Father-daughter dances canceled ! Not every girl today is interested in growing up to be Cinderella.

What is next in the minds of crazy that will bubble to the surface, like methane gas, exploding with only one little spark onto society spreading it corrosive liberalism?

“Not every girl today is interested in growing up to be Cinderella — not even in Cranston,” the ACLU Executive Director Steven Brown commented.

Rhode Island dominated headlines earlier this year after a teen atheist successfully sued to have a prayer mural removed from Cranston High School West in Cranston, Rhode Island. Now, there’s two new targets within the very same school district: Father-daughter dances and mother-son baseball games.

As to why this daughter doesn’t have a father figure in her life isn’t the question here. It is the facts is there is no good reason to victimize society entirely for the misfortunes of some? Feelings of being left out aren’t good enough to ask everyone to be uncomfortable on your behalf. Where is the adult mindset, which certainly must have the same abilities of president Obama, to evolve. Finding simple solutions to any problem in life. Rather then allowing the victimization of everyone equally so.

“I acknowledge that many of these events have long traditions and for many parents, these types of gender-based events are not an issue,” Lundsten wrote in a letter to school groups. “However, this is a public school system and under no circumstances should be isolating any child from full participation in school activities and events based on gender. Please be all-inclusive when planning your events.”

I for one am feel sorry for this little girl not having a dad in her life. But then we don’t know just why that is. Prehaps on the more negative side of things her mother picked badly among all of the guy’s in her life. Who really knows? But if this were to be true shouldn’t the mother bear some of the responsibility’s for how the girl certainly is feeling? Not only for the father daughter dance but for every event in her life that also could have a dad presents as a preference?

Prehaps her dad was in the military and deployed, or killed, or some such. tragedies happen! So there are no other male figures that could step into the role and help a girl out? A friend of the family, brother, uncle…… or some such? or is the sick minded personnel of the school district only thinking that would lead to some kind of abuse of a little girl. Who really knows. But one thing is true, a solution could have been found other than some kind of total isolation of every child, from full participation in school activities and events based on gender. By then reducing the life experiences for everyone in turn, equally so.

For a liberal mind-set to cleanse there thoughts by saying.  “Not every girl today is interested in growing up to be Cinderella.” Apparently also doesn’t support marriage on the same premise. Because the girl Wareing the white wedding gown, marching down to her knight in shining armor, (also known as the man of her dreams) some how doesn’t resemble ” Cinderella ” either. In this case as well in the case of marriage this little girl will always be a victim. No dad to dance with in school, no dad to give the bride away or dance with after the wedding. Who do we then sue ACLU….. mother? Careful with what we support in life, it may magnify Hippocrates in action.

At some point are schools going to ban dances where the girls and the boy’s may if they choose to, dance like in ” Dirty Dancing ” ? Or should we go, to banning all dances because it doesn’t alow for all of the sexual complications and relationship types to be recognized equally? Certainly then, we will have sanitized some of the sexual tensions and the gender based expressions that could be expressed in school activities, based on gender alone. Or prehaps it is time to do the best we can in life. Recognizing that life isn’t fair, and at times parents / adults make it more unfair. Other wise we all can find something to sue over because we have emotional frailty to feel.

( Picture provided by web post mentioned and linked to in this post.)

http://www.theblaze.com/stories/aclu-complaint-alleging-gender-discrimination-puts-an-end-to-ri-school-districts-father-daughter-dances/ via @theblaze


http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57514832/r.i-school-father-daughter-dance-violates-law/?tag=socsh via @CBSNews


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