Is Obama gutless or….. or is the GOP clueless?

House Speaker John Boehner said the other day, that “Obama doesn’t have the guts”…. It made me stop for a moment to think, just what was he saying, or at the very least meaning to say? But then it hit me. Obama has made a political career out of a constant political campaign to promote the ideas of moving from one crisis to the next while blaming his political rivals for holding up progress on solutions of the important issues of the day. When have you heard the president offer any solution to any problem? When John Boehner gave in, to Obama’s demands during the credit limit talks, just to get the democrats moving in a bipartisan way to solving something? Obama’s reaction was to raise the stakes and add more demands to the mix. He couldn’t be seen agreeing to something! He needed the GOP, those obstructionists, in causing the crisis to move along farther. Making himself (Obama) look all the while like a saviour. What came of it? The agreement call “The cuts”, are known in Washington as the “sequester.” Boehner, though, called it “the president’s sequester.”  Much because of the president’s unwillingness to solve the crisis without adding total blame to the republicans for the outcome.

Presto—- at the state of the union address Obama mentioned the “Sequester” as a bad thing, when it was the Democrats that argued for it, getting the GOP to cave in.

“I don’t think he has the guts to do it. He doesn’t have the courage to take on the liberal side of his own party — never has,” Boehner said.

So what was the worst part of the president’s SOTU (state of the union speech)? I can’t decide! There were so many moments where I said, “That was it”…. only to follow with … “No that was it.” Throwing a dart against the wall of lies and unbelievable and somewhat ridiculous policies purposed by the president, this one stands out the most, or does it?

The shameless call for a sharp increase in the minimum wage (which would hurt some of the most underemployed), or was it the one… of his warning to Congress that he would act if they refused (which made you wonder why, if he could act on an important issue unilaterally, why he would not have done it already?).

After all the Obama administration can throw together a gun ban in days, but hasn’t passed a budget in four years? If he is ready to use his power for the people and their safety, and not a political ideal whose purposes is to see through new manipulations, regulations as well as the destruction of the GOP. Then why hasn’t this power been used for the issues of preserving the value of our economy and our currency, is there any greater concern to Mr. Obama? Keeping just one more person from being killed by gun is a worthwhile usage of the executive order. But getting our financial house in order, our spending in order and the wastefulness of government, just isn’t worth the paper that the executive order would be written on? Could it be his conscience not allowing him to totally abuse the constitution and the powers of congress? Assuming of course that he (Mr. Obama) has a conscience?

He doesn’t have the courage to take on the liberal side of his own party, and why should he, when the GOP has shown the ability and willingness to compromise their principles away all to show that they are the party of bipartisanship. To Obama this kind of politics is all too easy, no need to show any guts, or solutions to any problem he creates. When he isn’t being called out on his political theater, his game play.

People have latched onto the fact that Obama isn’t the one who passes bills, congress does, or so they say and think. Self-blinding to the facts that Obama bypasses all of them at will, just as he did with 23 executive orders against guns and then pushed very hard for congress to act on gun control in compliance with his lead. The go along in order to get along policy that Obama seems to like. But the thing he likes more than anything else is unlimited spending, the purchase of even more power for himself and the Democratic Party by unlimited borrowing and spending. So applying any presidential newly acquired powers that he has in trusted to himself, like making an executive order for congress to pass a budget or else! Is truly an abusive order, because it forces an issue within the liberal power base that up till now is willing to give him unlimited support? That base where he (Obama) has been said to have no guts, to take on, or control liberals, for the benefit of the country as a whole, instead of the special interest groups he represents, has been the balancing act of presidential policy of sanity or insanity.

Obama may not have much in the way of guts to take on the more liberal side of the Democratic Party? But then, John Boehner, and the Republican party have been successfully divided into two segments, the rhino’s and conservative, neither of these two sides of the GOP show much better gamesmanship in politics or guts. Perhaps the GOP also has lack of guts?

Republicans it is impossible to compromise with the democrats or Obama (who never compromise their principals) while excepting the slow erosion of the GOP compromising theirs. It seems John Boehner is only half right, Obama may be gutless with the liberals in his party, but the republicans seem to be content with allowing themselves to become gutless by forgetting the timeless principal….” united we stand, and divided we fall!”

Within this style of government, where we seem to have 4 branches of co-equal powers of government, instead of the three originally desined… the president, house of representive’s, the congress, and those special interest groups, need to be controlled. But who will stand on principles and apply some unwavering, uncompromising, values, of principled solutions to our problems? DC seems to have a shortage of guts these days in making an honest presentation, and a wash of gutless corruption.


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