Then there were unplanned political funny’s

When having the national Obamacare debate can there be any amusing observations that can be brought to light?? Have you even tried to call the Obamacare hot line? Just to see how much, if any differences or impact it may have on your family? Come on! Life is supposed to be fun-filled, amusing, interesting, and at times down right funny. As long as you look in the right direction, just passed all of the lies and distractions and at the right times, then you too can see the fun and funny, the “FUN” instead of the “FU” in all of it? But still at other times there just things that come up as a flukes, aka. “Poetic Justice.”

Take the Obamacare national hot-line phone number for instance. The number provided for by the department of Health and Human Services, that number is 1-800-318-2596.

People oftentimes look for words to make it easier for people to remember those phone numbers. Using the numbers on the phone-pad and those correspond letters–the number 3 is then also is an “F.” The number 1 doesn’t have any assigned letters, but the number 8 is a “U.” There’s a couple other letters, they both match up perfectly for what you might imagine as humor coming through the political foggy haze right about now.

Using the tweeting, Facebook hooking, and texting shorthand of the day, the 9 and the 6 spells out “YO” or what could also be “YOU”.

So the entire thing becomes 1-800-F—-Y0.

A slip-up by the administration? Or just some under paid government worker having some fun? Or could it be that Mr. Obama is sending a subliminal message of what he really thinks is fundamentally changing…. People are starting to see through his veiled distractions and crises, seeing through all of those bumps in the road created by his lies–so Obama becoming unhappy, down right pissed-off, because people are keeping him from socialist success, Mr. Obama may have even picked those numbers? A kind of socialist lotto number, though a losing ticket.

Or on the lighter side of things… just maybe a Freudian slip-up?

Facing the elephant trunk-on, fairness becomes less of a motto to follow.

As if the media world isn’t snorting liberal amounts of political cocaine these days? So what if the Koch brothers buy the LA Times? Yet half of the entire staff at the Times said they would quit if the Koch Brothers would buy the Times. A type of career suicide is preferable, then living, or working for an owner who is politically at odds with the working staff? Now, is there any question to how far left leaning the media is with their political stance? If you were to quit over a political difference to the ownership’s stance, how are you unbiased? How is your reporting not going to reflect your political agenda? So much for fair, balanced, and unbiased reporting in the media system of today? Seems funny when the liberal-minded progressives in the media and politics are always shouting about something that is unfair, or some need of fairness within our society, that never seems to apply when they have a perceived unfair advantage?

Whining and crying about fairness, when being fair, isn’t a motto that the left follows, seems childish, and petty. But a tactic to sway the emotional feelings, as well the support of people that are at best, paying half the attention necessary or required in being able to understand the issues, then voting for liberal policies in the end is the goal.

 At a Los Angeles Times in-house awards ceremony a week ago, columnist Steve Lopez addressed the elephant in the room.

Speaking to the entire staff, he said, “Raise your hand if you would quit if the paper was bought by Austin Beutner’s group.” No one raised their hands.

“Raise you hand if you would quit if the paper was bought by Rupert Murdoch.” A few people raised their hands.

Facing the elephant trunk-on, “Raise your hand if you would quit if the paper was bought by the Koch brothers.” About half the staff raised their hands.

Just the thought of a right leaning ownership would have these liberal dinosaurs quit, rather than seeing the hand writing on the wall, that their usage of the media is unpopular do to the tactics of lairs. Liberals whining in the wind is indeed a beautiful sound, only surpassed by a liberals committing career suicide over political policies that fail 100% of the time. Because socialist policies are only supported by other people’s money, and when that runs out so does the success of social envy.

Liberals don’t like competition! It is hard to compete when you wash away all of the liberal BS, people can finally see what the liberals are selling for gold. It takes some education, some political will to pay attention, to be able to see the difference between gold, and fools gold.

Liberals have no problems with taking money from government, the democrats, and even Gorge Soros, to then apply to their pet projects, to solidify social policies, and power. When the opposition uses the same tactic then these socially dishonest people fall apart, start to whine, complained, and shout about fairness.

If we were to be totally unbiased, bipartisan, and placing no horse in the race, we would also see this reaction magnifies the problem in our political system of today.

The problem is….. people of all political persuasions trying to by power and influence in Washington DC. Under these kind of circumstances, we the people get the most corrupt government that money can buy.

To change the momentum, the direction of this managed decay, it will take money to at least counter act society’s slide down the political slippery slope. It is sad that it is only these liberal slaves within the media machinery that threaten to commit career suicide. I suppose… perhaps term limits, will get the political hacks in Washington to follow suit with their career suicide? If not term limits, then forcing them to accept the same healthcare (Obama care), and the same retirement (social security), and an even heavier tax burden on the governmentally produced rich…. with no escape, with no loopholes, maybe then they would hear the voice of their boss. The American people.

Until that day…liberals are on notice, that turnaround in tactics that seem to also work for them so well, is the new definition to “Being fair, or, in having all the fairness you can handle!”

If Koch brothers bought LA Times, half of staff may quit via @HuffPostLA

Chris Matthews’ Sunday program, The Chris Matthews Show has been cancelled.

Chris Matthews’ Sunday program, The Chris Matthews Show has been cancelled.

Chris Matthews wasn’t a great talent on MSNBC, but resembled a manure-spreader of political thought.

In what other media described as the “long running show,” was little more than NBC throwing lots of crap against the wall, hoping it would stick.

Negative politics are like that. A crap happy type of person that throws crap for a living, then ducks the truth, and dodges facts in their reporting, as their personal effort in wear less crap on their suit at the end of the day seems to be the game within political theater. A theater where Chris Matthews lived, but then pigs like to wallow in the muck, and Matthews seemed happiest when he was up to his lower lip in muck making waves in the hope in dimming the light of truth.

It was bound to happen though. Finley media has come to its senses by pushing Chris aside, and hopefully replacing him with a more truthful talent or a more entertaining show at the least? Have they finely realized that the truth has no agenda? Or am I just dreaming here? Something Chris seemed to never fully understand, but then you can’t blame an animal that hasn’t evolved yet. After all he felt a tingling feeling running up his leg when Mr. Obama was elected. With closer examination, he would have realized that he was tinkling on an electric fence within the political theater he lives. Now that the animal has left the barn it is time to close the barn door.”The final episode will run on July 21 to a viewership of…Chris Matthews’ TiVo.”

Chris Matthews Show Cancelled via @Theblacksphere

Too mooch, or not to mooch! (Obama-nomics; chief designer of “Pimp my pantry”)

Wrenching a world apart with failed political policies, leaving people pointing finger at each other calling names, “Well you’re a taker, and I’m a maker.” one side calls out.

The other side responds, “No you’re a greedy rich person, and we are the people in need!”

This is where the people of this once great nation have ended up after Obama-nomics?  Once people came to this nation only wanting an equal opportunity. Now they come hoping for an un-equaled amount of handouts, while taking their time to find some personal footing. Can you blame the people? I blame the politicians! After all we the America people, have come to know this America, through the eyes of the rest of the poor world, now flooding into this nation looking for charity, if not demanding it.

At least through the distorted view of the liberal government official, that also sees the world differently out of their own guilt, paints a picture of national guilt, accusing the nation of not wanting to help people in need as their guilty manipulation. A means to grab even more power for themselves by brow beating people into feeling guilty of their accomplishments, or just being guilty for having been born an American.

What is the point of having lines on paper representing boarders, If the politicians of the day (the gate keepers) selectively choose wether or not to enforce the laws, or even locking the gates?

There used to be a requirement in order to be able to enter the country as a permanent immigrant. Today to use the term “Illegal alien” is cruel, inhuman. The progressives and the proper political correctness have created terms to be used with people who break the law in coming to America. The proper term now is “Illegal immigrant”. To lessen the personal pain of the criminal immigrant for breaking the law, or to cause guilty feelings of the rest of the American people, because of their immigrant heritage? Immigrants of the past used to come here offering skills and looking to exchange those skills for equal free opportunity’s. Today a good portion of immigrants are offering little skill other than a potential democratic vote, for all of the free stuff they can haul away in those hands of opportunity.

I mean, what would you do if you came home from work and found 20 people in your living room and you didn’t know where they came from despite the law of the land? When you complained about the problem, you only discovered that those laws on the books were only selectively enforced. When you complained some more about the added costs you were experiencing, you were deemed as a greedy bastard. The political correct view, of you, Joe Blow Citizen seems to be, a hater of poor people.

Under Obama life isn’t too far from that. Speaking to power and telling them that we are broke, out of money and adding too much debt to the national balance sheet. Just goes un-heard, or worse ignored? They (The powerful in government) respond with. “What? We are the richest nation on earth, because of that  we need to help the poor!”

In fact I have never known a single so-called rich person, or a nation, past or present, that has also given away their riches faster and faster than their incomes, then borrowed even more money and they still some how remained the status of being “Rich”, nor have they no matter how well-intentioned ever reduced the needs of the poor.

Since 1963, the year the policy “The war on poverty” was conceived, American politicians have spent 16 trillion dollars on helping the poor, hoping to reduce poverty in America. Today we have a national debt of the same, with an even larger segment of the population needing help from the government. It is clear, government policies create dependency. This in a nation that celebrates on the 4th of July–“Independence”! Go figure.

What is more upsetting then poor people’s needs, legal or illegal, is the politicization of misconstrued facts. I’m trying to be nicer and kinder these days so I used “Misconstrued” instead of “flat-out liars about the facts”! Mr. Obama closed down the White house tours, and blamed the sequester, then followed up with delay’s of air traffic. Making sure that comfortable delays would be realized by the traveler as a gift of the furloughed air traffic controllers in major cities. Totally leaving the Washington DC air traffic unhampered, unaffected, controllers un-furloughed. who’d a thought? It shows that this president is willing to hurt the American people and the economy, for political points, for the sake of winning unreasonable, unpopular, manipulated political arguments.

After all it is only the rich who travel, and they can afford some pain to help the poor, right?

With all of this going around the various news agencies, where is the news on the “Food stamp recruiters” trying to give away the last bit of money left in the treasury before the American people truly realize that government is truly the enemy of the people and any of the people’s wealth? Yes that’s right, food stamp recruiters trying to get people to sign up for what is termed— as their benefits that their entitled to. So these stamp recruiters have been seen around the golf courses in Florida recruiting retired people. Honestly people who play golf don’t need food stamps!  With the sequester in place, where are these programs getting their money from, not only for the food give aways but also to pay the recruiters, when we supposedly can’t even pay air traffic controllers?

Yep! You get the picture all right. Mr. Obama couldn’t manage himself out of a wet paper bag, facts are, in truth he is the mismanage-er-in-chief. He and he alone is the chief designer of “Pimp my pantry” with all of the free food giveaway’s. Why are these well-intentioned programs also being abused by people? Why can they use their benefits at their local strip clubs/bars, casinos, or even selling their stamps on-line so they could use the money on who knows what? Why is it a cruel abuse, to denied a poor person the ability’s of seeing a nude women, when that money should have bought food and diapers for their kids? Why can they do this without prosecutions? Call it, the Obama bucks give away! Much like the Obama phones of yesterday. Now who’s guilty of being “Greedy”?

But the richest nation on earth isn’t out of money, until the redistribution of the term “rich” is complete? Of course there will still be rich people here in the good old USA, in fact more than the rest of the world? It is just re-applying the term rich to people who will have a lot less wealth after Obama is through. So what happens to the poor people of the world? Will the term “Poor” be massaged into a new term less demeaning? Will poor people go the way of the dinosaur? Will poor people still be making their demands of the socialists of the world until wealth is totally destroyed, and misery is the new equally?

It seems when the value of money is destroyed, political clout, such as food stamps, will become the new unit of exchange to be used?

When the American people realize that they can vote into office people that will benefit themselves without having to make a reasonable effort for themselves; that is when the spark of freedom will have been extinguished, and mob rule will replace rule of law.

“The fastest way to destroy your enemy in a modern world, with less cost then fighting a war, is controlling the food supply! Every nation will fall when the people demand more food then supply’s exist.” paraphrased from a speech that Henry Kissinger gave at the end of the Vietnam war. The same applies to when a government gives food away; who’s going to receive that benefits and then vote to end that policy? Do these people realize that they are selling their freedoms of tomorrow?

Moocher Nation: Paid Food Stamp Recruiters – 620 WTMJ …

Florida, other states, hires recruiters to sign up food stamps –

Fla. bill would ban using food stamps for stripper, casino tabs …

Should middle schools be teaching lesbian kissing??

News report from; Red Hook N.Y.

Parents of children attending a Red Hook, N.Y., middle school are outraged after a recent anti-bullying presentation at Linden Avenue Middle School.

The workshop for 13- and 14-year-old girls focused on homosexuality and gender identity. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”

Parents say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss, and they say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.

Middle School Girls Told to Ask for Lesbian Kiss During Class via @sharethis

Why was this only reportedly for 13-and 14-year-old girls, why not the boys as well? Not that we support such behaviors in a public school system as part of a well-rounded education. If this is the kind of thing to support within our school systems, shouldn’t we also be supportive of gay students acting as if they were straight, telling them in a class room setting to kiss the opposite sex? Would that be over the top, or cruel? Is this what passes for a good education? What does this kind of instruction really do for these young minds?

Can someone be taught a sexual orientation, or is it just a complex interplay of genetic factors? If we were to except that there is a genetic factor to what defines a person’s sexual orientation; then this kind of class room education, as was done in the Red Hook N.Y middle school would be cruel, unusual, insulting, demeaning, to those school age girls that wouldn’t be genetically predisposed to such orientation. If there could be a factor that sexual orientation is learned, instead of being genetic, then what was this school thinking with the exercise? Is it a schools responsibility to produce more of a certain type of people sexually, or just to provide a well-rounded education to all types of people regardless of sexual orientation?

Even in that bastion of liberalism “California” They have “Ban Therapies That Try to Turn Gay People Straight”. Why any schools would then try to turn “Straight People Gay”, with lessens that resemble sexual experimentation on young impressionable minds?

California to Ban Therapies That Try to Turn Gay People Straight

It simply is amazing that these days young girls can without parental guidance; get free birth control, and abortions services. But can’t bring aspirin to school, can’t sign a contract to buy a car or rent an apartment…and so on. They can’t get married without parental permission, but society supports if a mistake is made, welfare services for expectant mothers whether they are living at home or not. Schools are becoming a place where parents are forced to send their kids, to receive an orientation that undermines the family structure, religious value systems or even morals. A far cry from what was intended to be a public education, an education that would consist of reading, writing, arithmetic, and sciences…ect. To now day’s what has become, “Sexual Social Design”, through a social engineering within the liberal-mind set. Freedom of choice, individual or otherwise isn’t an option with liberal policies. Unless people start to defend their rights and demand a change, this will become the standards in the future, or worse!

It’s that president, that should be fired!

Remembering when…Reagan fires 11000 striking air traffic controllers?

I thought I would have never followed in the footsteps of the president. But here we are. When Mr. Obama angrily address the nation and blamed congress for not passing the gun control bill, he said. “They told you untruths”, and “You gave into the pressure.” also saying, “They lied”. At first I had a problem with statements like that, remembering when early in the Obama administration during a state of the union address; Mr. Obama was called a liar. The liberal left was outraged. But where are they now? Where is the outrage when the president lies, or when his disciples of destruction lie?

Why are we so believing of the government managers of decay, when they are so willing to spread the BS thick in offering us an excrement sandwich through a lie? What happened to “Let them eat cake?” With every official willing to lie to (Joe Blow Public) aren’t they just excrement boarding us, shoving piles of crap down on us in the form of lies, and that’s not torturing? I thought water boarding was torturing, but excrement boarding is nothing but gifts from heaven offered to us by angles? PLEASE!! No amount of government sugar will help that medicine go down.

Recently the FAA says it can’t avoid the air traffic controller furloughs. But where is the president on this lie? Silent as usual! Oh! I see. Calling people liars when they speak out against your policies isn’t OKAY, in fact despicable. Allowing ourselves the abilities to be free as a bird to lie at will in support of your political policies but against your opponents is just political theater? You see the degrees of a lie are as follows from best to worsted… 1) Political theater, 2) White lies, 3) Black lies.

Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood said Sunday that if the automatic so-called “sequester” spending cuts are enacted; the department will do everything it can to cut the fat of government contracts and other spending.

“But in the end there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers, and that will curtail the ability of them to guide planes,” LaHood said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“It’s required by law,” LaHood said. “This is not stuff that we just decided to make up. This sequester is very serious business.”

Where is the outrage for LaHood inaccurate statement? Nobody called him a liar when he said. “There has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers.” An outright lie! He went on to say. “It’s required by law. This is not stuff we just decided to make up.”

Mr. Lahood being part of the Obama administration I would take it you have heard the statement…Never let a crisis go to waste? Isn’t that the same thing…as decided to make things up?

In debunking the lie and the lairs myths while exposing this administration willful acts of economical terror being played out on the American traveling public, I point to the sequester first. The sequester was an invention by the Clones of Obama in the Administration, and supported fully by Mr. Obama. Farther more the sequester is a cut in the increase of spending rates. Example if your growth of spending is 7% per year, and then there is a 3% cut in those rate, that’s a reduction (By the sequester) to 4% of an increase, you are spending more money year over year. So how is it that there now needs to be uncomfortable consequences? There is no reduction in spending. We are going to spend more than last year, so what is the big deal? Why all of the potential economical pain?

Take the FAA for instance. They have 31,000 employees, of those employees there are 15,000 Air Traffic Controllers. Slightly under half are indeed Air Traffic Controllers, yet these people are expected to take 100% of these furlough days off? Why can’t the other 16,000 paper pushers, desk jobs, take some if not all of those furloughs? Isn’t it important to keep America moving? What happened to …Do no harm to the fragile recovery or Obama will look bad for his….?

If Mr. Obama was even capable of doing the job of being the president, he wouldn’t even try to use thug tactics for only a political exclamation point to his legacy. You see Obama uses street thuggery to create the crises and the population’s pain, then he presents himself as the magic man with all the answers to the problems, mixed them all with liberal amounts of lies, and presto you have the foundation of the next crises.

Using the FAA Furloughs as the implement to bash the fragile economy in the knees in order to make a painful point, isn’t the president using black-mail tactics, union thuggery, the practice of mob rule? Where is the compromise?

These tactics will produce, a pissed off population, ever more divided against themselves, all predicated on the skillful ability to lie with a smile in motivating the mob to move in your pre designed direction. The president has no skills in persuasion! He isn’t a diplomat, and he never compromises unless he is getting the better deal, even if it is worse off to the country. Example: The FURLOUGHS!

I seem to remember a great president that had a crises shoved on him by the then thug tactics of the Air Traffic Controllers union back in the day. Ronald Reagan kept the skies safe, aircraft moving, and the thugs packing! That was a president that looked to do whatever was good for the nation first and foremost. So he fired the Air Traffic Controllers! Replacing them with new men and women willing to do the job, but then Ronald Reagan was a president of the people, and for the people. Not a community organizer beholding to special interest groups.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama looks towards the people as greedy little piggy’s that need to have their piggy banks robbed. He doesn’t care how much money he wastes, it is your money he is wasting. He doesn’t care about slowing down the economy and your travel’s. His are guaranteed. He doesn’t care how many lies he has to tell, because he looks towards the people of America as being too stupid to recognize the difference.

Remember back when we had a president willing to do whatever it took, to do the nation right? Reagan was the president of all of the people, not just for some specific special interest groups.

Reagan branded the strike illegal. He threatened to fire any controller who failed to return to work within 48 hours. Federal judges levied fines of $1 million per day against the union.

In 1955, Congress made such strikes punishable by fines or a one-year jail term — a law the Supreme Court upheld in 1971.

To the chagrin of the strikers, the FAA’s contingency plans worked. Some 3,000 supervisors joined 2,000 nonstriking controllers and 900 military controllers in manning airport towers. Before long, about 80 percent of flights were operating normally. Air freight remained virtually unaffected.

In carrying out his threat, Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers. In October 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified PATCO.

Reagan fires 11000 striking air traffic controllers Aug. 5, 1981 – Politico

This president we have in Mr. Obama, the one who is willing to inflict pain in order to get his way…kind of like now, with the Air Traffic Controllers Furloughs or things like the sequester; furloughs of essential personnel didn’t just show up on their own, they didn’t create themselves, and when a president that acts helpless in the face of these kind of issues, and offers no real solutions but new lies. That kind of president who sees his job as being all too important, because creating new crises from the old is a tough job; then sits back and watches sadistically as real people suffer. It’s that president, that should be fired!!!

Read more:

Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College

 Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College campus in Cypress, Texas, after a male suspect reportedly used a small knife, ran from building to building and randomly attacked individuals along the way.

The conditions of the victims are unclear, but four were taken by life flight for treatment, which indicates severe injuries. Twelve of the victims in all were hospitalized and two refused treatment. Witnesses reported seeing students with stab wounds to the neck.

Police got the initial report at 11:15 a.m. A suspect with a knife was reported on the sprawling campus on the Northwest side of Houston and there were reports of multiple stab victims. The school was placed on lockdown. The length of the attack is unclear, but the suspect was reportedly taken down by a student.

@FoxNews: a dozen injured in stabbing attack at #Houston-area college campus

Banning the weapon, any weapon is the legislative easy way out to governing. Banning evil intention is also hard if not impossible to do, without some kind of thought police. But if we had thought police, any brain-dead legislator purposing a weapons ban, should be arrested for crimes against humanity; or at the very least held responsible for future victims of violence at the hands of such weapons, because criminals don’t follow laws or regulations.

It just shows that controlling or banning the weapons of choice, chosen by the criminal isn’t a deterrent to violence. Nor is there any more safety to our collages or students that go to them. To then glorify the need to control any weapon as a way to reduce violence is just not supported by the facts or statics. To use violent acts by deranged people looking for the easiest victims possible, as a way to reduce the personal individual responsibility’s (not to mention your God-given right) to protect one’s self, is by its self an act of legislative derangement.

Our representatives should use common sense over that of a knee-jerk reaction to remained popular, or maintaining their electability. After all they protect themselves with armed guards or police officers. Why then should the citizenry be reduced to a second class importance with their protection over violent people doing violence against them?

Clearly a weapon in the hands of any individual then possesses the power in that situation, to use it for good or evil, to use it in senseless acts of violence or putting an end to them. I seem to remember that every act of violence ends 100% of the time with a weapon in the hands of a good person willing to also use that weapon against violent perpetrators of crime, risking personal injury to themselves for someone else’s safety.

Banning any weapons in the hands of the people; expecting them to protect themselves until police officers arrive on the scene would be just as deranged as to expect police officers to go weaponless into the same situation to disarm the perpetrators. Clearly our legislators wouldn’t allow themselves to have unarmed police officers as their protection detail, even after, should they ever become successful in banning weapons?

So the theory becomes fact! A weapon in the hands of a good person doesn’t create future victims. But evenly distributes, balancing the power in the struggle for the ultimate power between the would be victim, and the deranged violent person.