Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College

 Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College campus in Cypress, Texas, after a male suspect reportedly used a small knife, ran from building to building and randomly attacked individuals along the way.

The conditions of the victims are unclear, but four were taken by life flight for treatment, which indicates severe injuries. Twelve of the victims in all were hospitalized and two refused treatment. Witnesses reported seeing students with stab wounds to the neck.

Police got the initial report at 11:15 a.m. A suspect with a knife was reported on the sprawling campus on the Northwest side of Houston and there were reports of multiple stab victims. The school was placed on lockdown. The length of the attack is unclear, but the suspect was reportedly taken down by a student.

@FoxNews: a dozen injured in stabbing attack at #Houston-area college campus http://fxn.ws/10FZW8z

Banning the weapon, any weapon is the legislative easy way out to governing. Banning evil intention is also hard if not impossible to do, without some kind of thought police. But if we had thought police, any brain-dead legislator purposing a weapons ban, should be arrested for crimes against humanity; or at the very least held responsible for future victims of violence at the hands of such weapons, because criminals don’t follow laws or regulations.

It just shows that controlling or banning the weapons of choice, chosen by the criminal isn’t a deterrent to violence. Nor is there any more safety to our collages or students that go to them. To then glorify the need to control any weapon as a way to reduce violence is just not supported by the facts or statics. To use violent acts by deranged people looking for the easiest victims possible, as a way to reduce the personal individual responsibility’s (not to mention your God-given right) to protect one’s self, is by its self an act of legislative derangement.

Our representatives should use common sense over that of a knee-jerk reaction to remained popular, or maintaining their electability. After all they protect themselves with armed guards or police officers. Why then should the citizenry be reduced to a second class importance with their protection over violent people doing violence against them?

Clearly a weapon in the hands of any individual then possesses the power in that situation, to use it for good or evil, to use it in senseless acts of violence or putting an end to them. I seem to remember that every act of violence ends 100% of the time with a weapon in the hands of a good person willing to also use that weapon against violent perpetrators of crime, risking personal injury to themselves for someone else’s safety.

Banning any weapons in the hands of the people; expecting them to protect themselves until police officers arrive on the scene would be just as deranged as to expect police officers to go weaponless into the same situation to disarm the perpetrators. Clearly our legislators wouldn’t allow themselves to have unarmed police officers as their protection detail, even after, should they ever become successful in banning weapons?

So the theory becomes fact! A weapon in the hands of a good person doesn’t create future victims. But evenly distributes, balancing the power in the struggle for the ultimate power between the would be victim, and the deranged violent person.


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