The war on FAT! Starving the athlete! ( Michelle Obama school lunch menu mandate )

“In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama.” According to Kyle Olson’s story on posted on 9-23-2012

We have been told from childhood to stay inside the lines drawn. So the lines in the sand are drawn, only to be blurred, distorted, or even erased. The lines of what the government thinks is a healthy diet, and what people provide for themself’s, as their choice of what is a healthy diet. The one that they will eat at least.

Athletes burn more calories do to the activates they’re into. But for the athletes of computer gaming society, extra calories must be limited, additional calories, leads to becoming FAT! The war on FAT is what the government is into these days. So they draw lines in the sand. This is what you will eat. One size fits all attitude! By the way, if the shoe fits….. doesn’t apply. Because we ( the government ) will make it fit for everyone!

So kids are getting a lesson in economic supply and demand 101. The blurring of the lines begins. If you do not get what you want, and it is no longer just given to you at will. Then you have just opened the door for those smart enough to see the opportunity’s, and daring enough to capitalize on it. To seize the moment! The attitude that is anti-socialism, the can do spirit. An eye-opening experience on what regulation really does to the human spirit. As well a calculated response to it all.

Holding some kids back from pursuing a healthy life style through athletic competition. While trying to limit an unhealthy life style of sloth through computer gaming. The result is sloth survives. Although somewhat limited with no extra efforts needed. But health is risked, limited by the possibility of reducing the activity while adding an increase cost for the additional fuel or food, for those who would be athletes.

So I guess the government doesn’t like poor kids to become athletes? Because the governments attitudes…. They need help because they can’t buy it for themself’s. The parents aren’t feeding kids properly in the first place despite getting food stamps. So government has to regulate all of it! But if these so-called poor people really don’t have the knowledge on food, why not teach them? Giving them the education that not only benefits them, but the goal of healthier people in the long run? If they really don’t have the food, so their kids could become athletes then why hold them back by (reducing calories in school lunches) from chasing their dreams of being an athlete?

Maybe reducing the calories in school isn’t because kids are getting to FAT from school lunches!? Could it be they’re getting FAT because they have food stamps at home and uneducated parents ( According to government excuses given). Who will still buy junk food. Even giving some addicted to food kids the ability to eat fruit loops at home, then run off to school for breakfast, lunch, and even in some cases diner. All the while packing money from parents for lunch, which turns into money for snacks. After telling parents how bad the school lunches are, over dinner at home and asking for the money to buy lunch tomorrow.

Kids who see the needs and lack of will-power of the addicted kids. Who also wish to have different foods stuff unlimited, and then find a way of marketing to them. Are just learning economics 101. They have therefore just found a way for extra income. A future business man or women in the making using creative marketing. According to regulations and the misguided health message of the government, these kids who do this are just creating a problem. Can you see the need for catching food smugglers coming into school at some point? Another FAT reducing effort, that requires no exercise for those with a weight problem. The perfect government job and answer to a problem. It requires no personal effort, thoughts, choice, or responsibility. When the government decides for you, you will just exist! Stop whining about your existence!

(Picture provided and copied for the story.)


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