The death of “Reason” in supporting economical terrorists, or liberalism ?

Supporting Economical terrorists or liberalism should never be the policy’s or the supporting ideas of government. Our politicians in government are sworn to protect the constitution of the United States, from all enemy’s both foreign and domestic! So a speech that includes economical terror, is that an attack on the country? Making threats on the economy isn’t that a threat of every man, women, and child who participate in the economy? So then, defacto an attack on the country, right?

Why do you suppose the liberal left is so hell-bent on,” Their way or the high-way”? They always insist on some bipartisan solutions to any problems. When faced with philosophical differences, the left insist on some compromise in the middle. They never give in to, or give up any ground. Never claim a loss of political ground do to a compromises made. How can they? Meeting in the middle is giving up some of your position. If the Republicans keep compromising the left will keep gaining ground politically, one piece at a time. A death by a thousand cuts, or water torturer and so on. Right?

What political profit, or positive effect can a speech have on the economy that also says. ” We have a willing attitude to drive the economy over a financial cliff in order to get what… ? ”

This Senator from Washington state shows just how politically bankrupt she and the liberal left democrat party really is. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA): Dems Will Go Over “Fiscal Cliff” Unless GOP Relents On Bush Tax Cuts – Greg Hengler via @townhallcom

This is the only way out of the impending economic doom…. More tax and spend ways of spending your way to prosperity? If that was possible Greece should be the richest nation on earth today. Yet the news out of Greece says other wise Sen. Patty Murray.

” If we the people of this nation will not become educated with the political policy’s and ideas of the opposing political party’s, and keep them in line with the constitution of our founding. Then….

 The death of reason is the birth of resentment! “

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