Corporate free speech? Unpopular expression?

Do boycott’s ever work? How do we know if one works? Maybe for a day or two, but really, do they work? People have been boycotting Wal-Mart for years on and off now. Seem like that it hasn’t had much an affect. Untill huge crowds of hungry people descended down on the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich shops all over the country today. What were these people trying to saying? No one is going to boycott my values! Perhaps? Or was this in a large way a political warning of sorts? Expressing public opinion of dissatisfaction will bully politics. Most people went to Chick-fil-A to get their food fix, while show support against mayor’s Raham Emanuel, and Tom Menio comments. Comments made in a way that made it look like that government or at least local governments didn’t approve of Christian values, expressed by Chick-fil-A’s  CEO. The mayors comments were mostly, anti religious values, anti free speech, anti free markets if any one wishes to examine them closer.

Picture provided by Mike Broomhead twitter-pics. Mike is a news talk show host 550 KFYI 4-7 PM Phoenix AZ. out side of Chick-fil-A

The reaction was somewhat over whelming. Some Chick-fil-A’s were reported to run out of breakfast food at 9:00 AM. So they went straight to serving lunch meals. Lines were reported to be as long as 1/4 mile in length. “It was just crazy support.” Some people tweeted while waiting their turn. Even Wendy’s was reported to have a message on a their billboard that said. ” We recommend going to chick-fil-A. ” also reported by tweeters. ( no such pictures were however tweeted at the time of writing this post.)

Some supporters of Gay life styles, were expressing a dislike while on talk-show radio shows. Expressing their dislike for corporations like Chick-fil-A who express an opinion towards social issues of the day. They feel that corporation shouldn’t have an opinion to express, because of a fear of unleashing unlimited amounts of money to sway public opinions. I suppose these people have chosen to over look the huge amount of cash given by Amazon’s CEO, to support gay rights issues. Or maybe they have over looked Home Depot’s, and Starbuck’s, favorable opinion of gay rights. Amazon Founder Donates MILLIONS To Gay Marriage Support! via @perezhilton

What is exactly the problem with corporations expressing an opinion. The liberal left has argued recently that corporations aren’t people. Yet when a CEO says something they disagree with, then suddenly we must control corporations free expression as if they were people. Just because someone is the CEO, CFO, Or a corporate leader, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to express their personal opinions ( political, religious, or other wise ). Making an opinion known while being a leader isn’t speaking out on the believes of the corporation. Remember things don’t have thoughts or opinions to express, people do. On the other hand if our political counter parts ( like mayors, governors, senators, presidents ) who are just as much in the role of leadership of the biggest organisation of people, no different then any corporate organisations is in the country. Then these people should be controlled to these same standards as well. Lead by example, not by some decree! Freedom of expression, or even support, weather by donations, or donations of moneys, or by public speeches given. Is what makes this country great.

We used to have some moral values, along with a willingness to freely express them. No matter how unpopular they were. Now days we have sides of opinions willing to curtail those freedoms for everyone else. While certain sides are relieving themself’s from excepting any responsibility’s in the same way for themself’s. That’s more like the attitudes of.. ” Winner take all “. Or like.. ” You can say anything you want to, as long as I agree with it first “.

Is it because now days people lack the insight or ability to present an idea through the art of persuasion, within the free idea market place of ideas? In the minds of people.

I think the liberal Democrats of the left have had their chance, to look to what their harvest is going to be like in this November’s election. After all. If this is any insight to a voter turnout. Then they should plainly see…. After all of those ideas born of lies, deception, manipulations, massaging truth, re-shaping public opinions through name calling, or making excuses for when all of the above hasn’t worked out as expected. Plainly! Be carefull for what you hope for. Hope and change? May finely be coming your way like a run away bullet train.

Chicago values? Out-of-control hate or Just anti Christianity, pro violation of First Amendment.

Recently the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel expressed through his comments that he has, a certain dislike for Christianity’s moral values. In response to one of Chick-fil-A’s CEO who openly thinks that same-sex marriage is wrong. Expressing personal views of supporting traditional marriage of one man, and one women. This sparked a controversial response by the mayor Rahm Emanuel and his counter part mayor Tom Menio of Boston.

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,” Emanuel said recently.

Rahm Emanuel, In case you haven’t notices Our founders intended. Freedom of religion, not from religion!

Eradicating bigotry is a personal mission or so it seems to be for mayor Emanuel. It known as a liberal left idea, in finding some minority group to present as needed for gaining support, for some political gains. Then presented as groups of people needing protection, provided for by the government. Claiming because of some hatred, or hate towards these kinds of minority’s, or unfairness towards them as a whole. As their reasoning behind their support. Yet at the same time implementing these same tactics of hate towards the population that has a difference of opinion as a whole. Doesn’t he realize that in that process he also exchanges one kind of bigotry for another?

“You can please some of the people some of the time. But you cannot please all of the people all of the time.” unknown

When you consider the first amendment which allows for the protection of offensive speech ( Offensive defined by whom? A governmental definition, deciding for the population? The first amendment is for someone who would choose to speaks out against the government.) For non offensive speech needs no protections, by its nature It is non-offensive. For Emanuel to step into the fray, expressing by his personal bigoted opinions as some values he has. Supporting changing popular values to fit his own. Is a misuse of governmental powers. But then Emanuel has also believed.. ” Never let a crises go to waste.”

says Glenn Greenwald at Salon. “You can’t cheer when political officials punish the expression of views you dislike and then expect to be taken seriously when you wrap yourself in the banner of free speech to protest state punishment of views you like and share.”That is a direct assault on Christianity,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “That is a direct assault on Christians, with economic punishment thrown in,  including threats from government officials that are in direct violation of the  Constitution.”

Wilson Huhn, a professor and associate director of the Constitutional Law Center
at The University of Akron School of Law, told Fox News that denying the
restaurant the right to locate in Chicago “absolutely” violates the First
Amendment. “It would be an open and shut case,” Huhn told Fox News. “You can’t
do that. They cannot be denied a zoning permit based upon the viewpoint of their

ACLU Backs Chick-fil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban via @Newsmax_Media,

As of yet I personally haven’t heard anyone from the Chicago area speak out with the support of Rahm Emanuel’s over his inflated opinions. The fact of the matter is no one is speaking out against other religious faiths that also have a stance against same-sex mirages. Like the Muslim religious faith, just to name one of the many. Mayor Tom Menio of Boston seem to support just one of these kinds of spiritual guides, from the Islāmic society of Boston. But also joins in with blasting Christian values on marriage.

When it comes to so-called Christian religious leaders of Chicago like Jeremiah Wright; who said ” HIV was created by the government to kill black people. ” or a religion like the muslim faith who looks differently towards gay life style and the people who choose to live it. Why is it your responsibility in deciding which believe to attack? Then do so without any equivalence to those opinions, attitudes, policy’s, or danger to the community as a whole?

Radical imam OK but not Chick-fil-A – .

Imam Yusef Al-Qaradawi Has said and called homosexuality a ” crime that must be punished by death?” This kind of public statement is acceptable? While supporting marriage of one man and one women is not? For some reason the Obama administration and Rahm Emanuel ( who was a part of the Obama administration for a time) and countless others of like-minded people in government. Never seem to find themself on a collision course disagreeing with Islāmic faiths, or their extreme believes of extreme believers. But Christianity seem to be fair game to attack with vitriol.

With murder rates skyrocketing in Chicago ( 275 homicides this year, up to the time of writing this blog post.) up some 38% compared to New York. Where murders are down 17% from last year. Doesn’t seem like any change is a-foot. Doing little to nothing in presenting some change, or some values, or principles or policy’s to uphold true change in the city? Gang violence along with Emanuel seems out of control. Emanuel seem only interested in trying to school these thugs using strong words of telling them ” leave our kids alone!” But then he also uses the strong language towards Christians with. ” These are not Chicago values. ” Strong words like these seems to do little to change anything other than make people mad. Showing just how hate filled mayor Emanuel is, and how willing he is to trample the constitution of the United States of America!

When you throw into the mix that Chicago is a gun free zone. This kind of leadership is laughable. To no greater degree then Emanuel’s forgetfulness that this is a nation for the most part with some kind of Christian values and believes. We have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion that Emanuel and his allies would impose on this country. His kind of thinking shows a lack of value for protecting the people of Chicago from true violent crime and hatreds of one gang towards another.  Are the law-abiding people going to be left to be caught in the cross fire? And are the Christians / religious believers of any religion, to quietly just go away because of your opposition to selective religion?

I suppose when you hate one group over another. Telling the other group to stop hating only shows that your out of touch with reality. Besides how is it possible to find hate with a disagreement of personal believes, moral values, political values or policy’s, that are different to your own. People who have plastic wrap thin skin, and are easily offended. Need to know there is no need for any government involvements to relieve them from such offence. Being offended needs no protections. Just turn and walk away. Disagreement doesn’t constitute hatred. Other wise we all are out-of-control haters!