007, Obama cosponsored the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would strike down restrictions on abortion at the state and federal level. The bill stated that all abortions must be legal before “viability” for any reason and that abortions must be legal until birth if a woman’s health is at risk. FOCA does not contain a definition of “health,” therefore “anything an abortionist says is related to ‘health’ is sufficient,” according to Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee. “A state would not be able to adopt any limiting definition (for example, defining ‘health’ to exclude emotional distress), because that would be to narrow and infringe on the federally guaranteed right which FOCA would establish.  The entire purpose of FOCA is to prohibit any narrowing of the federally guaranteed right — for example, by requiring parental notification, or by refusing to fund abortions.”

Obama even had this to say about the procedure…

There wasn’t any question about what was happening. The abortions were going wrong. The babies weren’t cooperating. They wouldn’t die as planned. Or, as Illinois state senator Barack Obama so touchingly put it, there was “movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead.”

It is no surprise that the democratic party is committed in defending these practices of late-term or partial-birth abortion. Saying as their statement to the facts of any abortions. In 2008, the Democrat Party platform on abortion read this way:

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

The key words in this statement  are ” We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”

Of course this only possible when anyone that draws such conclusions only has deceived themself’s in believing that human rights come from the state, not from the unamiable rights given by our creator, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Democrats take action like sen. Reed. As if to say. ” TO YOUR VALUES REPUBLICANS! ” Actions speak louder than words.

At the outward appearances the democrats have given into the detached irony. Democrats don’t recognize the same rights, and have indeed replaced them with more complicated ones created by man, all the while invoking the notion that God is on their side, rather than the side of their political opponents. Yet they don’t clam publicly the true belief in God. Followed by acting like they do, demonstrating this all the while by their half-hearted actions? At the recent DNC of 2012 the democratic party voted to take God out of their platform. But then there was the public perceptions that was building that democrats were the party of the Godlessness. So then to head this perception off they hastily voted God back into the platform. All this demonstrates is that God is nothing more a tool to their political power quest to fool anyone who believes their distortions of political policy’s. ( In all fairness people who also call themself democrats or supports them at the least, also called for the tropical storm Issac to wash the republicans into the ocean. Then these same people got mad at Gods plan when the storm hit New Orléans. )

A president who feels that those baby’s weren’t cooperating with their planed death at the hands of someone else. Must also feel the same way with regards to grown adults planing someone’s elses death? Why draw a line at all? If all we are looking for is coöperation of the victims! Besides a government that places values on its population as being numbered as useful vs. less useful so as to apply society’s resources properly. With resources being stretched to its limits with regards to nationalized healthcare ( Also known as Obama care/ Obama tax ). These  standards of maximizing resources and redistributing expectations can also be applied to the older people and their preceded value in society. Aren’t they old? Having out lived their usefulness to society as only an increasing cost to the social net? Should those would be victims also coöperate? How far will this culture of death come in search of new victims some day? When all that seem to be reasoned is individuals worth, compared to the over inflated self-worth of those in power?

Radical Abortion Politics – Boze Blog News – MyNorthwest.com http://mynorthwest.com/194/727319/Radical-Abortion-Politics via @mynorthwest

At its core isn’t this social-engineering much like the historical WWII political mindset of the national Nazi party of Germany? Who also placed values of what they saw as who would be useful vs. who would be a wasted effort, a waste of resources. The slippery slope is slippery for a reason….. made even more slippery by detached irony’s?

Thanks to these blog posts and the web page ” Breitbart.com story for the quotes and pictures, and the Boze blog news.

Where are the political songs? Promoting building things out of jello!

What happened to the singing and dancing good times these days? Just as it was not all that long ago, when president Obama thought he could walk on water. Or was that the over inflated opinions that some people had made and confused him with. Just being or claiming to have been a community organizer doesn’t in-title you to your own folklore. I’m sure he was building some of those same thoughts about himself, when he heard those songs being song to him by yesterdays school kids. Sure, you remember those school children, singing to the praises of the soon coming accomplishments of ” Hope and change.” Those yesterday anthems of those hope and change dreams. Where no one’s personal responsibility’s would have to work towards any success. Success was to be distributed to all. You know? All for one and one for all.

Success was the product of government, redistributed, and delivered by roads, and bridges, or even highways to the success hungry. All because of the new world we now live in. After all Obama said. ” You didn’t build that! “  Is success just built-in the factory, in some secret government facility? But it’s coming! So the songs of the youthful singers sang songs of hope and change. The effortless anthems of somethings have to change, but not by my efforts alone. Obama is here!

The thing with singing kids and small children, singing about political campaigns or people. Who are at the same time guided by older people, who see it as their job to creating, and inspiring, a new and young following for the political thought of the day. They will eventually grow up to see the error of their youth if left alone. Or is this nothing more than preparing the next generation, through some brain washing of a sort, so they will not see anything but the dream you weave for them?

Political dictators of oppressive regimes, both past and present have at times used singing children for this very purposes. The similarity to the Obama’s past campaign of 2008, getting kids to sing songs about a man who didn’t do anything politically yet. Opens up some thought as to what, those people that were running the campaign were even thinking?

It is somewhat hypnotic to some degree. Seeing kids singing for the hope and change, as they are defining it. ( Or were they? ) Singing about hope and change, yet not really knowing what it ment, or how it was to impact them later in life.The problem with building dreams into reality’s. It takes work! Hard work for those who want it. Wanting something but not wanting to make an effort is to be child like, just building a building made of jell-o because it’s fun. It doesn’t seem like work at all. The problem with nailing jell-o to the wall is….? It wiggles, and giggles, and then goes splat! So it is the same with defining things openly and personally without guide lines set by the one who is presenting them in the first place. Mostly without the politician saying exactly what he or she is meaning, or clearly saying. Building a life based on unclear dishonest political presentations, is like building your life success, trying to nailing jell-o to the wall. It can be fun for a while. But then after a while getting no where fast, it to becomes frustrating. When you leave people to vote for, and expect each of their dreams to come true with that vote. Even when everyone has a different definition of ” Hope and change.” You will affect confidence.

Saying little to nothing, and saying it in a way so people can draw different conclusions of their own, is the gift to a really good politician. But! This opens the door for diversion, deception, and divisions to set into the people’s mind-set of the country. Not the most positive future to present while using these tactics. People who knowingly helping the politician, who would play with honesty, by redefining it to fit their own definitions and their dreams of it. Are no different then the politician, dishonest scoundrels.

Where are the campagne adds that are pushing the new crack cocaine of ” Hopeum “? Where are these hollywood stars?  Are these stars just guilty of some kind of dishonesty, to themself’s, and others alike?

In this campaign, in Obama’s relection efforts, where are the singing and dancing trained kids of yesterday? They have had almost 4 years to practice and become even more indoctrinated, with the power of hope and change. But some how, this time around the hype of singing kids are a negative to the campaign. Why aren’t there child like new songs about those roads of success. Or are they just a new liability, all to similar to yesterdays repressive regimes?

Politics are mostly presenting a vision of something that isn’t real. Creating a dream like state, all so voter’s would just alow their dream to clouding their minds to that point, and then vote for it. Often this ends up to be disappointment to the tenth degree. That’s the problems with visions. It is the dream, of two different extreme dreamers presenting to each other, their vision of pure honest dishonesty. Vote for hope and change?

Truth is. Politics is just slight of hand for the most part. Dictators both past and present count on the people not following the bouncing ball, in gaining their power. Once in power it is important to guide the youthful mind down a pathway of accepting what is put in front of you as being great. Even when it is a product of inferior quality. Is that where the phrase of. ” Tastes like chicken. ” came from. The need to fool the young foolish mind into excepting an imitations of lesser quality, as being the same?

Well the question still is…. where are the singing kids this time out president Obama? Where are all of those ideas of hope and change, and the youth, now some 4 years older, cheering you on?

For a president who had a democratic congress for 2 years out of the last 4. Who still has crazy friends who will do everything you ask of them ( Harry Reid ). Why is it that you still have the need of blaming the present problems on the presidents of the past like Bush? At some time you have to stop and listen to the hope and change groove yard hits of the past. Asking your self, ” How is it we were so popular, to have kids singing like this to me. Me! Of all people. ”  Wake up! The problem with the drug of Hopeum! Is when you come back to reality. It isn’t the same way as when your were high on it.

We deserve truthful policies of honest intent, on just how we are going to fix all of the problems from past, as well as the ones in the present. America deserves better than any presidents pushing, failed policy’s as their version of hope and change. After the present day is over and we move into the next day of our tomorrow’s future. You ( president Obama ) will be in the past just like ( President Bush ) who came before you. Therefore using your strategy, can we blame you for all of the present problems of 16 trillion debt and growing?

After all you said., about president Bush        ” Borrowing money from the bank of China to spend money we don’t have is… un-patriotic! ”   quote by Obama.

But I guess singing kids cover-up all of those past pains? Music covers up everything so it seems. Making the past and the present un-patrioticness disappear as long as the music is still playing. When it ends, is when we can see you Mr. president and reality clearly. Where are the political songs?

The word is out Harry Reid is ready for retirement

Is Harry Reid out of control? Or is he just insane, out of touch, cold and calculating? It is obvious that he doesn’t care for any thing other than himself and the democrat party victories over republican party ones. In so much as he wants victories for democrats at all costs. He is willing to do or say what ever it takes. What appears, to be his opinion, and political mindset. The country, or what is perceived in the best interest for the country. As the attitude that screams out. Country be damned! He has the mind-set along with others like him, that they knows better than anyone else. So then to lie, deceive or telling lies, or having the willingness to say or do anything to promote the victory. It’s just politics!

Hate the game not the player. Must certainly be the rule for such politicians. Up untill they are having their ass handed to them. Then they cry like baby’s. ” How unfair. Or.. That’s a lie! Suddenly they have, a come to Jesus moment, and know what morals are again.

In front of congress Harry Reid got up and stated. ” The word is out that Mit Romney hasn’t paid his taxes for 10 years! ” The word is out Harry? What or who is giving you this miss information? Is the Obama campaign feeding the pig politician in you? Getting you to say what ever they want you to say? Only to excuse themself in saying. ” Harry Reid is his own man. “

Be a man Harry Reid! Tell some truth for once! Have some class! Harry has all the answers, given in the one finger style. Hay truth…. he gives the one finger to truth. ” Truth is what I say it is! ”

It is plain to say that politics is dirty, and full of lies. But then if one is so blatantly caught in a lie shouldn’t we the people, or at least our representatives be held to a standard being able to call them out as such? ” You Lie!!! ” I seem to remember a guy that said to the president. ” You lie. ” Then was made to apologize for a truthful statement. To lie is one thing but to then fabricate a dishonest story like the word is out….. ( where anything then can fill in the blank is a lie or is it? ) as the completion to the story. Why is that acceptable to anyone at all? This manure-spreader we call Harry Reid is just the type of politician that term limits would control. But then Harry Reid would just give the middle finger to the suggestion.

I have come to believe that Harry Reid is out of control, diabolical, evil, and in his own words. ” The word is out. ” That he makes all of his money on prostitution. That makes him a pimp! Do we need a pimp in office? Or the word is out that Harry Reid beats his wife and little kids, and dogs! Or the word is out that Harry Reid escaped a mental institution and is hiding in plain sight. This is the word that is flying around the world of all who will engage in playing the political game of ” THE WORD IS OUT! ”

When you dance in the cow pasture. Except getting some cow dung on your shoes Harry Reid. If you try to explain it away, as the new hope and change of transparent government that is honest. Remember it is cow dung your playing with, you dung-beetle. Deceptive political games, or some political theater at best, designed to deceive. I would hope you remember that liars never figure, and figures of fact never lie. It is time this politician is permanently retired from the game of dishonest politics.

We need politicians who are willing to do more for the country and the future people who will be affected by their rules and laws that they created, net a-loan pass. Recognizing that they themself’s must also abide by these same laws. Most importantly they must certainly see they have far fewer years to live then the youth that they are all to willing to screw over, and deceive. All in the name of politics, winner takes all. Running the country shouldn’t be a game of ” HELL”S IDOLS ” a game of scams, scoundrels, suckers, lies, liars, and the award-winning deceptions they present.

Reid: “Word is out” Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years – CBS News Video http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7416956n

Give It A Rest Harry Reid! http://thefrogprince.hubpages.com/hub/ReidandDraconian

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