Competitive swimming as a white sport?

Date line Phoenix AZ; Competitive swimming still has a reputation as a white sport. And a national study released in 2010 found African-Americans and Latinos reported lower swimming proficiency compared to whites.

Officials in a major U.S. city are reportedly seeking to fill their minority quota for lifeguard positions at public pools with those who require additional training in order to become proficient swimmers.

So 29 public swimming pools in and around Phoenix will be manned by blacks, Latinos and Asians who may not have the advanced swimming skills required to succeed in their roles, of saving people in the pools that also may be experiencing difficulties, or are in danger of drowning under their watch. According to the city’s spokes person, “Good news, however, is that the city will “work with” the candidates on improving their “swimming abilities” via money it has raised for this very purpose.”

Of course any drowning people should there be any? May wish to argue that lifeguards should have some pre-existing swimming skills in order to function as a life saver should the need arise. To just paint with a broad brush and just see this as discrimination of some sort because minority dont posses the skill needed is wrong? Saying that “Competitive swimming still has a reputation as a white sport”, is just looking for racism rather than looking for a way to provide the public with the safest public swimming pools that they can.

Training kids of color to gain the necessary skills as a pre-request before hiring them for the job, is how it works in the real business world of realty. Handing someone a job out of pity or misguided charity, or out of the need to redistribute a paying job to someone, isn’t the job of city, or governments to do. Providing the abilities to get those skills for everyone who wants them..should be. Unskilled lifeguards just places the public at some risk, it also places the unprepared, not fully trained lifeguard at risk as well. Let’s use some common sense here please.

Common sense? Really? They would rather look at things in the same old broken ways of failed past policies, explained like this…

“While some might argue that lifeguards should come to the job with pre-existing swimming skills, others might see the city’s program as a valuable way of enabling people to acquire a skill, and thus, gainful employment, rather than allow them to become dependents on the system.”

Keeping people from becoming dependents on failed education systems just doesn’t seem to be a problem today? Doesn’t the dependency of the person who has yet to gain those skills, come about when they look to the government in hiring them on, while paying them in hope that they gain those skills afterwords; when in the real world, people who have gain skills can then market them into the free markets in exchanging of those talents for a paycheck. If hands on training is a good thing, why do we insist on people go to college before getting necessary skills for better jobs? Couldn’t we all stand going to a hands on training jobs? A pay as you learn system, instead of endless student loans system?

Let’s look at every kind of city job… and then decide if we can set lower standards of qualifications to their jobs as well, not just with lifeguards? Yes why not turn every job into an on the job training job regardless?? Police officers, fire men/women, nurses, doctors, certainly politicians? all of these deal with public safety to some extent, and are probably dominated with some ethnicity that’s unfair? With enough on the job training jobs supported by government regulations, we can lead to firing all educators as being over paid old-fashion non-progressive, a hindrance to the modern ways of doing things today?

Cutting to the chase, lowering standards as some help provided is not the answer! Encouraging people, inspiring people to be all they can be, teaching them by helping them to do the work of jumping hurdles, is that inspiration, that encouragement, that leadership required in leading someone into future success that they must earn. Handing a job over in hopes that someway / someday they gain skills in the posses, down grades the need to make unequaled efforts to gain unequaled success in life.

If we as a society are looking to providing people with some freedom from becoming dependent, why would we then provide jobs of some skill, to unproven, unskilled people, which for these people then are totally dependent on government in getting those jobs? Where exactly is there less dependency, while providing an improved safety in all of this?

Phoenix Seeks to Recruit Minority Lifeguards, Even Ones Who Lack Strong Swimming Skills


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