Where are the political songs? Promoting building things out of jello!

What happened to the singing and dancing good times these days? Just as it was not all that long ago, when president Obama thought he could walk on water. Or was that the over inflated opinions that some people had made and confused him with. Just being or claiming to have been a community organizer doesn’t in-title you to your own folklore. I’m sure he was building some of those same thoughts about himself, when he heard those songs being song to him by yesterdays school kids. Sure, you remember those school children, singing to the praises of the soon coming accomplishments of ” Hope and change.” Those yesterday anthems of those hope and change dreams. Where no one’s personal responsibility’s would have to work towards any success. Success was to be distributed to all. You know? All for one and one for all.

Success was the product of government, redistributed, and delivered by roads, and bridges, or even highways to the success hungry. All because of the new world we now live in. After all Obama said. ” You didn’t build that! “  Is success just built-in the factory, in some secret government facility? But it’s coming! So the songs of the youthful singers sang songs of hope and change. The effortless anthems of somethings have to change, but not by my efforts alone. Obama is here!

The thing with singing kids and small children, singing about political campaigns or people. Who are at the same time guided by older people, who see it as their job to creating, and inspiring, a new and young following for the political thought of the day. They will eventually grow up to see the error of their youth if left alone. Or is this nothing more than preparing the next generation, through some brain washing of a sort, so they will not see anything but the dream you weave for them?

Political dictators of oppressive regimes, both past and present have at times used singing children for this very purposes. The similarity to the Obama’s past campaign of 2008, getting kids to sing songs about a man who didn’t do anything politically yet. Opens up some thought as to what, those people that were running the campaign were even thinking?

It is somewhat hypnotic to some degree. Seeing kids singing for the hope and change, as they are defining it. ( Or were they? ) Singing about hope and change, yet not really knowing what it ment, or how it was to impact them later in life.The problem with building dreams into reality’s. It takes work! Hard work for those who want it. Wanting something but not wanting to make an effort is to be child like, just building a building made of jell-o because it’s fun. It doesn’t seem like work at all. The problem with nailing jell-o to the wall is….? It wiggles, and giggles, and then goes splat! So it is the same with defining things openly and personally without guide lines set by the one who is presenting them in the first place. Mostly without the politician saying exactly what he or she is meaning, or clearly saying. Building a life based on unclear dishonest political presentations, is like building your life success, trying to nailing jell-o to the wall. It can be fun for a while. But then after a while getting no where fast, it to becomes frustrating. When you leave people to vote for, and expect each of their dreams to come true with that vote. Even when everyone has a different definition of ” Hope and change.” You will affect confidence.

Saying little to nothing, and saying it in a way so people can draw different conclusions of their own, is the gift to a really good politician. But! This opens the door for diversion, deception, and divisions to set into the people’s mind-set of the country. Not the most positive future to present while using these tactics. People who knowingly helping the politician, who would play with honesty, by redefining it to fit their own definitions and their dreams of it. Are no different then the politician, dishonest scoundrels.

Where are the campagne adds that are pushing the new crack cocaine of ” Hopeum “? Where are these hollywood stars?  Are these stars just guilty of some kind of dishonesty, to themself’s, and others alike?

In this campaign, in Obama’s relection efforts, where are the singing and dancing trained kids of yesterday? They have had almost 4 years to practice and become even more indoctrinated, with the power of hope and change. But some how, this time around the hype of singing kids are a negative to the campaign. Why aren’t there child like new songs about those roads of success. Or are they just a new liability, all to similar to yesterdays repressive regimes?

Politics are mostly presenting a vision of something that isn’t real. Creating a dream like state, all so voter’s would just alow their dream to clouding their minds to that point, and then vote for it. Often this ends up to be disappointment to the tenth degree. That’s the problems with visions. It is the dream, of two different extreme dreamers presenting to each other, their vision of pure honest dishonesty. Vote for hope and change?

Truth is. Politics is just slight of hand for the most part. Dictators both past and present count on the people not following the bouncing ball, in gaining their power. Once in power it is important to guide the youthful mind down a pathway of accepting what is put in front of you as being great. Even when it is a product of inferior quality. Is that where the phrase of. ” Tastes like chicken. ” came from. The need to fool the young foolish mind into excepting an imitations of lesser quality, as being the same?

Well the question still is…. where are the singing kids this time out president Obama? Where are all of those ideas of hope and change, and the youth, now some 4 years older, cheering you on?

For a president who had a democratic congress for 2 years out of the last 4. Who still has crazy friends who will do everything you ask of them ( Harry Reid ). Why is it that you still have the need of blaming the present problems on the presidents of the past like Bush? At some time you have to stop and listen to the hope and change groove yard hits of the past. Asking your self, ” How is it we were so popular, to have kids singing like this to me. Me! Of all people. ”  Wake up! The problem with the drug of Hopeum! Is when you come back to reality. It isn’t the same way as when your were high on it.

We deserve truthful policies of honest intent, on just how we are going to fix all of the problems from past, as well as the ones in the present. America deserves better than any presidents pushing, failed policy’s as their version of hope and change. After the present day is over and we move into the next day of our tomorrow’s future. You ( president Obama ) will be in the past just like ( President Bush ) who came before you. Therefore using your strategy, can we blame you for all of the present problems of 16 trillion debt and growing?

After all you said., about president Bush        ” Borrowing money from the bank of China to spend money we don’t have is… un-patriotic! ”   quote by Obama.

But I guess singing kids cover-up all of those past pains? Music covers up everything so it seems. Making the past and the present un-patrioticness disappear as long as the music is still playing. When it ends, is when we can see you Mr. president and reality clearly. Where are the political songs?


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