Obama; could have, should have, would have been me…. miss-step?

When the President of the United States throws the implied race card, you have seen utter desperation in action. Our nation’s first black president has just stepped into the lime light with regards to “Racist” issues, displaying his content of his character for all to see clearly.

Just a few days ago Mr. Obama said “Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago.” This comment coming long after first saying about Trayvon and his violent death, “If I had a son, he might have looked like Trayvon.” An effort by Mr. Obama to interject color of ones skin into a case that has been manipulated to appear to have been motivated by race or “Racist tendencies” by the media about Mr. Zimmerman the shooter.

What Mr. Obama has accomplished by his actions and saying about the Trayvon case, is much of the same thing as an earlier case in his first term. Leading the president in having to have a beer summit at the white house as a peace-offering after making similar remarks; two cases that involved two different men, one black and the other white in each.  It appears that the president has openly sided himself emotionally with one segment of society, in the proses losing his street creed as being the president of the entire country, 100% of all its diversity and citizenry?

For the president to have made the remarks, “Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago.” remarks made to appear to be sympathetic to the tragedy, with under tones to color of skin? Being of mixed race (white and equally so black) shouldn’t the president possess more leadership qualities that unite people? Do his comments in fact, expose deep secrets that he has his own biases based in color? Or perhaps it was a lack of self-control while hurriedly making comments for political hay before allowing all of the facts to come in, or allowing the legal system to work in finding the truth in facts? He should have considered all the possibilities before casting his manipulative sympathy ballot in any direction?

I seem to remember a quote….a paraphrased quote of MLK that went like this….“Judge not by the color of one’s own skin, but by the content of one’s character.”

If the president wants sympatric admiration for appearances sake, to look concerned with gun violence and the victims, not just the ones who vaguely support politically flawed characters; then he should have expressed himself in the same way for every needless victim of violent crime. At least then I could say his temperament, or disposition is of a true concern for the tragedy of all violent crime victims, no matter what skin colors that they possess? But he didn’t do this! Instead he chose the politically charged way to take advantage of one case, in order to promote those racist thoughts in the minds of one special interest group, placing them at odds against another, all for political gain. By implying a closer connection to what is obviously a victim of similar skin color. Mr. Obama magnified his own recreations of divisive racial political divides. His character on display demonstrates one of divide and conquer, rather than a sympathetic follow my lead type. His actions seem to quietly place blame on white America, while looking to extract pounds worth of revenge for this country’s past mistakes.

If his character were truly sympathetic instead of just angrily pathetic, he might have said of recent tragedies and their victims, in the hopes of consoling their loved ones with true feelings of compassion…Mr. Obama could have also said…

I could have been like our Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi and his counter parts, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods, who lost their lives in service of their country after calling for more security forces and help…

I could have been like Brian Terry of Fast and Furious who also lost his life needlessly so…

I could have been any one of those 11,000 kids and people who lost their lives from the beginning of the Travon Martin / Zimmerman case until now, killed by the violent behaviors of evil people ….

We are all so lucky to be alive today… I could have been that toddler being pushed in his stroller by his mother, when out of nowhere surprised, then  assaulted by two thugs, and fatality shot in the face in front of my Mom; killed before having any chance of living my life.

But Obama said nothing of the sort to any of these victims. He patiently waited for the opportunity’s to present themselves, to reflect his inner most beliefs for political gains. Mr. Obama’s genetic make-up places his feet firmly on both sides of the racial lines at the same time. It could be his opportunity to unite people as Americans instead his actions clearly shows the battle within himself, within his own thoughts. Certainly they have affected his choices, or could it be that he hates 50% of his own genetic makeup?

In all of these cases the people lost their lives not of their own doing. Not by throwing the first punch–as being the law that was broken, an assault, the chosen action that lead Trayvon to being killed in the process in his case. But these other victims were innocently living life, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

None of these people were worthy of Mr. Obama or the news media even mentioning them, net-alone drawing the nation’s attention to their individual stories. No offerings of sympathy, compassion or loving utterances to their loved ones that were left to pick-up the shattered pieces of life.

In their chosen actions and politically charged speeches, Mr. Obama and most of the media chose to victimize one kind of colored person in favor of the other; so using their political color crayons, they chose to draw outside of the lines, those same lines designed to contain or do away with racism. Instead they have re-birthed a new kind of racism, showing their true colors within their character and those political pictures they produce, as mirrored images to the one-sided pictures already drawn by the past KKK. All for the political narrative, to gain more power by using people for political purposes and in continuing their ignorance.


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