DNC…. Hypocrites magical mystery tour. ( the DNC a squat-master presentation )

Who can you believe these days? With the likes of people taking advantage, for the sake of getting an advantage over you. Who can you believe these days?People who would like to defraud you, lie to you, and present deceptions in order to take advantage over you. Or just plain vanilla devious people, who in order to manipulate you into doing something that you wouldn’t normally do on your own. All in trying to place you at a disadvantage. Who can you believe?

Who ever said. ” Follow the money! ” Should have also said. ” Follow the intentions of a person hoping to get reelected. “

In truth. In this day and age where you can lose your job just because you thought when you were a kid, making a cardboard cutout of a dime and then using it. Was indeed cool! Only to find out some 49 years later that wasn’t all that cool after all. Result… getting fired from your job.

Despite all of the crazy news in the world. Isn’t it also crazy to not want to fix any possibility’s for voter fraud when found? I thought that living in this country was the greatest thing. The power belonged to the people and their ability to vote. Giving them the right to vote someone into office or out. But if a fraudulent vote just cancels out your vote! Wouldn’t you be a touch pissed-off? What is the problem with having to have voter ID’s then?

Obama and his crones like Eric Holder think that’s racism!

What? Does that also apply to getting pulled over by police officer, who then asks for drivers licences? Who would have thunk it? In this overly politically correct world, I and any of you out there in real-vill could have sued on grounds of…. The police department is racist.

I guess Obama and his choom gang, needs to check out all of the stories about dead people on voter rolls, along with dogs who can register, or who are still on the voter rolls in some states. I know…. sounds like…… no I’m not smoking choom! But for the racists in government who believe there isn’t anything to see. So just keep moving along. We have to ask what are the true intentions? They couldn’t be…. their in public offices and therefore they can’t be idiots? Or are they just looking for the next generations of useful idiots?

Debra Young said it like this in her blog. ( open solon, Western Colorado. )You need a photo ID’s for these things. ” To buy sudafed, to buy spray paint. To get on an airplane, to apply for a passport. To cash a check.  To tour a house for sale, to walk into CostCo. To return an item I bought, to apply for my library card. To rent an apt., to apply for a loan. To get a marriage license. To buy booze, get into a bar or a nightclub & casino.

Other things you need to show an I.D. for? In Illinoise? To buy drano. Apply for welfare, apply for food stamps. To buy cigarettes. Be admitted to the hospital [actually my husband needed 2 I.D.’s to be admitted]  To get a gun permit. Oh and best of all? To attend Michelle Obama’s book signings. “

Not to say to get into state offices, and to claim a loto winning ticket for cash, rent a car, truck, apartment, house, open a bank account, investment account, a credit card or a line of credit. Even to see Eric Holder, get a car or truck out of impound, to get a business licence, to pick up your kids at an unscheduled time, and to be a witness in court. Just to name a few more.

To add salt in the open wound that is festering stupidity, or a government at work. We have our newly minted and recently upheld  Affordable Care Act, which will also require a photo ID to obtain federally subsidized health insurance. But the hypocrites never seem to mention there will be really poor disenfranchised people left out of this government program unless they get their photo ID’s as well.

Just like the complaints from Eric Holder, who has said a lot in recent days / weeks. He said.

“WASHINGTON (AP) —Attorney Genera Eric Holder said Tuesday he opposes a new photo ID requirement in Texas elections  because it would be harmful to minority voters.

At NAACP in Houston, the attorney general Eric Holder said the Justice Department  ” will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious right. “

Remarks to the law passed in Texas, Holder said. ” Many of those without IDs would have to travel great distances to get them — and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. “

At this weeks Democratic National Convention. Their website says It will require all people to register for
the convention. The page reveals an
interesting policy: “All pickup persons must have a state-issued ID that matches the name submitted.”

So let me get this right if I can. You need a photo ID to get into the DNC, and to get into the Justice Department, to complain to Eric Holder about the evil Republicans trying to take you into the 21 century. That’s right! I’m finding it hard to believe that people these days, who are also willing to work that hard at keeping from getting a voter ID if required by state law. Also can’t find work to support themself’s without the helping hand of government. Yet they seem to have every other comforts of life, and can also produce ID’s when it is to their advantage to do so.

If there is such a person who can’t get a voter ID. Eric Holder hasn’t produced one of these kind of people who are also here legally. Did they even try to get one? If they didn’t even try, didn’t they just decide for themself’s not to vote then. If it is important to vote to that person….. they would get the ID in order to vote then. Besides government could break out some more of that endless cash for the social safety net, (social entrapment net). Paying for everyone to get one. If government can force you to get health insurance, then voter ID’s aren’t far behind.

If you don’t like the word ” FORCE “, or the fact that government may implement the use of force in one thing in life. At some point they maybe forcing you to live life as they should then choose for you, in every way possible? Couldn’t that also be in the cards? How would you then vote against that, if the dead, or pets, or illegals can vote for it?! In exchange for some unseen free government handout I’m sure?

To Obama, and Eric Holder, who think so little about the poor guy’s who would also like to complain to you about other things in all fairness. But couldn’t find the time to get the ID you require. Because you need two pieces of photo ID’s just to get into see them. If you’re not a complainer. Great! let’s celebrate in the halls of where the DNC is to be held. Dig out your ID’s, the same still apply’s sucker! After all it’s the ” Hypocrites magical mystery tour. ” Where the democrats make the rules for everyone, and nobody is anybody untill they see your two pieces of ID first.

Are you frustrated yet? Remember, “You didn’t build that “! Democrats did!

Just another democrats squat-master production of fairness, where fair is defined as rules don’t apply!

picture copied from the Posted by News New Mexico blog story
Staff on Monday, September 3,


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