We have all played with snow globes before. Shake them up, only to be mesmerized by the tiny snow flakes, and the effects they have on the setting images within the snow globe. Politics happens to be a lot like this as well. Mostly they are a mix of political ideas, shaken, not stirred presentations of them. Therefore the reactions by people on either side of the political lines are ones of, compleat defensive action in opposition to what ever is being presented. Weather it is good, bad, or indifferent.

It is said. “That the fastest way to start an argument is to start talking about politics, or religion.”  quote unknown.

This blog is designed to promote thoughts of political ideas as well religious ones. More importantly where these two volatile explosives mix. The intent is to find truth at all costs! The truth is always in the eye of the beholder. Yet true truth stands on its own. Truth has no agenda! No need to have it make any manipulations of itself, in presenting itself in the least abrasive way. It is simply the truth! Like it or not!

Political types use their version of the truth to keep the intoxication of power going. Like a crack whore, most politicians are blinded by truth, and act-out only in the maintaining of power. Rather then maintaining the expansion of liberty, freedom, equal individual opportunity’s, as well acting on preserving these for future generations.

” No man, or women in politics should grace themself’s with thinking they have become blinded to the political office, and its powers of intoxication. Unaffected! But through humble service, excepting the responsibility’s of placing themself’s under the magnifying glass. To do the job of expanding truth, liberty, and freedoms, preserving it, as well expanding it for all, and all time. No one should be so self-centered or selfish. To only act as a crack whore looking for their power fix. Only acting for their own reelection. Completely selling out truth, and liberty, excepting their payment in full, while only guaranteeing a diminished freedom for the next generations to come.” Quote Mindwarpfx.

Who ever then clams to be religious, and therefore contributes to hiding the truth. Through faded pastel colors, instead of bold colors of truthful presentations. Is nothing more than a false teacher, a contributory partner in crime, to the politically intoxicated. Only volunteering themself’s to the job of continuing the management of decay, within modern society.

” Never has there been a society in the world, that has tasted liberty and freedom and lost it, and lived to taste it again.”  quote Ronald Reagan.

The idea of truth, as well as presenting it, may just as well be the shaking factor in Snow globe politics.

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