facebook jail candidates

Just three days after Facebook jailed yours truly, for making friend requests, or too many friend requests, either way I’m now able to make new request of friends again. The question is for how long? Should we start a pool on how long before Facebook restricts me for a fifth time? There are numerous requests by members asking me to reach out to their friends so my initial days of freedom might be short. During my incarceration we have added many to this group who are obvious candidates to become cyberfriends as well.

If I re-begin a campaign to include them will it led to more jail time? We also must include the Facebook enticements themselves; you know those suggested adds of people with mutual friends. The continuous questioning by Facebook, ” you may also know this person?” sending all of the pictures along with obvious button to friend this person. “Satan! Get ye behind me, and away from me”!

My current term of freedom to push buttons at will, free from punishment, is the result of restricting myself to only request  friends with those who have 100 mutual friends or more. Obviously that didn’t matter because of my last restrictions took place under the same set of rules for myself.

My rules, the ones I have for myself will change without notice, to Facebook or any other social networking pages, as I see fit. Not as you may instruct me! Just so Facebook knows where I’m coming from.

A man changed against his will, is of the same opinions still!!!!

I find that most people who have also reported that they too have been restricted, have posted as I have about politics, religion. The two biggies. The two most common starters of arguments. The third is free speech. Those who would use its restriction, only demonstrates a willingness to retard thought, knowledge, and opinion of others. They must be supporters of the retarded, the willfully stupid, the idiots coalition of restricted knowledge. Because I have a diploma of the college of hard knocks. I also believe in the power of self-education through critical thinking.

Because humans have yet to be mass-produced as of yet, resembling one mind and body fresh off the assembly line. I will reserve the right to be different by design, by choice that my creator granted me to also make for myself.
Your guesses is as good as mine, as how long it will be untill Facebook flexes their muscles and places me into Facebook jail. Your guess should include both date and time, or number of days before the inevitable occurs.

If your on restriction / or in Facebook’s jail? You can request a fellow-inmate friend, by hitting the friending button. After all if we are to be restricted together, like you are in school detention. Then they must also have learned that it pays to advertize if you can produce the merchandise.

My restrictions then must be saying that I give “HOT TALK”!

Free speech has no bounds, and true friends are the ties that bind. United we stand. divided we fall.

Come on! join the bad boy club, friend me, or at the very least take a good guess untill my next restriction. Have some fun with it. I am!!

Life is to short not to give “HOT TALK ” on Facebook, think of what Facebook would be like if we all sounded the same, or we wouldn’t be allowed to talk at all……. crickets!!

All the best.

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