Samuel L. Jackson proves my point, with pocket God’s..

Date line monday 8/27/2012:

Samuel L. Jackson tweeted ” UNFAIR ” along with lots of profanity’s in expressing his liberal dissatisfaction of God over all plan for the GOP. convention in Tampa FL.

Jackson apparently up set with God because, he tweeted. ” Not understanding God’s plan. Spared GOP in Tampa.” he then also tweeted. ” Appeared heading to New Orléans.”

For Jackson to get so upset with God and apparently not listening to the liberal Democratic over all plans, for God to work on their be-half in disrupting the GOP’s convention. Or who knows what else they would be hopping for behind closed doors. Shows a narrow mind-set, fully drowning in an atmosphere of bureaucratic bullying.

It will continue to surprise me at the willingness of these people who share the mind-set within the Democratic party. Who only believe in God when they first reduce his powers to only exacting vengeance on their political rivals. A belief in a subservient God, is far better of those of the GOP types, who believe in an all-powerful God. Rather than a self-made pocket God.

The wild-eyed extremist bathing himself, or herself with the mythological worlds they create within their own minds. Must certainly feel now that the tropical storm Isaac moving against New Orléans is proof positive that God doesn’t really exist. After all If he did! He would have then dealt a blow against their political rivals. Or so goes the unrealistic thoughts of the Democratic cult movement that builds God’s of political straws that favor bureaucratic bullying.

Like a video game. These small-minded people with even smaller political sense, break out in hysterics with the over use of profanity’s expressing dissatisfaction to the lack of God’s corporation to their master plan of making everything subservient to the democratic party’s rule. In other words… They would like to build a better pocket God who listens better, and acts according to Democratic plans.

Samuel L Jackson! Rather then applying a hope and change like attitudes towards God. Hoping that he will listen to your liberal profane out cry’s to only doing your bidding. You must certainly remember one thing about God… ” You didn’t build that!

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