Defining Better

Defining better seem to be harder and harder these days, at least by the democratic dictionary. It wasn’t all that long ago when the president said his administration was going to be transparent, and uniting, as well encouraging the use of civil discourse.

Vice President Joe Biden touched off an uproar when he said Tuesday Republicans  would put Americans “back in chains” — a remark that drew immediate criticism  from the GOP and prompted Mitt Romney to tell President Barack Obama to take his  campaign of “division and anger and hate back to Chicago.”

Read more:     “Look at what they [Republicans] value, and look at their budget. And look what  they’re proposing. [Romney] said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the  big banks write their own rules — unchain Wall Street,” Biden said a rally in Danville, Va. “They’re going to put y’all back in  chains.”
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When it comes to calling someone a racist, or making statements that imply racist overtones. The democratic party and the fellow followers of the party who also join into the name calling game. Blaming their counter parts as the party of racist intent, by their accusations, and through their outrageous behaviours. Is just uncalled for. But when they themself’s make some mistakes, ( Or are they really mistakes at all? ) they just say, causally in an all to easily made excuse. “That’s not what was meant. ” If it was truly a mistake, an apology would be all that is needed to have been offered.

The word ” Racist ” is such a strong word, and hurtful to those who have experienced it first hand. Why would someone in politics even try to draw some lines of comparison with such a poor use of words, and shallow thoughts? Allowing themself’s then to brush it off, as if it’s no big deal? But then, we shouldn’t make such a colossal mistake as to assume that Joe Biden hasn’t been guilty of brainless speech before. We would then be just overlooking the obvious. Stupid does what the brainless commands.

Making a racist comment of even a mistake that can be taken as one. Seem to be one of those moments of the brain-dead politicians mouth attempting to get away with verbal murder. Excusing yourself or others for such uses of words, or outbursts is wrong! We should be more demanding of our politicians and leaders, even of ourself’s, then alow ourself’s or others to engage in political malpractice. There is no positive advantage by engaging in actions for the purposes of division. Excusing ones self, or our politicians with a big pardon. Is just to empower sinister people who worship power and are willing to do or say anything to maintain it.

Some self-examination by checking with the reflections in the mirror may be in order. To determine where one stands, rather than pointing fingers from a position of weakness as if it where a position of strength. Making excuses to explain away a poor attempt to manipulate people’s perceptions is somewhat delusional! A  delusional belief that the steeple of this nation aren’t as smart as the misguided leadership.

Comments like this seem to me, needs to be avoided at all costs by both political party’s. To use it as a political tool and a weapon seem to be demeaning, belittling, offensive, cold and calculating, not to say over the top. Sending a negative message of division. Dividing the nation, with the use of tactics of division, is not the best tactic in presenting a positive future. Politicians who would then have a willingness to engaged themself’s and their policy’s in conciliatory politics, as the political force and tactics of the day. Are by far more positive, and have a positive presentation for the future as they see it. We need visionary leadership / politicians. That would protect, promote, and expand, life, liberty, and freedom, in pursuit of happiness for everyone.

It is easy to see that name calling isn’t the best political tactic for the country as a whole. Uniting the people in this country gets us farther into the future, helping one another, rather than fighting one another. Lets leave the racist past in the past, moving beyond the heated moment, and actually put some ideas, and thoughts on the table, in search of the answers to the issues of the day.

There is no more room at the table of politics for childish politicians and their name calling. How do you define better? How is name calling in that way, the best plan for the future anyway Democrats / Liberals?

GOP slams Biden ‘chains’ remark – Mackenzie Weinger – via @POLITICO


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