God’s of “Chalk” dressed in black.

Judge Howard M. Shore’s courtroom seems to be full of ceremonial vandals, people dressed in black; these days Judges seem to be attacking our constitution from the bench. Attacking the very foundation that was to be one of Governments most precious founding principles, empowering individuals to have and to enjoy freedom, with no fear of governments taking away their God-given rights, in addition to enjoy their lives with limited government.

Today the trial began in the case of a San Diego man who is being charged with 13 counts of vandalism for writing anti-big-bank-slogans with water-soluble children’s chalk on the sidewalk outside of three Bank of America branches in Mid-City.

Judge Shore granted a motion to prohibit Olson’s attorney from mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial. Judge Shore ruling sighted a state “Vandalism Statute” that apparently does not mention First Amendment rights. Judge Shore apparently places his judgeship’s power, as a gift given to him by the state government, as being greater in this case than to the federally guaranteed constitution, and bill of rights. Individual rights like free speech; whether this free speech is expressed in words out in the open, or in public, or expressed in a non-Permanente medium such as words written in chalk, was not his place to place judgment in the way as he did ordering the exclusion of the terms–free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial.

Judge Shore’s mind-set had already decided sidewalk chalk is far to dangerous of an expression to allow it to continue. Over looking that it was written on a sidewalk owned by the public, not by any person or corporate entity. He could have just as easily laugh at the case and then thrown it out? You know…using some common sense?

Let that sink in for a moment. You can burn an American flag; march with signs expressing the death of a sitting president (at least this was the case while President Bush was in office), or make movies of the same, no matter if you’re expressing yourself by the written word or in pictorial, you can attempt to shut down a privet business by protesting it–shouting at customers as they attempt to shop there. But Liberals count that as free speech / freedom of expression / or an artistic expression…etc. But should you use water-soluble chalk that can easily be washed off of any side-walk, using words against a Bank who received government bailout money in order to survive, well that’s considered unacceptable or vandalism; a type of “Vandalism” worthy of stripping the freedom of expression, and free speech from those who choose to use chalk as their medium at least?

What is next? Are children playing with chalk on city sidewalks now having to answer to the law? Will we need to re educate them to proper sidewalk chalk usage?

In this nation where the use of chalk on the sidewalk is now being considered as “Vandalism” and having the potential and possibility of punishment, perhaps a prison sentence? Our nations leaders are now seemingly becoming energized with a zealots zeal to protect the public  from itself while preserving their own power,  yet they are paralyzed to engage in deportation proceedings of an illegal alien caught sneaking across our countries boarders. Refusing to see that the publics safety is being placed at risk, at the same time acting as if chalk writing is the end all in public risk?

I wonder what would happen to any illegals, if they chose to express themselves against deportation in chalk? Prison sentences? Or an offering of a wet-nap napkin, so they can clean their hands and be then sent along their way?

Where is the common sense in all of this? What is potentially more detrimental to society…chalk…or spray paint vandalism, or ________? (You can fill in the blank)

In another case, Mackinney v. Nielsen 69 F.3d 1002 (9th Cir.1995), a court ruled that use of chalk was not considered vandalism. The law was later changed to define vandalism as defacement “with graffiti or other inscribed material.” Chalk fits this perfectly? Considering it disappears with rain, or man-made rain. Wouldn’t you like it if Graffiti would disappear off your building, homes fencing so effortlessly, so easily? Damn Chalk! Someone needs to make a law?

Liberals didn’t like the outcome of that case so they changed the law. The law now so vaguely defined that children using chalk to make hop-scotch squares to play could be considered criminals, menaces to society, or vandals depending on the definitions of the offended. Written words shouldn’t be considered “Graffiti” simply because someone disagrees with those words and their meanings, even if they are written in chalk claiming defacement of property. With no difference in degree of defacement to how hard it is to clean up, but defacement the same, akin to someone using spray-paint to Graffiti someone’s building or egging someone’s property, or toilet papering someone’s house, yard, and trees?

We are slowly becoming a society where common sense is going extinct within the legal systems judgments, causing a rapid erosion of our rights guaranteed by our founding as God-given. These same rights aren’t being upheld or protected at all costs by our government or its legal system, but now are openly attacked. We are seeing the constitution and the bill of rights actively vandalized by black-robed political activists, using a majority rule mentality and personal interpretations of the founder’s intent. Politicians and judges are shaping public opinions according to their social engineering models within their own minds. Their decisions seem to be in line with political acquaintances, friends, partners, and co-collaborators, and the religion of populism. Whose God and goals and worship seem to be unfettered power for themselves. In other words, “Tyranny”! Tyranny is never experienced by those in power. So the powerful embrace tyranny as the means to stay in power, to remain above the law, beyond having to comply too it, permanently positioned as if they were God’s of society that can do no wrong.

To these power-hungry people, the written word of disagreement in chalk or on any sidewalk, billboard, or even books, must be stopped at all costs. What must be stopped is instead, people who would hold the constitution in the same light as being just as easily eroded away and destroyed, as chalk words on a sidewalk during a rain storm. Because it opposes their demand for the public to worship, to comply to “Tyrannical leadership”.

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Inaugural address 2013, the roadway to success.

We have come to embrace an atmosphere of political slogans, in an attempt to bridge a great divide of our own making. Healing a nation of its fiscal woes, requires more than the hollow empty building blocks of red-meat rhetoric, class division or the tactics of crisis management, in addition to bureaucratic bullying. There is no strength in the collective building of a house of cards mortgaged by excessive debt, firmly placed on the foundations of excessive spending and the economic limitations of farther increased taxation. The indifference of attitude in only paying the interest on that debt, without ever having a financial plan or a resolve, in making payments towards payment in full ending this debt, is not success! The use of re-imagined optics of rose-colored glasses, as the only political presentations to fresh new visions of this nation’s future, is nothing short of total blinding fantasy. An over use of political theater, an attitude of never let a crisis go to waste, has built a plethora of maligning, defaming, tarnishing, or even slandering the opposition to the charlatans mythology of political repair. The divisionist adventure over that roadway to success, that is just beyond that  bridge to nowhere.

In that failed attempt in bridging our divide through subservience compliance, these over inflated self-impressionists of political power, has also led us to sail the new winds of change, voiced through unrealistic demands of compromise. They demand, in order to get along you must go along! Efforts in erasing political values and principles which have given us our two-party systems as our form of government, accomplishes nothing but an unopposed abusive government. An effort to erect a redistributionist political rule, while also allowing their opposition to suffer the brainwashed public’s sting of frustration through yet another failed negotiation. This is what has been accepted as new and innovative leadership, visions of greatness through the managed decay of hope and change.

Leadership of hysterics, whose policies of solving one problem by guaranteeing the next crisis, isn’t leadership! But politics that is paving the way for an ever-growing government with a diminished values system of the smallest minority, the individual! This is that infamous slippery slope towards command and control loss of liberty.

The use of executive orders has become totally abusive of that power granted to the president’s office by the people of the United States. A grotesque methodology in by-passing congress, with nonchalance, hinting of mischief, by the highest office of the land. Our nation seems to be losing its grasp and understanding of the genius, of the separation and co-equal powers within our three branches of government.

We have today a totally greedy government that places no obstacles in its pathway to self-control. But have embraced corruption, in order to gain reelection.  With representations by our representatives, whose interests now days are in seeking out or locating, as well as creatively amplifying, distractions, in the hopes of manipulating the public mind-set? It is no surprise as a nation that we have loss the abilities of the use of debate, creative thinking, or the application of critical thinking in finding solutions to our present problems without recreating future problems of crises. It’s no surprise that we all have forgotten those famous words….” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” JFK. Replacing these words with distortions of what are the federal government’s responsibilities, in relations to the state government responsibilities, even down to individual responsibilities. Government presents itself as the answer for all things, in exchange for these governmental answers; they erode liberty slowly like an acid drip.

We have clothed our self’s within a modern atmosphere of greed, for some individuals have exchanged uncertain outcomes in the pursuit of unlimited success, for instantaneous security while avoiding personal responsibility. Are we then exchanging our present day perceived security within an environment of greatly diminished future liberty; notwithstanding an increase of corruption in that day? Can the constitution and the freedoms that our founding fathers hoped to provide for all times as self-evident truths, withstand the growth, exponentially so, of the government without also greatly impacting what abilities we all have in our own pursuits of happiness, while enjoying our God-given rights? Can the state of corruption in this government also co-exist with the oath of office, to preserve and protect from all foreign and domestic enemy’s, those God-given rights; or will it seek to remove and replace those God-given rights with a Government who sees itself as a co-equal with God, seeking to dispense redefined rights?

Perhaps it is time to ponder Gorge Washington’s words… “Government is evil, but a necessary evil.”

No real surprise then why our wise founding fathers sought to create a government, of three branches of co-equal powers, in the hopes to control to the best of their ability’s, the human nature of evil within us all.  It is when we as a nation act with indifference to this knowledge, refusing to fight its effects within ourselves personally and only embrace this power for our own good. That history will have repeated itself. The only true light of liberty will have then been extinguished.

I hope the words of Ronald Reagan will never come true…..” Any nation in history that also has had liberty, and freedom only to have lost it, has never at any time regained it again.”

We are looking towards our leadership to lead by example; to present a persuasive argument of conservative limited government, making slow but calculated measured moves, for what is truly in the nations best interest. As being far better than doing the un-necessary three times fast, hurdling from one crisis to the next crisis, sowing the seeds of destruction through the policies of uncontrolled tax and spend, as the best leadership possible within a managed decay?