Religion of Suicidal selfishness, or the ultimate social engineering?

Any society that is founded on a self-centered selfishness. Is one that will often make decisions based on limiting personal responsibility’s. Yet society is dependent on growth. Peoples  retirements depends on younger people to pay for their retirement. Younger people are dependent on still younger people having kids and thus supporting the housing markets with expansion and of price. Even stores that sell the basic needs look for growth in income and expansion of operations from the population growth. Even growth of the job markets are dependent on these reality’s. Basic fact growth of any society comes from the growth of the population.

What happens to society’s when they embrace a suicidal selfishness?

Back in 2006 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had called for a baby boom.

 “I am against saying that two children are enough. Our country has a lot of capacity. It has the capacity for many children to grow in it. It even has the capacity for 120 million people,” he declared. “Westerners have got problems. Because their population growth is negative, they are worried and fear that if our population increases, we will triumph over them.”

After the 1979 Islāmic Revolution which booted out the Shah, The Iranians had an extremely high birth rate. Some almost 7 births per women. Iranians had swelling births and plenty of young people coming up in society. Soon they would enter the workforce and every aspect of a modern Iran not socially and politically prepared for it. According to the politicians of the day they had a bright future. Some what expressed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But with huge growth you also have huge societal demands. Education, Jobs, housing, better foods, healthcare… and so on. But the leaders of Iran didn’t see the need to follow the people’s needs and or demands. The outlook for the future, and that same outlook that the population viewed, was a whole different view completely. Was it is because of personal responsibility’s?

Shocked by the rapidly growing population, the Iranian government vigorously promoted family planning as a path to economic development. 70 million as a teeming cauldron of Islāmic fundamentalism and social and moral conservatism, the trend to lower birthrates began. Hoping to lower the pressure on government.

A western way of life was considered evil. So birth control was on the cutting edge of to different society’s, were one was considered more western therefore ( Evil ), and the other was religiously rigid. After the 1979 Islāmic Revolution which booted out the Shah, Iran was dismantled for being pro-Western. But contraceptive use was not totally banned and Imam Khomeini and other Ayatollahs did grant fatwas allowing it as a health measure.

Women were encouraged to space births and to stop at three. Although there was no overt coercion, a 1993 social engineering law penalised large families by terminating family allowances, health benefits and maternity leave for families with four or more children. Reducing farther the government responsibility, all the while creating a theocracy controlled social engineering.

Who really wants to look at their children and tell them, ” Sorry there is no food!” no one does. So there is no real surprise that the birth rate dropped to a low in 2012 1.88 births per women. That represents a declining population. Any population needs to have 2.1 births per women to sustain its self. But to grow it needs more births, along with a population that sees opportunity’s for a brighter future.

Iran today has had one of the highest declines in birth rates in the world. Down some 70% in their growth rate, within a single genaration.This will spell trouble with the ageing of the population. First the baby boom from the war years, now between the ages of 14-35. In that age group women are using birth control at an increasing rate, or having baby’s farther apart, or not at all. All so they have a renewed desire to have an easier life. They can see the world through the internet, and its many appeals. A reduction of personal responsibility’s on every level, is therefore appealing.  Leaving more resources for everyone on every level.

Being young with no real bright futures that they can see. The young are taking the direction to protest against the political internals to the country. It also explains the political unrest in the country. Leaderships worry is, how to deal with all of the social concerns, along with the their brand of religious expansion they are hoping for.

Iran has been going down that road of controlling the population through religious rules rather than rigid government ones. If you don’t like the rules supplied by government you can always overthrow them. But with religious rules…… even through they seem to be perverted by political leaders, it takes an extreme mindset to change religions. Much harder to do when you have the kind of religion like Islam. It also doesn’t surprise anyone with the display’s of attitudes of the government leadership. A Young population ( Some 30 + % of the population ), 25% plus unemployment among the young, and a declining birth rate. Which means that the iranian government will have fewer people to support the future retirement of the present youth. A governmental migraine.

War and the extreme talk of it is just a way to slim down the population and kick-start any economy. But that is also evil. Yet old men can’t fight in a war so……

When you look at it like I’m sure the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has. It doesn’t surprise anyone to hear the kind of political rhetoric, along with a strange love of death.

Islamist’s love to say… ” We love death more than you love life. “

Is it religion coping society? Or society that has copied flawed religious rules, only seeing a dark future, therefore allowing a for slow suicidal death by way of reduced birth rates? Truly is it a Religion of suicidal selfishness, or the ultimate social engineering on the road to failure?

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