Where is Bill Murray when we need him? Caddyshack style.

Washington State: At Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) one of the main military bases on the west coast is now experiencing some of the effects of budget cuts and furloughs. The military is just one part of the government that seemingly wastes money, watching it going down the proverbial water vortex, swirling around until finely reaching the black hole, its destination of going down the drain. In such an environment, you’d think the government would look for ways to ease the pain of budgets stretched to their limits, leading them to handing out furlough’s to some personal. You’d be wrong to think that. Like the vortex, now the government is throwing money down gophers’ holes.

“We’ve got a lot of people on furlough; we’re borrowing between 37 and 41 cents of every dollar these days. We’re still going to spend $3.5 million on the pocket gopher?” asks an incredulous KTTH host David Boze.

It could be justifiable if the gopher is endangered or at least threatened, but critics argue it’s pretty much a run-of-the-mill gopher.

At a cost of nearly $400 million, to be precise. The Department of Defense and other federal agencies have spent $397 million to protect 264,000 acres around bases since 2003.

The organization South Sound Prairies says pocket gophers are a state threatened species that “plays an important role in the ecology of our South Sound prairies.”

The group says the gophers’ tunnels help the soil and provide homes for other species to flourish, especially around JBLM.

These gophers seem to be so prolific that they can be found almost everywhere, some say even on the artillery range? Honestly saving a common gopher at the expense of  human’s looking to sustain themselves in a tight budget era, should be a no brainer? But then governments only shovel ready jobs of late, are shoveling lose money down all kinds of bottomless money-pits, for no real reason other than to buy more power and influence.

It seems that in this case of the gophers, they have better lobbyists in DC? At a time when we can’t find money for white House school kids tours, we can certainly waste money on the presidents Africa vacation to a tune of 100 million. So another 3 million thrown down a gophers hole seems like small fry’s in a super-size world.

“Where is Bill Murray when we need him? Caddyshack style,” Boze the radio host wonders. “That’s all I’m saying.”

special Thanks to Dave Boze’s blog post & radio show that inspired this news post of continued government waste.


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