The intentionality of political consumerism

The problem is not with any elitist separation between the have and the have-nots, but the intentionality and ideology behind consumption. If conservatives are to change any views of people up and down the economic ladder today? We must make our policies known as being about people helping people—not of arguing about things or policies, but explaining how every policy of government will help or hurt people, not just an explanation, we support this and we are against that.

Today; despite having a black president in office, why do we have what seems a bigger social divide and an increased amount of political special interest groups competing for a bigger slice of political consumerism?

Political powers or policies are being marketed to special interest groups in exchange for a perceived vote being cast for that political party’s policy. Political policies should be all-encompassing, designed for all the citizenry; after all it is government of the people and by the people? If it is about special interest groups or focused government, penalizing to some and rewarding to others. Where is the motto that we should be living by and supporting? Where is E-pluribus Unum?  Should we be buying into these federal government policies forgetting about our own states or more narrowly our individual ability’s? How easily do we exchange individualism, and independence, for cheap defective products produced by political deceptions?

Political consumption produces products where it is easy to escape reality, while producing a false sense of social prestige, while slowly killing the human independent spirit, or the human potential within. With purchases that we make, do we buy because we need these things, or do we buy because we want these things?

It is human nature as with all animals in nature, in picking our paths in life with the least amount of resistance, or efforts needed in reaching our goals. The problem with taking the easy way out, it produces a faulty sense of accomplishment when indeed it is more of a successful manipulation; a taking advantage of people while using them to do our bidding, allowing them to make those efforts that should have been ours to make while claiming success. Looking towards government in this way is easy, accepting  political consumption, policies to escape making a greater effort or escaping reality just the same, expecting social prestige in the proses as the easy way out, a temporary Band-Aid for our problems.

Do we buy into these political policies in order to help people or to validate self-worth? For people who see themselves as powerless it is a temptation hard to resist. But true power is in production, not in consumption. Policies designed to deceive in order to gain support is the product of government today. Accepting any notion that government is there to fix our problems in society only provides us with a faults sense, although economics and goods play a part in the quality of life, understanding the intentionality behind the political ideology leading us to choose to consume it or not? Is just as important to understand this no matter which side of the coin your on. There aren’t any government policies that will close the gap between the haves and the have-nots. But a clear understanding that government has created a society of consumption where on every level; consumption is exactly where there is the least amount of power and the maximum ability to manipulate. That is the nature of government, and how it quenches its thirst of ever greater power. The bottom line, power is in the production not in the consumption; you must produce to wield any lasting power, having the ability to save and invest even in yourself by changing lifestyles, are only talking points of some politicians but never widely supported policies of any political party or there pre designed future outcomes.

The ideology behind political consumption I contend is the major reason blacks as a special interest group remain near the bottom of the social ladder, because political consumption is a coping strategy designed to sooth insecurities and self-hatred while simultaneously eliminating a chance for economic progression.

I believe political consumption is why we have a border security problem, an illegal immigration problem as well. It is for the most part why government can’t ever accept free market solutions to society’s problems, but avoiding free market solutions in its self maintains the power pendulum on the side of government and a false sense of power within special interest groups courting government for special affections.

Government has created special interest groups in order to pool their resources together, focusing them as if it is their only way for survival as a whole; placing government and false policies as the only solutions. The only way to gain lost prestige, whether it’s social or economic. But the government has a secret vested interest in never providing a pathway towards success as preserved by these groups, by keeping them as consumers. These groups are willingly giving up their power and accepting a status of being a member of the permanent underclass, moving through false motivation in the direction of political shifting winds or desires at their own expense.

We celebrate “Independence day” the 4th of every July, Not dependence day by consuming government policies designed to strip power, dignity, and the can-do-attitude, formed the minds that need it most!

The more we demand of government, the more we have already accepted government’s role of being the producers, and citizens as being the underclass consumers.

Do we buy products like political policies, (the common belief of a charitable government) to help people or to validate self-worth?

The problem is not with any elitist separation between the have and the have-nots, but the intentionality and ideology behind the power struggle of government created consumption.


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