Ass, Gas, or Grass, nobody rides alternative energy for free!

Ass, Gas, or Grass, nobody rides for free.

Yet Obama and the dim wits of the Democratic Party support this kind of social abuse of the population with their branded social engineering. Wind power or solar power isn’t cheaper or even competitive with the old fashion oil & gas. These fools of modern failure (Mr. Obama and crew) are actively in support of something that is more expensive, inconsistent, and responsible for slowing the growth of the economy. That’s not also saying that it isn’t also a total waste of taxpayer’s money and efforts in earning that money, it hasn’t had an effect on the economy and the creation of new jobs…. thus new taxpayer’s. In short, an alternative energy plan reduces the standards of living for all, including the tax revenues to the government having borrowed the money in the first place, that now has become a great big liability. Nothing but a lose, lose, lose kind of plan to becoming a loser! That’s why BP is getting out of the wind energy business. The easy money made by fleecing the American taxpayer and now it is time to go.

It looks like the oil company BP, known for its slogan “beyond petroleum,” is going back to petroleum and selling off its wind business.

“What a shocker? BP recognizes that investments                         in wind energy are increasingly unwise,” Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an email. “Without huge government subsidies and strict mandates, wind energy cannot survive.”

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