Thought blizzard’s world-wide arrival

Greetings to the world of blogging. Hope you all are ready for Thought Blizzards ( Snow globe politics )? Yes this is where we will present ideas, opinions, views, and yes some attitudes about religion and politics. Despite that these subjects are volatile explosives of a sort. ( The non violent kind of explosives that is. ) Just talking about such subjects leads to many arguments among people. Not looking for any arguments, but not shying away from them either. Rather looking for truth. As long as your ideas of truth doesn’t lead anyone, or yourself in trying to prove any agendas. Then this is an open-minded place of expression, freely extended to all. With only one rule….” The truth has no agenda! Simply, it is or it isn’t!

This isn’t an attempt at changing anyones religion conversions, religious traditions, or non religious believes. That is all alright by me. What ever you wish to believe in. Even if it is a believe in the great meatball God in the north sky. As some guy presented to me in passing. Believe in what you wish, as long as we have some things in common…. The search of the truth!

With policy’s that may be different from each other, we can celebrate those differences and views. Just the impact of the blizzard of snow within the snow globe politics of the day. We should be able to air out our grievances or differences of opinion, listening to each side, as well as being able to present our own side. Expecting nothing other than an open ear, and respect of each other. Hopefully we then can recognize that the current politics of the day is always moving like a stirring motion. No need to shake it up! We aren’t making salad dressing, mixing oil and vinegar. We however are mixing political and religious ideas ( separately of course, or at times together ) in search of truth, all the while preserving liberty, and freedoms for all times, present day and into the future.

The death of reason is the birth of resentment for all!

The idea of truth, as well as presenting it, may just as well be the shaking factor in Snow globe politics. Welcome then to the thought blizzards, snow globe politics.