Donating to Presidential Campaigns shenanigans?

When it comes to campaigns donations, we should have a system that is easy, as well as consistent, with regards to making sure that no shenanigans take place. No manipulations from foreign country’s or some such right? This next story is just what you get when one donation page is easy and contestant. The other is set-up for just some honest mistakes to be made by people from overseas country’s. Or these so-called honest mistakes, that could take place, are they really…..  just that? But who is in charge, to monitor these transactions.? If mistakes can be, and most certainly will be made, and already have been made. Who then will look over the respective presidential campaigns and their offices running the donation web page. Who is in the position of, enforcing policy’s for the preservation of integrity for our presidential campaigns? Read this next story and then check out the donation web pages. Pass on your findings and suggestions for a smoother, more honest way to donate to the candidate of choice. Or at least an honest effort from ordinary citizens holding the candidate of choice to a higher standard of honesty in running donations made to their campaigns.

@smitty_one_each I’m an Australian citizen, and I just donated $3 to the Obama campaign without a problem. …


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