A changing hope party! Or the best ” Common purpose ” money can buy.

Democrats have little to run on other than politics of division. Because the hope and change that never took hold except in the minds of the mesmerized. Gone are the tears of joy for the new-found ” Hope and change “! Long last all of the tears are wiped away, with the ideas for any hope, or even any changing of a government being more transparent, or a workable giant for common good. Built on ginormous debts and out of control spending. The Democrats policy’s despite a questionable intent, never materialized in a noticeable recovery in the economy. Leaving the country exhausted with politics of over promises and under deliver policy’s, with little effect on the social problems other than increasing the division.

It is therefore disillusionment more than anger that represents the president’s most formidable adversary. The Democrats division among themself’s represented in the question they ask of themself’s. Just what way to go politically now, in order to defeat the Republicans fueled by the ground swell of the ” Tea Party “? Something they didn’t see coming on the political horizon.

With the rise of the tea party movement that turned back the president’s army in Congress. In affect stopping, or at least slowing president Obama’s hope for a fundamental change. The change, being a redistribution of political ideas by changing the country from the mindless hope of the radical left, into changing America into some socialistic utopia, through give-aways for the mindless.

Raises the question. ” How much are your present day freedoms worth to you. If you were to sell them to the highest bidder? As for Snow Globe Politics…. Freedoms worth over a command and total control style government is…… ” More than money can buy! ”

“What has also been lost is our sense of common purpose,” candidate Obama said four years ago, “and that’s what we have to restore.”

I suppose that’s why Mr. Obama said. ” You didn’t build that! ” As his misguided view of deconstructing that what was built from our founding, into his sense of common purpose?

Easy for the president to say. It sounds so good. Just another empty thought, open for different interpretation depending on the political slant you may have. Mr. Obama never really explains the ideas behind his statement, but leaves it open for all to draw their own conclusions. Besides it also plants the smallest seed of a belief that the other political power party ( the GOP ) is wrong while presenting the democrats as being right. Remembering the comparisons made, when candidate Obama was also compared to Jesus. Being a community organizer and all?

Just a slight-of-hand way to also give an impression  I suppose. No different in saying Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes, or he is responsible for letting a women die from cancer. It does leave an impression on the mind of people who only listen to the head lines, then convince themself’s they know everything in the story as facts.

In deciding who to go with this election. Obama and 4 more years of the same? Or something new? You Know what Obama said about Bush…Um…Taking out a credit card from the bank of China, and spending 4 trillion dollars as being unpatriotic, plain Un-American. Where does that leave Mr. Obama and his 5 + trillion in spending? Just presenting an example, no different then always eating the same food then. Judging everything from the view of the reflection in the mirror, he can then practice saying.  ” My policy’s and actions are then in the same way unpatriotic, Un-American! ”

In truly changing the status quo of our government and that of it’s over spending way’s. We may try electing Mitt Romney? Assuming that Mittens will get tough on the political battles of the future. All for getting to that dream like utopia of a long over due Balanced Budget without compromising principles!

By ones own definitions and spending habits Obama has spent 5.8 trillion dollars in a shorter time than President Bush spent his 4 trillion. So who do you trust with the next 4 years as the president, net alone the country’s purse strings? Who of the two presidential hopeful’s presents political policy’s based on honesty over distraction, division, and dishonest representations?

The unproven Mitt Romney? ( despite the fact he has more experiences then president Obama did when he was first elected. )

Or the unpatriotic, un-American spend-thrift Mr. Obama? ( by his own words also believes that we…” lost our sense of common purpose,” Was that the common purpose of spending the country into oblivion? )

One of these presidential hopeful’s has the purpose of keeping America a country in good standing and with a good credit rating, as close as we can to our founding. The other is hoping to redefine common purpose by collective salvation through redistributionistic ways. Spending our children’s futures on today changing hope party!

In deciding this November, your vote will decide what future we and our children will live in?!

Corporate free speech? Unpopular expression?

Do boycott’s ever work? How do we know if one works? Maybe for a day or two, but really, do they work? People have been boycotting Wal-Mart for years on and off now. Seem like that it hasn’t had much an affect. Untill huge crowds of hungry people descended down on the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich shops all over the country today. What were these people trying to saying? No one is going to boycott my values! Perhaps? Or was this in a large way a political warning of sorts? Expressing public opinion of dissatisfaction will bully politics. Most people went to Chick-fil-A to get their food fix, while show support against mayor’s Raham Emanuel, and Tom Menio comments. Comments made in a way that made it look like that government or at least local governments didn’t approve of Christian values, expressed by Chick-fil-A’s  CEO. The mayors comments were mostly, anti religious values, anti free speech, anti free markets if any one wishes to examine them closer.

Picture provided by Mike Broomhead twitter-pics. Mike is a news talk show host 550 KFYI 4-7 PM Phoenix AZ. out side of Chick-fil-A

The reaction was somewhat over whelming. Some Chick-fil-A’s were reported to run out of breakfast food at 9:00 AM. So they went straight to serving lunch meals. Lines were reported to be as long as 1/4 mile in length. “It was just crazy support.” Some people tweeted while waiting their turn. Even Wendy’s was reported to have a message on a their billboard that said. ” We recommend going to chick-fil-A. ” also reported by tweeters. ( no such pictures were however tweeted at the time of writing this post.)

Some supporters of Gay life styles, were expressing a dislike while on talk-show radio shows. Expressing their dislike for corporations like Chick-fil-A who express an opinion towards social issues of the day. They feel that corporation shouldn’t have an opinion to express, because of a fear of unleashing unlimited amounts of money to sway public opinions. I suppose these people have chosen to over look the huge amount of cash given by Amazon’s CEO, to support gay rights issues. Or maybe they have over looked Home Depot’s, and Starbuck’s, favorable opinion of gay rights. Amazon Founder Donates MILLIONS To Gay Marriage Support! http://shar.es/vsBol via @perezhilton

What is exactly the problem with corporations expressing an opinion. The liberal left has argued recently that corporations aren’t people. Yet when a CEO says something they disagree with, then suddenly we must control corporations free expression as if they were people. Just because someone is the CEO, CFO, Or a corporate leader, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to express their personal opinions ( political, religious, or other wise ). Making an opinion known while being a leader isn’t speaking out on the believes of the corporation. Remember things don’t have thoughts or opinions to express, people do. On the other hand if our political counter parts ( like mayors, governors, senators, presidents ) who are just as much in the role of leadership of the biggest organisation of people, no different then any corporate organisations is in the country. Then these people should be controlled to these same standards as well. Lead by example, not by some decree! Freedom of expression, or even support, weather by donations, or donations of moneys, or by public speeches given. Is what makes this country great.

We used to have some moral values, along with a willingness to freely express them. No matter how unpopular they were. Now days we have sides of opinions willing to curtail those freedoms for everyone else. While certain sides are relieving themself’s from excepting any responsibility’s in the same way for themself’s. That’s more like the attitudes of.. ” Winner take all “. Or like.. ” You can say anything you want to, as long as I agree with it first “.

Is it because now days people lack the insight or ability to present an idea through the art of persuasion, within the free idea market place of ideas? In the minds of people.

I think the liberal Democrats of the left have had their chance, to look to what their harvest is going to be like in this November’s election. After all. If this is any insight to a voter turnout. Then they should plainly see…. After all of those ideas born of lies, deception, manipulations, massaging truth, re-shaping public opinions through name calling, or making excuses for when all of the above hasn’t worked out as expected. Plainly! Be carefull for what you hope for. Hope and change? May finely be coming your way like a run away bullet train.