Political 10 cent footballs. ( Government-run amuck! )

It is truly amazing when people of this country who are hard-working get caught up in some dragnet to weed out criminal activities, or dishonest practices, for the safety of the public in general.

After all if someone is found to do wrong. Then pays their debt to society, and lives for another 49 years without any other accusations of wrong doing. Is that a person that has rebuilt some public trust again?

68-year old Richard Eggert allowed himself to succumb to temptation as a kid.  Engage in a shady dark criminal activity of ” Money laundering “. By inserting a cardboard cutout of a dime into a laundromat machine. He was arrested and charged for fraud. Presumable he paid his price for his criminal activities and lived another 49 years in good standing to the law.

But apparently, a rule’s a rule. As Wells Fargo spokesperson Angela Kaipust told WOI TV

“We don’t have discretion to grant exceptions in situations like this. Once we
find out someone has a criminal history of dishonesty or breach of trust we can
no longer employ them.”

The government placed the additional rules on the banking industry, to protect the public better from identity theft and banking fraud. In the blizzard of politics, doing things three times fast gets people like Richard Eggert caught in the cross fire. The rules are designed to find and deal with people who have had a past history with honesty and fraud. But it doesn’t alow for childish mistakes 49-years-old, and an adult with a 49-year-long history with a clean record. Or at least, up till now no other evidence has been release of other frauds, and honesty’s in question, or questionable acts by Mr. Eggert.

Wells Fargo responded like this in a nother statement;  “We understand the outpouring of concern for Mr. Eggers and we want people to  know that we take this matter very seriously. Wells Fargo is an insured  depository institution, a global bank, bound by US Federal law (Section 19 of  the Federal Deposit Insurance Act) to protect our customers and their personal  financial information  from someone who we know has committed an act of  dishonesty or breach of trust — regardless of when the incidents occurred. It is  uncomfortable, but it is a law that we have to follow. We have the  responsibility to avoid hiring or continuing  to employ someone who we know  has a criminal record.”

The key words in this statement that should be applied evenly across the board both for public and private individuals. ” committed an act of dishonesty or breach of trust — regardless of when the incidents occurred. “

What is truly amazing with this story is the government has made additional banking regulations specifically to deal with ” Honesty ” and identity theft. Politicians who themself have a problem with honesty, and banking regulations. Yes the regulations of  ” NO INSIDER TRADING “. For years the congressional politician could trade on information regarding regulation that they were still putting together, or voting on. This was the practice of congress untill recently. Because of public outcry. But what other privileges do they have, that we do not?

The problem with this is, we the people couldn’t trade on such info or risk going to jail. These wizards of smart made sure that they could make money, at the same time made sure that we the people are protected from fraud.

Who’s protecting us from KING like rules that gives them more privileges of privilege then the we the people?

We need principled politicians unwilling to compromise their principles. Who also recognizes that we the people pay taxes to pay for government to perform the job of governing. Not marly for the existence of government.

In the end we need politicians who recognizes that they are people and need to return to a normal life after public service, and abide by the same rules that they passed on the rest of us. In other words can we all say ” TERM LIMITS ON ALL AND EVERY POLITICANS ” ?

If Mr. EGGERT lost his job because an act of youth stupidity. Our politicians who made the rules in the first place need to place themself’s under the same principles of honesty. Instead of offering an excuse of. ” Everyone is or has been dishonest in their lives before. The greatest importance with dishonesty is. Was it a white lie or a black lie? ”

In my book. If Mr. Eggert can lose his livelihood because of 10 cents worth of fraud, and be viewed as some kind of dishonest risk to society. Then politicians who lie to the same degree should stop throwing stones in glass houses, or clean house totally of all of the dishonesty in government! Go ahead! Pass the self-governing rules for yourself’s. Out law the use of dishonest politics all to gain reelections. I dare you!

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/wells-fargo-fired-this-man-for-a-10-cent-stunt-he-pulled-50-years-ago-2012-8#ixzz25QCHrIM2

http://ti.me/T6wWFd via @TIMENewsFeed


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