Restoring “Balance” The dolphin and the camel story.

Why is the concept or to a smaller degree the definition of “Balance” so misunderstood, massaged, manipulated, distorted, variably changed at will, within the liberal progressive politicians mind? Not to mention any speech where they tend to mention the need for “Balance” while promoting imbalances?

For instance: 50% of the people don’t pay federal income tax! So the other 50% must pay more? The liberal—- it is 50/50 after all. That’s “Balance” is it not?

The mega millionaires and billionaires are all publicly promoting–higher Income tax rates, as a “Balanced” approach to governmental needs. But eliminating waste, doesn’t receive any promotion in becoming a top priority? When all these titans of business have become rich doing just that and using every advantage from government that can be lobbied for. These liberals–knowingly have no earned incomes, will pay no wealth tax (or at the least a taxation of already accumulated wealth, doesn’t exist yet or is actively being promoted out of fairness), they all take advantage of moving income through or past those higher rates that they promote, by the use of dividends, or other tax advantaged ways to lower tax rates for themself’s. In short, they don’t have incomes to tax. They have unearned incomes off of investments from money they have already accumulated. In effect paying little to nothing as a ratio, (income to taxes paid), or amount of wealth they must pay in comparison to possessions accumulated. This is why Buffet will never pay an equal tax rate as all of working America does. So this is balanced?

The cereal criminal (Be they a man or a women) can use a gun against anyone that is law-abiding. Because the concepts of respecting laws, rules, regulations, or even other people’s rights (the right to have and protect your own life or property) isn’t something of worth to them. In this social asylum, the common belief, and trust is in the governmental forced charity contribution of taxation, and redistribution, as the way providing for those in need. A criminal is just the same thing, just taking the power for themself’s to provide out of perceived need. The liberal—- we have to limit people ( law-abiding people) from having, buying, possessing, bartering for, or any other acquisition of any weapon that at least looks violent, scary, or has the ability to shoot more than 7 rounds before reloading. Yet with a spirit of demanding payment, as in forced taxation, to implement such unrealistic rules of self imprisonment, is considered to being a balanced approach to a problem? Limiting good lawful people, depriving them to make the choice of how or when to protect themselves or family members, doesn’t in the slightest way prevent crime. Other wise Chicago would be one of the safest city’s then? When indeed they had more victims of crime resulting in death then the Afghanistan war zone 2012. But then gun control is a good thing…right?

So where is the “Balance”? A criminal (or multiple criminals) can have an AR-15/AK-47 (just to name two types) with 30 round clips and kick your door-in, (in a home invasion robbery). But all that you can have to protect yourself is seven rounds in any gun, as a balanced approach, for being law-abiding?

Liberals stand for every kind of minority group or voter block of the mind numb stupid. Sense the majority of the population is law-abiding, dis-arming them is a priority so to protect a minority, in the name of balance, I guess? Criminals are indeed a minority? Funny concepts, supporting a minority, by bullying the majority. When these same politicians assume power with a vote of the majority. Isn’t that a dog eating tail type of thing?

What happens when the minority becomes the majority and would like to benefit themself’s with the help of the government to abuse the then minority, believing in independence and working to make it so? Government chosing to abuse the majority by empowering unequally so the minority–so this is achieving “Balance!!”?

When I look at all of these kinds of things in this social asylum we live in today. I ask myself where is the “Balance”? All I see is the government getting more and more powerful, and the population giving up more and more power to them willingly. Creating an imbalance? An invitation to abuse? Of course most people don’t even see this happening net alone see the imbalance of it? Because I guess, for the most part they don’t understand the founders of this country and the concept of “Limiting the powers of any government” as the greatest Balancing act of them all in being able to live free.

So if a criminal comes to your door, holding a weapon that holds more rounds then you have in yours. Why would you even try to understand those misunderstood, massaged, manipulated, distorted, and variably changed words and definitions of liberal left? Those words like… Bipartisan, reach across the aisle, negotiate, compromise, or balanced approach, redistribution of wealth, and fairness, the need to compromise, and so the list goes on and on. Not to say…” Why is it I can’t protect my things, possessions or family, with the same weapons that criminals have, or could get? The liberal progressive politicians are genetically geared to the use of manipulations. That is getting you and others to give up the ability to choose for yourself. To then force you against your will in accept something that in any normal persons own mind couldn’t possibly chose for themselves, as being “Balanced”!

It is impossible to evaluated anything to be balanced, presented by a politician who says so, or presents it as being so? Balanced, I’m mean! The impossibility comes when the people expect the “TRUTH”, and a politician presents something different or their version of the truth…. or ”A manipulative LIE”, as true Balance. Then defends and argues with anyone, by pointing their finger at you.. Joe Blow American, who is saying something different. “You don’t believe in balance or fairness then?” Is what the manipulative politician would say.

Evolution didn’t create “Fairness”! God through his intelligent design didn’t completely allow for “Fairness”! The politician is no GOD of “Balance or fairness” either! Here is the PROOF!!!

The dolphin and the camel really do want to be best of friends? But in all fairness, this isn’t going to happen! Like a politician who promises that it could be a possibility to make friends of these odd sorts, saying “Just follow my lead?” We should always be aware of our own limitations, so as to realistically be able to recognize those manipulative lying politicians’ as having the same limitations. At that point, and only then we will have true “BALANCE”!

The problem isn’t in the presentations, or in presenting the impossible as possible. It is in the unrealistic willingness in believing, to be able to change the impossible, at someones elses expense by believing a total lie of…”That it isn’t going to affect you!”. So yes! The dolphin and the camel really do want to be best of friends……. It could be possible for the sake of “BALANCE” right? But if God didn’t provide “Balance to their wishes, and evolution didn’t care enough to allow for balance to exist among these two animals–then why should there be any balance to what is imbalanced already between people choosing to act, lawfully or unlawfully?

The kind of weapon, or the amount of ammo needed in protecting yourself, your property, or other members of family, is determined after the gun battle is over!

If criminals never chose to be criminals, and act within the laws of the land, then and only then we would be balanced, equal, and fair. It is impossible for GOVERNMENT to legislate what is in the minds of people. Therefore impossible to protect all of the people all of the time through unfair, imbalanced approaches of gun control legislation. The faster you all realize this, the closer you get to a balanced fairness.


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