The word is out Harry Reid is ready for retirement

Is Harry Reid out of control? Or is he just insane, out of touch, cold and calculating? It is obvious that he doesn’t care for any thing other than himself and the democrat party victories over republican party ones. In so much as he wants victories for democrats at all costs. He is willing to do or say what ever it takes. What appears, to be his opinion, and political mindset. The country, or what is perceived in the best interest for the country. As the attitude that screams out. Country be damned! He has the mind-set along with others like him, that they knows better than anyone else. So then to lie, deceive or telling lies, or having the willingness to say or do anything to promote the victory. It’s just politics!

Hate the game not the player. Must certainly be the rule for such politicians. Up untill they are having their ass handed to them. Then they cry like baby’s. ” How unfair. Or.. That’s a lie! Suddenly they have, a come to Jesus moment, and know what morals are again.

In front of congress Harry Reid got up and stated. ” The word is out that Mit Romney hasn’t paid his taxes for 10 years! ” The word is out Harry? What or who is giving you this miss information? Is the Obama campaign feeding the pig politician in you? Getting you to say what ever they want you to say? Only to excuse themself in saying. ” Harry Reid is his own man. “

Be a man Harry Reid! Tell some truth for once! Have some class! Harry has all the answers, given in the one finger style. Hay truth…. he gives the one finger to truth. ” Truth is what I say it is! ”

It is plain to say that politics is dirty, and full of lies. But then if one is so blatantly caught in a lie shouldn’t we the people, or at least our representatives be held to a standard being able to call them out as such? ” You Lie!!! ” I seem to remember a guy that said to the president. ” You lie. ” Then was made to apologize for a truthful statement. To lie is one thing but to then fabricate a dishonest story like the word is out….. ( where anything then can fill in the blank is a lie or is it? ) as the completion to the story. Why is that acceptable to anyone at all? This manure-spreader we call Harry Reid is just the type of politician that term limits would control. But then Harry Reid would just give the middle finger to the suggestion.

I have come to believe that Harry Reid is out of control, diabolical, evil, and in his own words. ” The word is out. ” That he makes all of his money on prostitution. That makes him a pimp! Do we need a pimp in office? Or the word is out that Harry Reid beats his wife and little kids, and dogs! Or the word is out that Harry Reid escaped a mental institution and is hiding in plain sight. This is the word that is flying around the world of all who will engage in playing the political game of ” THE WORD IS OUT! ”

When you dance in the cow pasture. Except getting some cow dung on your shoes Harry Reid. If you try to explain it away, as the new hope and change of transparent government that is honest. Remember it is cow dung your playing with, you dung-beetle. Deceptive political games, or some political theater at best, designed to deceive. I would hope you remember that liars never figure, and figures of fact never lie. It is time this politician is permanently retired from the game of dishonest politics.

We need politicians who are willing to do more for the country and the future people who will be affected by their rules and laws that they created, net a-loan pass. Recognizing that they themself’s must also abide by these same laws. Most importantly they must certainly see they have far fewer years to live then the youth that they are all to willing to screw over, and deceive. All in the name of politics, winner takes all. Running the country shouldn’t be a game of ” HELL”S IDOLS ” a game of scams, scoundrels, suckers, lies, liars, and the award-winning deceptions they present.

Reid: “Word is out” Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years – CBS News Video

Give It A Rest Harry Reid!

Picture provided by the last blog post and or story in this post by the title of ” Give it a rest Harry Reid”

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