Are you ready for some football 12th man???


If you’re a “Football fan” in Seattle—one of the many “12th man fans”, apparently you should be punished for your unsportsmanlike conduct? What? And why?

The Forty-Whiners are still riling over their loss to the Seattle Seahawks in last Sunday’s game. Oh it wasn’t because they were out played on the field, or was it? It’s because Seattle used an unfair advantage by utilizing a border mix of power… the 12th man in their line-up.

In a letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday, two 49ers fans suggested the Seahawks have too much of a home-field advantage. “It’s just not fair! “

In their letter Judy Spelman, Rich Shiller, express themselves by writing this, “Seahawks and their fans, juiced on noise, which surely creates as big an advantage over an opponent as any performance enhancing drug.” they conclude their letter by ending it like this, “At a time when the world seems sour, sports give us a place of joy, community and hope, and to have it spoiled is a bigger loss than it seems on the surface.”

Apparently these Forty-Whiner fans don’t understand that football is all about mental toughness, and physical toughness in overcoming all obstacles in your way, not as an individual but as a community, as a team. Football is a game of inches as well a game with home field advantage with a mental, or physiological advantage within crowd noise; some 40,000 to 60,000 12th men strong, cheering their team in making that extra effort in order to “WIN!!” is the definition to or what it means to be an interactive fan.

To confuse exuberant male and female fan bravado as some performance enhancing drug verbally dispensed onto the field and into the player, is to mischaracterize fan influence on a mental level towards players, as opposed to a chemical stimulant. Judy Spelman, Rich Shiller you say at times the world seems sour–but it is just as sour for the 12th man, and when life gives you lemons, the 12th man creates a lemonade soup of world record noise proportioned towards opponents as something to fear and towards the Seahawks an invisible but audible helping hand towards victory. Not to mention as a tension breaker, stress reliever and a yes we can “Win” attitude within those interactive fans enjoying their football entertainment, forgetting just for a moment their own share of troubles in their own lives while lifting one’s own spirit above everyday life.

Life doesn’t suck, football doesn’t suck, but going to a game and having to be quiet to the opposing teams request….NOW THAT SUCKS!!!

I’m personally tired of good meaning people trying to change everything to their own liking at the expense of someone else’s enjoyment. Sorry that the Forty-Whiners had to lose at the behest of the 12th man. But then you shouldn’t be bathing in that dimly light limelight of yesterday, that same light of past championships won by the likes of Montana and Rice. All sports shouldn’t have the quiet hush of Golf, or the intensity of championship scarf knitting while trying to watch football. Your advice and sour grapes expressed in your fantasies of socially engineering a kinder, gentler, joy filled community of sports, resembles more of a retirement home round table meeting of bitch and moan over past and present regrets! That SUCKS! But who’s to say how you choose to live your life? To each their own. The Whiners were in our house, by our choice of volume.

Another Forty-Whiner fan (Judy) says, “We think its dirty play. What you really want your team to do is to be the best team and you don’t want the play or the outcome of the game to be distorted by an outside force like extra fan noise,”

Judy, your right, I see the error of the 12th man’s ways….NOT! Your whining is the distortion, that outside force, that’s trying to sing that national anthem in promoting equal results. Maybe we shouldn’t have games with winners and losers that produce reasons for home field fans to cheer about? Oh yeah….It’s called golf!!! There is no need in turning the “NFL fan” into a “Funeral Crashers Wet Dream”, demanding whispered silence out of respect for your past Super Bowl championships. Football is all about allowing the fan to whoop-it-up!

Is the problem with the Forty-Whiner fan base one of being too old? Trapped in yesterday’s glory, unable to organize excitement for their team with loud cheering….and why is that? Are they just totally limited by wheelchair seatbelts—as the reason why you’re not writing a letter to the 49’er fan base, encouraging them to rise to the occasion, making their own attempt at a world record cheer while cheering their team on to victory? What goes on in your house of whine–isn’t the rule embraced in ours.

If the Forty-Whiners have such a problem with noise, why then all of the world record sour crying over losing a game that for the most part has always been celebrated by fan interaction, filling stadiums with screaming fans in the stands is football? Maybe your old-timers pacemakers can’t take it anymore? Maybe you should go back to watching scoreless kids soccer games where every team and player gets a trophy to take home at the end of the season; or maybe golf is the sport more your speed—or there is always–watching paint dry? There you go; lots of choices to make while you dry your tears of regret.

I’m personally energized to know that what once was a tough team to beat, a team that has so many world championships to their credit, has now come full circle to be dominated by the fear of the 12th man after their own domination of the sport implementing the west coast style of offence. For the 12th man fan base to be such a powerful weapon in reducing a one-time world champion to crying, in becoming irritated, aggravated, irked, enraged, world champion Whiners, is to add gasoline to the fire of the 12th man fan to cheer their team to go to the Super Bowl. If the 12th Man can reduce you to that level, helping in any way possible to see our beloved Seattle Seahawks go to the Super Bowl….well put in your ear plugs grandma, because this isn’t your NFL anymore!

Because records were meant to be broken….. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL 12th MAN???

49ers fans ‘appalled’ by loud 12th Man’s ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’:


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