It’s that president, that should be fired!

Remembering when…Reagan fires 11000 striking air traffic controllers?

I thought I would have never followed in the footsteps of the president. But here we are. When Mr. Obama angrily address the nation and blamed congress for not passing the gun control bill, he said. “They told you untruths”, and “You gave into the pressure.” also saying, “They lied”. At first I had a problem with statements like that, remembering when early in the Obama administration during a state of the union address; Mr. Obama was called a liar. The liberal left was outraged. But where are they now? Where is the outrage when the president lies, or when his disciples of destruction lie?

Why are we so believing of the government managers of decay, when they are so willing to spread the BS thick in offering us an excrement sandwich through a lie? What happened to “Let them eat cake?” With every official willing to lie to (Joe Blow Public) aren’t they just excrement boarding us, shoving piles of crap down on us in the form of lies, and that’s not torturing? I thought water boarding was torturing, but excrement boarding is nothing but gifts from heaven offered to us by angles? PLEASE!! No amount of government sugar will help that medicine go down.

Recently the FAA says it can’t avoid the air traffic controller furloughs. But where is the president on this lie? Silent as usual! Oh! I see. Calling people liars when they speak out against your policies isn’t OKAY, in fact despicable. Allowing ourselves the abilities to be free as a bird to lie at will in support of your political policies but against your opponents is just political theater? You see the degrees of a lie are as follows from best to worsted… 1) Political theater, 2) White lies, 3) Black lies.

Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood said Sunday that if the automatic so-called “sequester” spending cuts are enacted; the department will do everything it can to cut the fat of government contracts and other spending.

“But in the end there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers, and that will curtail the ability of them to guide planes,” LaHood said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“It’s required by law,” LaHood said. “This is not stuff that we just decided to make up. This sequester is very serious business.”

Where is the outrage for LaHood inaccurate statement? Nobody called him a liar when he said. “There has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers.” An outright lie! He went on to say. “It’s required by law. This is not stuff we just decided to make up.”

Mr. Lahood being part of the Obama administration I would take it you have heard the statement…Never let a crisis go to waste? Isn’t that the same thing…as decided to make things up?

In debunking the lie and the lairs myths while exposing this administration willful acts of economical terror being played out on the American traveling public, I point to the sequester first. The sequester was an invention by the Clones of Obama in the Administration, and supported fully by Mr. Obama. Farther more the sequester is a cut in the increase of spending rates. Example if your growth of spending is 7% per year, and then there is a 3% cut in those rate, that’s a reduction (By the sequester) to 4% of an increase, you are spending more money year over year. So how is it that there now needs to be uncomfortable consequences? There is no reduction in spending. We are going to spend more than last year, so what is the big deal? Why all of the potential economical pain?

Take the FAA for instance. They have 31,000 employees, of those employees there are 15,000 Air Traffic Controllers. Slightly under half are indeed Air Traffic Controllers, yet these people are expected to take 100% of these furlough days off? Why can’t the other 16,000 paper pushers, desk jobs, take some if not all of those furloughs? Isn’t it important to keep America moving? What happened to …Do no harm to the fragile recovery or Obama will look bad for his….?

If Mr. Obama was even capable of doing the job of being the president, he wouldn’t even try to use thug tactics for only a political exclamation point to his legacy. You see Obama uses street thuggery to create the crises and the population’s pain, then he presents himself as the magic man with all the answers to the problems, mixed them all with liberal amounts of lies, and presto you have the foundation of the next crises.

Using the FAA Furloughs as the implement to bash the fragile economy in the knees in order to make a painful point, isn’t the president using black-mail tactics, union thuggery, the practice of mob rule? Where is the compromise?

These tactics will produce, a pissed off population, ever more divided against themselves, all predicated on the skillful ability to lie with a smile in motivating the mob to move in your pre designed direction. The president has no skills in persuasion! He isn’t a diplomat, and he never compromises unless he is getting the better deal, even if it is worse off to the country. Example: The FURLOUGHS!

I seem to remember a great president that had a crises shoved on him by the then thug tactics of the Air Traffic Controllers union back in the day. Ronald Reagan kept the skies safe, aircraft moving, and the thugs packing! That was a president that looked to do whatever was good for the nation first and foremost. So he fired the Air Traffic Controllers! Replacing them with new men and women willing to do the job, but then Ronald Reagan was a president of the people, and for the people. Not a community organizer beholding to special interest groups.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama looks towards the people as greedy little piggy’s that need to have their piggy banks robbed. He doesn’t care how much money he wastes, it is your money he is wasting. He doesn’t care about slowing down the economy and your travel’s. His are guaranteed. He doesn’t care how many lies he has to tell, because he looks towards the people of America as being too stupid to recognize the difference.

Remember back when we had a president willing to do whatever it took, to do the nation right? Reagan was the president of all of the people, not just for some specific special interest groups.

Reagan branded the strike illegal. He threatened to fire any controller who failed to return to work within 48 hours. Federal judges levied fines of $1 million per day against the union.

In 1955, Congress made such strikes punishable by fines or a one-year jail term — a law the Supreme Court upheld in 1971.

To the chagrin of the strikers, the FAA’s contingency plans worked. Some 3,000 supervisors joined 2,000 nonstriking controllers and 900 military controllers in manning airport towers. Before long, about 80 percent of flights were operating normally. Air freight remained virtually unaffected.

In carrying out his threat, Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers. In October 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified PATCO.

Reagan fires 11000 striking air traffic controllers Aug. 5, 1981 – Politico

This president we have in Mr. Obama, the one who is willing to inflict pain in order to get his way…kind of like now, with the Air Traffic Controllers Furloughs or things like the sequester; furloughs of essential personnel didn’t just show up on their own, they didn’t create themselves, and when a president that acts helpless in the face of these kind of issues, and offers no real solutions but new lies. That kind of president who sees his job as being all too important, because creating new crises from the old is a tough job; then sits back and watches sadistically as real people suffer. It’s that president, that should be fired!!!

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