Fair prices????

Story via comcast news: Iconic Seattle record store closes its doors | General Headlines | Comcast http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/news-general/20130104/Easy.Street.closes/

 A record store considered by many to be the best in Seattle is preparing to close its doors.

Easy Street Records announced plans to shutter its location in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood on January 18 following a 12-year run.

Store spokesman Morgan Chonsy told KIRO the decision resulted from a rent hike imposed by Diamond Parking, which owns the building. Despite enjoying one of its best years in sales, Easy Street was unwilling or unable to match the rent the building’s new tenant, Chase Bank, agreed to pay.

Chonsy said between 10 and 15 employees will be laid off, although some may be able to relocate to Easy Street’s West Seattle store.

Listening to some local news as well asking some local people for their thoughts it was noticed. Some customers of the record store stated that it was a shame that big business like the bank would want to pay more than what the record store could afford to pay.

Still others stated that local government shouldn’t alow this kind of business tactics to be used by big business.

But aren’t these just the kind of statements of people, open to the ideas that government should pick winners and losers? It seem like that when the liberal left is on the loosing end of the amount of money being spent, government needs to step in? But when they are able to out spend their opponents, their attitude is. “that the voice of the people.” or “You don’t like the free market at work?”

Non of these costumers expressed their dissatisfaction with the cloud music sharing/purchasing networks that are more responsible for the down fall of record stores. But then the corporation of Apple and their I-tunes cloud network is loved by the liberal left, which the liberal-minded people also tends to use these kind of services at a higher rate per user then other political party affiliations. So are they willing participants in the down fall of the record store?

I see, if this was a tech company wanting to have the building and willing to pay more. the liberal left minded response as being…. how would they say? “Just fine with that! Cool man!” but because it is the evil banking industry, who would also demand repayment of loans taken by people. The government needs to step in and help. Granted the responses of people in local news reports and those on the streets couldn’t, or wouldn’t respond as to what kind of political policies they supported. Their answers were never supportive of the company finding cheaper rent at some new location, that they would then also support. There were no volunteers of building owners to offer low rent in exchange of the record store moving the location to theirs. No, not at all! It was more a mindset of command and control to my liking, kind of responses. Yet these same people would like the max amount of money they can get or the market would bare if they were the land lords of the property.

In addition the media using such presentations in creating a local emotional story hidden in plain sight of socialist ideas, within the public full views in order to manipulate the public mindset farther into excepting, redefining, that being a bigger business is also being somehow greedy. Yet overlooking the fair price in any market, is what the purchaser is willing to pay.

The manipulation of price, through public outcry is use of power and emotion. In the Seattle area the housing market has exploded over the years do to the success of Microsoft, and other internet company’s driving up prices abnormally high and in record speeds. No one in the media ever ran stories on how unfair it was to people. No demands made for the government to regulate price. No! Not at all! Only now days in the hopes to save a company where its technology has come and went, citing that higher price of rent was the culprit to its demise. Totally closing their ability to use critical thinking in finding just what true and fair price would be.

Using manipulative emotions to get what you want, closes the door of innovation. Thinking back to a time when of past technologies that are no longer in uses. Which ones would be saved in a presentation of progression within moving forwards? The slogan of the progressive left, as being (Forward ). The pony express? The ice delivery man? The 8-Track player??

What is the point of supporting that what has been proved to be inferior, while trying to slow down the progressive movement of improved inventions, which drives growth in the economy?

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